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  1. Comey Memos vs Media Hype

    Might have to wait dealing with conjunctivitis both eyes yeah
  2. Comey Memos vs Media Hype

    I clearly remember references to “letting The Flynn issue go”. as the first claim that he was trying to stop the investigation. That is covered in the memo. It is also clear that trumps focus was the cloud preventing him from doing his job. Not that he felt threatened by the investigation. He fired Comey because Comey wouldn’t go public with what he was telling Trump in private.
  3. Comey Memos vs Media Hype

    Comey portrayed his one on one dinner in testimony as tense and uncomfortable. His actual memo paints a completely different take. Claims the conversation was pleasant at ALL times and he felt comfortable through out
  4. Comey Memos vs Media Hype

    I read them. It’s spin by the left. Just like my post is spin by the right. He said he wanted the investigation to continue if any of his people were involved. Hard to claim obstruction when Comey put the presidents words into his memo.
  5. Comey Memos vs Media Hype

    Typical spin BY BOTH SIDES Goodlatte, Gowdy and Nunes noted that Comey "never wrote that he felt obstructed or threatened," adding that while Comey "went to great lengths to set dining room scenes, discuss height requirements, describe the multiple times he felt complimented, and myriad other extraneous facts, he never once mentioned the most relevant fact of all, which was whether he felt obstructed in his investigation
  6. Comey Memos vs Media Hype

    Yep. Even the obstruction claim is toast. Confirms Comey is on a book tour to make money. Also proved he leaked classified info to his friend
  7. Black in America

    One of the links says staff approached them at the table and asked them to order or leave. There is another side to the story we haven’t heard yet. From the manager and employees. I wonder how big a severance they gave the manager to quietly go away. I’m betting it has a non disclosure attached.
  8. Here is Bloomberg stating it as known fact Compare that to the weak CYA coverage of proof that a trip to Prague took place https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2018-04-19/rosenstein-said-to-tell-trump-he-s-not-target-of-mueller-probe-video
  9. It was a drip being reported by most every media outlets. Do only anti-trump drips count?
  10. Black in America

    Oh I see you are channeling Bent So now you are claiming “it seems to me some are.... “ was written as an observation. How does that tie up to your comment that “the police were not “entirely” irrelevant” in a post a little earlier? Were you also straining at gnats? How about a direct question do you think the cops acted wrongly in arresting these men If so why?
  11. Nope Try again The claim in this thread was that the seizing of Cohen's office, house and Hotel Room was targeted at proof that he went to Prague on Trumps behalf. That means the proof would have been evidence seized in the raid. We now know the evidence targeted in the raid had nothing to do with Trump therefore nothing about a trip to Prague
  12. Black in America

    aS is wRITING - a skill you usually handle well, so explain what you meant with this response and how it was not about the police actions? It's hard to see your words shifting the conversation away from the police. Unless you are not speaking English what are you claiming with: "some are straining at Gnats to justify the actions of the police?"
  13. More cops shot.

    Give your wife a hug and be glad for small miracles
  14. If the evidence covered under the warrant proved he went to Prague. Rosenstein would not have told Trump he was not a target of the Cohan warrant. This isn’t that hard to understand.
  15. Your wrong the judge just asked for a list of acceptable special MASTER’S from Cohens lawyers. That makes it clear, while his stuff may be seized it is not legally ready to be looked at.