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  1. Alan Crawford

    Finn dinghy help

    Talk to Rodney at Suntouched
  2. Alan Crawford

    Craigslist Finds

    A Soling in New Haven, CT for $500 (with a trailer)
  3. Alan Crawford

    Raider Sport Rigging

    West Coast Sailing and Vela Sailing Supply are two good ones for rigging and line. Plus, owners of both are frequent posters here.
  4. Alan Crawford

    Cross-U.S. Boat Shipper Recommendation

    Talk to these guys:
  5. Alan Crawford

    Raider Sport Rigging

    Someone else may have specific reasons for clear versus painted but in my view for a Dinghy mast it’s what you like. Clear coating let’s you see the carbon weave. I have two carbon masts - one is clear coated and the other painted white. What’s important is to protect the fibers. I used a thin coat of varnish as a clear coat as it’s what I had available.
  6. Alan Crawford

    Raider Sport Rigging

    @Rictifyitlooks good! What shape is the clear coat in on your carbon mast? It's hard to tell from the pictures but may need a re-coat.
  7. Alan Crawford

    Non-glossy gloss varnish

    I've used Epifanes Woodfinish Gloss on a 1946 Thistle with good success (as far as gloss goes). No thinning. However, all of this work has been done in a garage (cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned to remove dust) and in the low humidity of southwest Montana. No experience in a marine environment (your boat being in the water). In addition, the moon, Jupiter and Mars were in the correct alignment on each day I varnished!
  8. Alan Crawford

    Re-newbie Laser sailor questions

    Take a look at the daggerboard brake. Probably worn - the original design wears pretty fast. Of course now there's a "new and improved". See images below for both. I'll let you guess which is new and improved!
  9. Alan Crawford

    It's coming, (winter)

    winter can't come soon enough here in southwest Montana. Wildfire just northeast of Bozeman, Montana taken Saturday Sept 5. Snow and rain forecast starting tonight with 4-6" higher elevations by Monday night. Fire blew-up from 400 acres Saturday morning to 7000 acres Saturday afternoon thanks to 20-30 mph wind and 90-95 F.
  10. Alan Crawford

    Building a small sailing dinghy.

    @retroSail here's something similar to your idea.
  11. Alan Crawford

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    A nice one in the Hudson River valley.
  12. Alan Crawford

    Laser Class Rules. Control lines

    And, when vanged past two-block, you are wondering when the top section will break....
  13. Alan Crawford

    Laser Class Rules. Control lines

    Posted before but good for this "old Laser" thread. This was part of the 1978 Laser brochure from North America.
  14. Alan Crawford

    Laser Class Rules. Control lines

    As they say, looks can be deceiving! There was a sailmaker in upstate New York in the 1990's who raced a Laser that cosmetically was one of the ugliest around. The boat washed up on a beach, upside down, after a storm. You can imagine how the deck looked. This guy was tough to beat - goes to show that a new sail and smart person on the boat are an unbeatable combination.
  15. Alan Crawford

    Craigslist Finds

    @CarbonHave you seen this?