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  1. Fuck off this is not the first time you’ve gone way below the belt. You have threatened violence against me. Now you are attacking my kids. I’m only replying to this post because a low life asshole like you does not deserve to say gee sorry: “I guess I crossed the line” with a few more insults thrown in for good measure. How dare you judge my relationship with my kids. How dare you imply having a gay child is worthy of an insult. For the record I say that as a parent of straight kids, but some of the kids I’ve known through my kids are gay, black, brown, Asian even Pan ( my kids thought me the meaning of that one ) they get hugs just the same as any other kid They are asked about jobs and schools exactly the same as other kids. In other words they are treated the same. Just got a text from one of those kids. She finished Army jump school and just transferred to Italy She wanted to make sure I had her new contact info Because we spent so much time talking over the years she wanted to know I was available if she needed to talk. You have been upping the anti for weeks trying to goad me into a reply. You got it this will be the last time we interact. Thanks for those that chimed in including Bent It’s appreciated Ciao
  2. Love the fact that none of the haters are willing to comment on the fact that Trump’s approval went up 10 points with Hispanics, at the same time the left was telling the world that the Evil Trump hated, well HISPANICS.
  3. Is that why Obama built the cages?
  4. Go figure. Up 10% since the outrage being run night and day by the anti trump media Of course they tend to ignore this type of news In a new Harvard/Harris poll released this week exclusively to The Hill, President Trump’s overall approval rating rose to 47 percent, just two points shy of the highest level of his presidency, per that survey. The main driver of his growing popularity now: a stunning 10 percent rise in Trump approval among Hispanics. That growing support among Latinos would surely surprise many Trump critics in Washington and the legacy media, who remain fixated on border issues. So intense is their hysteria regarding border enforcement that people like former CIA Director Michael Hayden compared our detention policies to the Auschwitz concentration camp in a tweet and MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch proclaimed on “Morning Joe” that ALL Trump voters are essentially Nazis
  5. I’m thinking most of the people wearing and viewing that shirt will think it’s a sports player with the # 45 and last name Impeach
  6. Yep spell checker at its best.
  7. This is why People should ignore any attempt to have a discussion with you. You ask a question with the sole intent of flaming the replier
  8. What process. The accused molester has been dead for 13 years. The statue of limitations has run out for any involvement of Jordan. This will be tried in the media.
  9. You just crossed the line. Now let’s see if the mods stand behind their rules
  10. Go away you contribute nothing and you are a proven liar.
  11. I’m a republican. Are you accusing me?
  12. Classic move. Expect more of this as the Dems look at anyway to take control. No one is excusing molestation or rape, but... Reading this thread you would think that Jordan himself committed the offenses. He claims he knew nothing about it. Others are saying he had to know. Again why 25 years AFTER he left why do these charges suddenly surface . These were not little kids they were adults. The alleged abuse started before he got there and continued after he left. Convienant that the Doctor is dead.
  13. Smear campaign by the desperate left. Accusations are suddenly coming out about a Doctor molesting students 25 years ago. A doctor who died in 2004. Why the delay? Who were the coaches in the 70’s when the abuse started? Are they named? Jordan was an assistant. Who was the head coach. Was he named? This reeks of a politcal hit piece.
  14. TMSAIL

    It's the Supreme Court - Stupid

    Because they don’t exist. He will deflect and spin, but it’s clear he made a claim that cannot be backed up. I expect he will crawl back in his hole.
  15. TMSAIL

    Calling for total war

    FOX is not anything like Alex Jones. Glad we get to hear news that offers the other side. Watch Shepard Smith sometimes and then find a comparison on a MSNBC CNN or any of the others. Tucker that is the source on this thread has opposing views on his show every night. That never happens on the others. It’s bash Trump 24/7