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  1. Would you show us your spreadsheets?
  2. To you or to all sailers worldwide? There are even reports that Laser sailers want to use their own (selected) boats at the Olympics, cause LPE was supplying boats with totally different rake measurement, so some sailers could'nt even get tension on the leech...
  3. Now, the situation was fucked up years ago when the Laser was selected for the Olympics. To choose a class without proper measurement, with known tolerance problems and a situation where different builders worldwide build something without proper control or cooperation has never been a good idea in my opinion. Now the problem is that many MNA have invested a lot of money in this system, so it is very unlikely that the choose a new class, no matter what some people at WS want. A solution could be that you divide the class in boats specific for the olympic circuit with very tight tolerances on things like weight, rake, lamboley and proper measurement on each boat etc, which might be a bit more expensive, and a simpler, cheaper class for grassroots, clubs, schools, kids etc. But this system would of course have it´s own challenges. But to talk about FRAND vs SMOD is pointless, ILCA was never a SMOD class......plus there still seems to be a majority of members who wants the boat to stay in the olympics. As far as what I have seen in the olympic contracts it has always been possible for EU or NA sailers to officially buy from PSA or PSA.
  4. Where do you get your infos from?
  5. ? 2-3 % is industry standard, and you'll find that number also in the old contracts. While I could find it correct if LPE has to pay a higher fee until all unpaid royalties are paid for... that would be very generous by PSA, since LPE does not have to pay for all unpaid royalties upfront. Maybe this is what the 400$ is about? I have no insider knowledge, so I'm only guessing. Just my proposal if part of this is true: Global Sailing sells the design rights to WS. As WS has no money WS pays the royalties to GS until they have paid for the 2.6m. TLC may become a new WS class, as long as they or their builders pay royalties to WS. LPE has to pay a higher fee to WS until all royalties are paid for the plaques they received. Everybody is happy and all fights stop......
  6. Where did you find the 400$ story? I have only seen the 2% in the old contracts.... Well, of course LPE did not pay royalties for a lot of boats, so if I were working for Global Sailing I would of course try to get that money, before they get a new license.....
  7. So let's say they need to build 20000-30000 boats themselfs, or others build and pay royalties. One of the best investments ever, especially if you have to deal with guys like LPE, who just refuse to pay.... so you have to add a lot of lawyers bills to the 2.6m, and still don't get your money...
  8. Royalties are normally 2-3 % of the price ex works to the dealer. Let's say 2% of 4000 ex VAT dealer price = 80 € per boat.... If global sailing paid 2 millions for the design rights there need 25000 boats be build before they start earning money... Don't know exactly what they paid to Kirby...
  9. jgh66

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Also feel sorry that he's living in a banana republic, where not even the members of government can find medical assistence. Would he work for the german gov, he would have had an army hospital about next door, protected by armed forces and with some of the best doctors and nurses that would have taken care for him and his family, like in most other developed countries that try to uphold their democratic system even in a pandemic situation..
  10. jgh66

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Feel so sorry for him. What a poor guy, no friends, no collegues. Same goes for his wife, no friends no collegues, nobody in London he could have asked to help-he said.. man, he could have asked us, we could have send Wayne to help him.
  11. jgh66

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    17,4 millions voted to support DC to leave the EU, but he has no friends in the small town of London who could look after his child for a couple of days? OMG...., where are his 17,4 million friends?
  12. Optis managed to get it right, ILCA can also get it right.
  13. jgh66

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Yes, maybe he is going to hide in a hospital or in a fridge until his 5years are over... but he may well loose support from his party, if millions of hungry and unemployed are on the streets. You can have corona forever, but you can´t pay half of the countries wages forever. Then only german companies employ nearly 500000 people in the UK, don´t know how many jobs in the UK are related to the other 26 EU states...
  14. Somewhere you can find the history of the Laser developement. I think it was the goal to design a boat which can be build cheaper than 1000$ at the time. The basic idea was to build a boat in the most efficient way of that days, from the cheapest materials availible, with spars that even today may cost under 100$ to produce and reducing the work needed to build the boat to the max. I is not that difficult to find out prices for industrial grp parts of the same size and complexity... Price for aluminium is around 3€/kg including anodizing maybe 5€. Now go and put your rig onto a scale...
  15. jgh66

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Don´t know. Some people already expect BJ to resign before december due to big economical problems they will get into due to Corona and Brexit...Maybe Starmer has to take over and will try to rescue a bit from what has been left over of the economy....