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  1. Allah be praised.
  2. Did I say I personally think it was a sign of disrespect? What I was pointing out is that many do see kneeling as disrespectful not only to the flag, but to the military, decorated veterans that are standing on the field during the anthem. I thinks this tops the list as one of the dumbest fights ever picked by any president ever. Trump is a complete and total fucktard, his ignorance of rights can be just as disrespectful as the kneeling
  3. I agree with all of that.
  4. Poor poor baby. What a fucking snowflake to fear any opinion other than your own partisan view. Read your movie quote we both said the same thing. You are too fucking stupid to see that of course.
  5. I'm sorry I thought I was clear. They have every right to kneel and others have the same right to see that kneeling as for a cause, or as a sign of disrespect. Interesting that only one side is being allowed their thought process.
  6. Personally I do not think anyone should be fired for disrespecting the flag, the military and all those who fought and died so they could have the right to express that disrespect.
  7. Gerrymandering is not exclusive to the GOP. The Dems have plenty of oddly shaped districts of their own. Originally it was liberal judges ordering it to create minority districts. As to hateful diatribe did you miss the GW years? People regularly called for his assasination , plays were created about his death. How about the attacks on Reagan? . FOX News vs NBC, ABC, CBS, NYT's Washington post, USA Today, Time, Newsweek, ect. Limbaugh and right wing radio vs shows like Bill Mayer, the view and the whole Hollywood elite. Keeping blacks down ever visit the decades old democratically controlled cities? As to gays seem to be doing just fine, they get to marry and are living their lives, as they wish. At least I can see it is a two way street with neither side free from the shit throwing, you continue to post only one side of the problem try working on that.
  8. Actually I see tax cuts and healthcare as separate issues. As to tax cuts I guess you missed where Trump said the top tax payers would not get a cut and went on to say they may pay more. SNAP there goes that talking point. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/09/13/trump-hurricanes-mean-tax-cuts-more-important-than-ever/661040001/
  9. China already did, I guess they liked the speech. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-missiles-banks-china/chinas-central-bank-tells-banks-to-stop-doing-business-with-north-korea-sources-idUSKCN1BW1DL BEIJING/HONG KONG (Reuters) - China’s central bank has told banks to strictly implement United Nations sanctions against North Korea, four sources told Reuters, amid U.S. concerns that Beijing has not been tough enough over Pyongyang’s repeated nuclear tests.
  10. Mark is way too subtle for Random.
  11. Exactly, they are Americans just like the citizens in the US, territory or not. We have sent billions in disaster aid for decades to non us citizens. Why the fuck would there be any debate?
  12. Really? In the US Short course pools are 25 Yards. Long course are 50 meters. That applies in High school, YMCA, USA and NCAA swimming https://www.thoughtco.com/olympic-swimming-vs-college-swimming-3168925
  13. If you are saying they vote their beliefs I agree. Were we disagree is how one side is despicable and the other is enlightened.
  14. The last part of this paragraph is telling. You paint hatred BY the entire GOP with the broadest brush imaginable, while completely oblivious to the same hatred you are spewing towards the GOP. It's the same old liberal mantra that keeps costing democrats election after election.