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  1. Noviesailor

    Farr 30 Adjustable Mast Butt

    I think I'm speaking for everyone when I say that is fucking badass. Respect.
  2. Noviesailor

    Farr 30 Adjustable Mast Butt

    That looks awesome. Custom made? Can you send more pics?
  3. Noviesailor

    Farr 30 Adjustable Mast Butt

    I'm not sure why the swept spreaders makes it a taller order than straight spreaders...I've only dealt with adjustable mast butts on other swept spreader rigs. I've been looking to the C&C 30 OD class for inspiration and fou nd this:
  4. Noviesailor

    Farr 30 Adjustable Mast Butt

    I'm looking to replace my existing mast butt (shown below) with something that allows me to adjust it either on the dock or out on the race course (ideally). As you can see, the hole spacings are about an inch or so apart, so I can go forward or aft 1" from my current position. However, I need to take all the load off of the shrouds in order to do so, which isn't workable. The J24 I raced had an adjustable mast butt that slides back and forth over a stainless plate, with a turnbuckle to move it and four screws to lock it in place. This gave infinite adjustability and it could be adjusted when tensioned. Has anyone done something similar to this in a Farr 30 or similar sportboat? Any pointers would be much appreciated.