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  1. You can rig your Thistle as complicated or as simply as you desire. There is no right or wrong way! Again, the best is to connect with some Thistle sailers in your area. It's a great boat although some think it's a water born torture rack when it comes to comfort! To each his own. If you go the racing route you'll find the competition is at the highest level. I doubt if the class plans will provide the level of detail with regards to rigging. The plans will show all of the dimensions and components. The class handbook, aka "green book" provides a lot of info regarding what you can and cannot do. You'll get a copy of the green book when you join the class.
  2. Those two large holes are for draining water in the event of a capsize. Not all Thistles have them. They can be covered with wide range of materials including duct tape or sail cloth with the covering removed in the event of a capsize. Other designs are some kind of hinged flaps. There are plenty of Thistles in your area so the best is to get in touch with the local Thistle sailers and see first hand a few boats. These people can also hook you up with some good used sails. See this site for good pictures of how Thistles can be rigged: Go to the class site where you can find contact info and also used sails in the classifieds: Good luck!
  3. Alan Crawford

    Musicians Who Deserve Their Great Reputations

    Neil Young. One of just a "few" examples.
  4. Alan Crawford

    Finn sailing

    Contact Gerrit at Vanaheim Technologies. He should be able to provide some local assistance. As for a cruiser conversion I vaguely remember reading about someone who sailed a Finn across the North Sea or something like that......
  5. Alan Crawford

    What is it?

    I believe that boat in the background is an O’Day Daysailer 2. Maybe World Sailing should add the Wizz to the list of 2024 Olympic classes.
  6. Alan Crawford

    What is it?

    I bet the people at Beneteau in the early 1980’s would have never imagined one of these going to Utah!
  7. Alan Crawford

    Craigslist Finds

    Probably come with a few extras such as a rattlesnake or two!
  8. Alan Crawford

    Flying Scot Price

    For some perspective, from, the price of a new race-ready FS with sails is $24,900 and a new day-sailing FS with Main and Jib is $21,900. Seems like this used FS you’ve found is at a good price and 2004 is really not that old for a boat like a FS.
  9. Alan Crawford

    Fireball build part deux.

    To paraphrase a quote from Warren Miller, start your project now or you will be a year older when you finally do! You only need the desire and space at home for the boat project (of course some basic skills are useful but you'll fill-in the missing gaps as you go). Finding a worthy candidate is the easy part.
  10. Alan Crawford

    Craigslist Finds

    Not a dinghy but a pretty nice looking Star in Milwaukee for $1750.
  11. Alan Crawford

    Craigslist Finds

    Looks like two (the green one with the high tech deck and white one) for the price of one?
  12. Alan Crawford

    Looking for an single or doublehanded boat

    Weta or VX Evo
  13. Alan Crawford

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    It would be interesting to see some data about new boat sales in North America, Europe, etc. for Laser, Sunfish, Aero, Melges 14 and D-Zero for the past few years. I suspect the builders / dealers would hold these data pretty close but seeing some hard facts may help the "discussion". As many have stated, there is room for several good designs so this isn't about one class or the other.
  14. Alan Crawford

    How to Fix RS CAT 14 Crossbar "In The Field"

    More pissed and startled than frightening at the time! I was reaching along just cleaning the jetties and all the sudden this "thing" (the fishing line it turns out) jumped out of the water, hit the mast (it finally registered that it was a fishing line from a boat that was heading into the inlet) and then the steel leader proceeded to hit me in the head. I was pretty close to whatever was on the end end. I never got "hooked" and the boat never slowed down.... After that I paid even closer attention to what was in my vicinity as I sailed in /out of the inlet.