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  1. its light in newport. rare that we get 12 knots. I think the masthead would be a fun improvement.
  2. would be interested to know if the sections could be cut and spreaders fitted to work with other boats - Platu 25 would love a carbon mast head rig for additional fun. Betting no rig engineer would risk saying yes - just wondering.
  3. How to get event coverage on FP

    I dont recall the last field trip but found it entertaining how effective it always seems to be.
  4. Not sure where to start

    Rig the boat and make sure all the parts and pieces are there and secure. Be mindful of how you are going to maneuver around the pilothouse when you are on the water. Funny little things tend to foul as soon as you cannot reach them quickly and then it becomes multiplicative. Maybe sail around with just the main the first few times on a calm day and find a friend that can help. Enjoy the rum. Spending time and money messing around with boats is a great joy for some reason.
  5. Platu 25

    Jet Nice photo of your boat. I have not seen one with the window application. Looks good. Liked the black stanchions also. I noticed you have the motor mounted aft instead of the well. Did you remove the well? We have been considering this and finding a way to place storage of the motor below and over the keel. Idle hands and all. Its a fun boat. Cheers!
  6. Who makes the best battle flags?

    Mark - we can beta test for you with the RD logo on a light grey background (exactly like the shirts) and the flag with grommets. It would be cool to have snaps or something around the forestay so the grommets dont get punished by the tension from the halyard. I need to order hats anyway.
  7. Platu 25

    I have done it on our boat with a couple guys balancing the boat down low. The boat is tippy. Put the backstay on too and tie off to more than one halyard. What are you doing up the mast? Might be easier to pull the mast.
  8. Buying a boat in EU and shipping to US

    people do it all the time. if you are patient and have the money and find THE boat... then go for it.
  9. Beste Jesuse

    I think you solved it right there....just look around. when I die I expect to find her laughing.
  10. Ensenada Race, gonna blow

    AIS tracker shows Med Man and a few other boats.
  11. Crew of Two Around Catalina with my friend Ben - night - pitch black out on backside of the island - flying the masthead asym on the Mumm 30 - song is stuck in the player on repeat with no way to change it because we have our hands full ripping along. Damn fun and good times.
  12. Hometown Chimp throwing shit

    Dude - that is gross. Funny - but if that happened to me I would have to go for the technicolor yawn. Then the video would be really funny. blech
  13. Tempesta selling Anarchy

    life sucks - get a helmet.