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  1. It will surf in over 12 knots and gets up on a plane in 18-20 knots. Melges 24 / J70 will walk by us downwind in a breeze. Light wind and flat water - its slippery. Fun boat - sail it like a dingy.
  2. Code 2

    Great 35-footers

    Donovan looks a lot like the Mumm 36 with a mast head kite. Good looking boat. Did one ever get built?
  3. Code 2

    Great 35-footers

    What is it?
  4. Code 2

    Merges 24 Kites

    Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Code 2

    Merges 24 Kites

    I’m looking for some used Melges 24 kites for sale that are in decent shape. I’m located in Southern California. Cheers!
  6. I like to look at several sites and come to a conclusion based on historical observations and guessing. WindyTV Sailflow L-36 Weather Surfline (don't laugh - you know their predictions are lower than the rest) GOES. NOAA. GOV Satellite imagery Being at the boat looking around with a beer first thing in the morning helps too.
  7. Code 2

    Random PicThread

    Is this the Pico offramp in san clemente?
  8. Code 2

    Too Young to be a Snowbird?

    van life bruh...
  9. Code 2

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    why is this in sailing anarchy? Can you nutters go back to PA and stay there please. flame away 10000 post freaks.
  10. Code 2

    Ulman Sails - Wally Cross - System Sailing

    call ullman?
  11. Code 2

    Pay to play - amateur racing

    This thread has changed my mind and I am going to ask everyone to pitch in for the new J1 I want at next race....will report back.
  12. Code 2

    Pay to play - amateur racing

    as an owner, I cannot imagine asking for $$ from my crew for a sail, or maintenance. That just doesnt sound appropriate to me. people that offer to bring beer and sandwiches get the crew call first.
  13. Code 2

    rant: driving fuckery

    If you live in California - there is a city called Irvine - this is Irvine. Most people are law abiding - then this happens.
  14. Crew of Two Around Catalina race coming up Sept 21 I have done this race 4 or 5 times - its challenging and fun - would be cool to get more boats involved - get the word out.
  15. Ive never heard of bleach not being ok to use on metal - so I am a little concerned. I regularly wipe down the boat down below with those disposable bleach wipes including under the floorboards and around the keel bolts. Not the same thing as pouring bleach down there - but then again - please tell me I am ok SA, please.