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  1. Alan Crawford

    Star racing on TV is compelling to watch

    While a true statement, it sure has made for some great watching on the computer screen instead of working! Speed is not important when the fleet is deep. Having such a great diversity of sailers (18 year old Guido Gallinaro to Iain Percy / Paul Cayard), great breeze, venue and commentary helps. It is also equally interesting to watch Moths and 18 foot skiffs. It's all sailing!
  2. Alan Crawford

    Star Sailors League being Live Broadcast on YouTube

    Hopefully those brilliant minds of World Sailing are watching some of this racing. Great proof that an "old" "slow" boat can offer some absolutely fantastic racing combined with nice size courses, a nice venue and good coverage. Nice also to see a wide range of talent / ages being competitive.
  3. Alan Crawford

    Craigslist Finds

    A UFO in New Jersey with a trailer.
  4. Alan Crawford

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    A Cal 20 in New York state for $1.00
  5. Alan Crawford

    Craigslist Finds

    A 505 in Sacramento, CA
  6. Alan Crawford

    The VX Evo

    And that does not include a carbon mast (about $4000) or sail (about $1500).
  7. Alan Crawford

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    An interesting read that, while singling out the Finn, is first and foremost pro dinghy in the Olympics and not off-shore sailing.
  8. Alan Crawford

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    The large ones (such as Skeeters) have wing MASTS. Sails are "normal" fully battened. See for good info:
  9. Congrats on getting on the water! Early snow so we're skiing out here in SW Montana. Those screw holes could be filled with silicone or thickened epoxy. If there's already silicone in the holes, it's gotta be completely cleaned out or nothing else will stick. There's no need to fill those holes with screws. The cracks are definitely more troublesome. Did you see water entering through those cracks? I'm a wooden Thistle person so can't speak with a high degree of experience on a glass Thistle. However, I do think there can be wood under the glass in some areas around the CB trunk. This could depend on the builder of the boat. Best to check with a local Thistle person / someone with glass Thistle experience. If there's wood under the glass and water is coming in through those crack(s) you may have a few new challenges.
  10. Alan Crawford

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Exactly and not to mention the extremely strong masters sailing that is not going to go away. The Star seems to be doing pretty well around the world also last time I checked. Still one hopes that the powers to be will come to their senses but....
  11. Alan Crawford

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    110% agree on the cost. Plus, take the countries that were represented in, say 2016, in the Finn. Will all of those countries have the resources to field an offshore team? As for the "amazing media event" - that would be great but based on past results I have my doubts. Look at the big breeze / big wave day in Rio in 2016. How much more spectacular / amazing showcase of sailing could you find but how much footage of that day was shown at the time or can you find even now? The mainstream media may also be thinking that the great images coming from the Volvo ocean race will be what will be seen with the Olympic offshore race.....
  12. Alan Crawford

    Craigslist Finds

    A 1979 Star in the Seattle area for $900
  13. Alan Crawford

    When do you just fucking Give Up ?

    Unstayed carbon spar on a Finn. Lay-up schedule - I have no idea. Many, many Finns sailing with carbon masts. If they broke at the frequency of GRS's Megabyte spar something would change in the Finn class.
  14. Alan Crawford

    When do you just fucking Give Up ?

    DN iceboats have been using carbon spars for many years...
  15. Alan Crawford

    When do you just fucking Give Up ?

    Unfortunately it seems that having consumers for some specialized outdoor gear become beta testers for manufacturers is (has become) common AND the consumer is paying for the gear. I see this in backcountry skiing. Last season I had the tightening cable on a lightweight pair of backcountry ski boots from a top supplier break twice. After the first break the supplier replaced the boot free of charge. After the second identical break, I told the supplier that I was finished and they refunded the money which I used to purchase a competing boot that has worked flawlessly. I've heard that the failure mode was known and the manufacturer will probably make a redesign. With the Megabyte carbon mast, seems like the same thing is happening. In both cases (backcountry ski boots or Megabyte), the "known" flaw can put the consumer (us) at significant risk depending on when the failure occurs.