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  1. mark washeim

    2Oceans1Rock in Panama

    this is certainly one of the most inmprtant projects that is going on in sailing right now. i wonder how many people really understand the significance of it.
  2. mark washeim

    Swede 55

    yup. i've got very mixed feelings about it.
  3. mark washeim

    Swede 55

    i'd be showing off if i could ever get the thing back in the water. i've had it for 3 years, but only had it in the water for 1/2 a season.
  4. mark washeim

    Swede 55

    xx xx xx xx
  5. mark washeim

    Swede 55

    pics pics
  6. mark washeim

    Swede 55

    i have a swede 55, sort of. it might be more accuate to say that it has me. i sail a lot (for a living) & this is one of the bex=st sailing boats i've ever laid my hands on.