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    VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Agree - saying someone's deserving of a win is also saying they are not not deserving (yes, double negative).
  2. Solephaedrus

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Not important enough to have done a thorough job of the homework ? As trite as it seems if they were that focused on safety RO wouldn't have needed to make the call. And in small defense of Francis there is enough historical evidence in off shore racing where 'real' mariners have cut corners, taken chances and put their boats and crew in positions that could hardly be regarded as safe. And anyone can make mistakes, even 'real' mariners.
  3. Solephaedrus

    To Be Hosed Or Not To Be Hosed

    Down south with ice in lighter boats would be too close to the circus maximus. Spectators don't want gladiators, the equivalent of sailing Hunger Games, they want Big Brother/Survivor/Fear Factor. Some discomfit, some whitewater over the deck, but not real life and death, just enough to bring the emotions we control in 'normal' situations to the surface. The OBR interviews, the raw feed, the drama, the ratings...
  4. Solephaedrus

    Clipper Qualified mate

    Absolutely valid point, and we (individually and socially) do keep trying to reduce the risks. I'd also agree that there are problems with certain decisions on the part of the Clipper management, that there are areas of unnecessary risk. However, at the end of it, risk is intrinsic to off shore sailing. We talk about limiting, reducing, not unnecessary risk but the core is still risk. Risk management is 99% of the definition of good seamanship in most textbooks on the matter. To some degree I'd admit that some of my response is a reaction to the 'oh my god, how many people have to die' grandstanding that springs up. More importantly I also think we belittle the sailors on the clipper boats, that they're a bunch of armchair adventurers who are now blindly thrashing about and should be protected from their obvious lack of skill and likely low intelligence. They might not have the experience or knowledge to know exactly every risk (for example the head sails) but they are all aware that it's a risky undertaking. You can bet that every loved one impressed that on them in the lead up! It is tragic that Spiers died in a manner that is arguably easily preventable; but we do his memory a disservice that he was on the boat blind and incompetent.
  5. Solephaedrus

    Clipper Qualified mate

    +1 Tunnel Rat From the earliest fisherman, the whalers, the clippers, the cruisers it's a history filled with personal danger and loss. No-one can claim to be ignorant of the risks or the wealth of information on how to limit those risks. The risk is one of the main attractions. And it's not just these deaths that have motivated safety changes, its the result of the '73 Whitbread, the '06 VOR, the '79 Fastnet, the '98 Hobart, the '11 Mackinac etc ad infinitum.
  6. Solephaedrus

    VOR 2017-18

    Granted and agreed. I wouldn't dare insinuate that SA isn't living up to its moniker, but for a perspective jump even further down the rabbit hole than SA's forums you should try Stab forums (surfing web mag) - and they've cleaned up dramatically in the last 4 months, read some older topics/posts!
  7. Solephaedrus

    VOR 2017-18

    Roaring success no but I think your prejudice is showing. I'm pretty sure that DFRT don't agree with you, they seemed quite focused on sailing hard to beat them. As much as one could argue that second is the first loser the fact that AKZO was competitive, that other teams were taking them very seriously, that they didn't limp in days after the rest of the fleet, goes in the positive side of the balance sheet.
  8. Solephaedrus

    caption contest

    S/v Mullet, business on top, party below
  9. Solephaedrus

    caption contest

    "now who's been a dirty girl?"
  10. Solephaedrus

    caption contest

    "if you roll out the 'zero it feels like you're just floating along..."