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  1. Code 2

    Off road Jeep (or jeep-like) anarchy for Dummies

    The Cherokee is a great choice - unless you are doing washboard roads - the shock tower rubber grommets blow out constantly and the car is light - so it floats when you have speed and tends to fishtail around. I loved mine - looked surprisingly like the one for sale in the thread. If you are going slow and over stuff the Cherokee is awesome. The manual 5 speed was cool too. After the Cherokee I lifted a 1999 suburban with the 7.4L V8 and used that to tow the boat and go to Mexico and blow through gas like crazy. It cost me about $2500 per trip in broken stuff. But it made washboard roads a dream. Good times - miss that stuff. It all depends on what you want to do.
  2. That's how the border run was back in the day - did it once. I am almost certain the guy that did win that year did what Parma suggested. Great ride back upwind to get the boat back to newport (sarcasm font). Never again without a trailer or much bigger boat.
  3. Balboa Yacht Club 66 Series
  4. Code 2

    So Cal Trailer Paint

    I know TJ is the way to go - wouldnt know where to start though. Pacific Trailers in Chino has the best bid so far - and they responded - thats half the battle.
  5. Code 2

    So Cal Trailer Paint

    Any ideas for places in Southern California before i start cold calling to have the trailer painted and serviced? I am OK with driving the trailer to the IE if necessary to get a price reduction since as soon as I say its for a sailboat in OC the price doubles usually. Yeah - I am cheap. Money for sails is more important but eventually I gotta take care of the trailer too. Cheers!
  6. I don't understand the plate of metal in the guys left hand. Looks too long to be the correct piece or ever connected based on the pattern in the boat I have. The bolts look like they are not cast into the keel either - something I know nothing about but didn't expect that. Something new every day. Cheers!
  7. Code 2

    Random PicThread

    Ha ha - I doubt it. I might have a picture for the record - will take some digging. I think he lived on Hornblend. You could set the time based on the fights at Moondoggies.
  8. Code 2

    Random PicThread

    Two jobs - lifeguarded and tried to teach kids to sail when going to school at SDSU living in PB down the street. Thats all I remember. Loved every minute. Probably lived in 5 apartments and got them all through the reader. Anyone remember the guy that walked backwards with the rearview mirror headpiece down the boardwalk?
  9. Code 2

    moore 33

    Whats up with the crickets here? Wanna see this boat....
  10. Code 2

    Random PicThread

    Manzanar I think..
  11. Code 2

    moore 33

    I hope they reconsider an inboard or make an inboard option - inboard has so many upsides and well .. outboards suck. The weight issue is really a non issue - and the convenience is a key factor to owner happiness and batteries charging and other stuff. I know you maths folks love this weight stuff - but it doesn't matter for your 2% factor of gravity - destiny of downwind performance in 10 knots of TWS. Lets see some picture of the build.
  12. Code 2

    Random PicThread

  13. Code 2


    There are more rational folks here than let on. Wondering what treatments people can use at home to stay out of the hospital. Its hard to breathe, coughing fits, lots of fatigue, brain fog (I didn't need any help either). I'm on oral steroids and antibiotics So far laying down and not talking or moving are the only remedies that keep the cough suppressed. Not as bad as pneumonia or bronchitis but the difficulty breathing is a little scary once in a while. Local urgent care won't see patients with COVID - teledoc has been helpful. Urgent care refer to ER only. Seems like the ER is the last place I want to go. Hope everyone that is healthy takes it seriously - not fun. Be safe. Anything helps -
  14. Code 2

    Random PicThread

    Great photo - pricey real estate