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  1. Jeff Hammer R. I. P.

    Hammer, WAY back in the day...
  2. Jeff Hammer R. I. P.

  3. Jeff Hammer R. I. P.

    for those of us who knew him, he was a guiding light on how to live. right? thanks for the memories here. sailing with Jeff was just so f'in' fun. we were doing some windy something or other regatta about 20 years ago, with special guest star, Ryan Mynth, driving. it was getting close to the start so we started sailing. the traveler car was making some noise so, inside the starting sequence, I started working on the thing. I can't remember exactly what I did, but all the balls spilled out with about 3 minutes to go & Jeff started laughing - REALLY LAUGHING! so, I showed up with my brother once. kurt was a great sailor, but he hadn't sailed in years. he was wearing mirrored glasses which, frankly, looked kinda silly. kurt says, "so, what do you want me to do"? Jeff's like, "with glasses like those, you're gonna have to drive". he never met the guy, much less sail with him. NEVER. "here. you drive". we won by almost a whole leg. that was the karma Jeff created. when I moved to LI to this loft I really didn't know anyone. maybe, like around 1990, he popped in & said, "i bought this boat, I want to go racing & it needs sails". we never met. I say, "well, what would you like"? he says, "i don't know. we have to pull 'um out & look". so we did & he bought every sail he needed, right there on the spot. I knew that I'd met a great guy who just wanted to be happy. we sailed together for years & had some really great, fun times. I have often thought that i'd like to go back to that. you know, they'll be popping us in an oven or shoveling dirt onto all of us soon enough. there's no way i'll be remembered as well as Jeff. i'm just not as good a guy as he was. very few of us are. he gave me this great picture thing for sailing with him. i'm going to take a picture of it & put it here later today. man, he made things fun...
  4. 2Oceans1Rock in Panama

    this is certainly one of the most inmprtant projects that is going on in sailing right now. i wonder how many people really understand the significance of it.
  5. Swede 55

    yup. i've got very mixed feelings about it.
  6. Swede 55

    i'd be showing off if i could ever get the thing back in the water. i've had it for 3 years, but only had it in the water for 1/2 a season.
  7. Swede 55

    xx xx xx xx
  8. Swede 55

    pics pics
  9. Swede 55

    i have a swede 55, sort of. it might be more accuate to say that it has me. i sail a lot (for a living) & this is one of the bex=st sailing boats i've ever laid my hands on.