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  1. Alan Crawford

    Vulcan 15 (My new boat design!)

    Some ideas for JBTM
  2. Alan Crawford


    Admiral, while not for a Fireball, here's a link to Great Midwest Yacht Company (near Columbus, OH - close to you?) that shows the Aluminum half-rounds used on Thistles. Call GMW (Doug Laber) and see if he can help find the size you need. Doug's a great guy - feel free to mention my name (I promise he won't hang up on you!). Look under the "Miscellaneous > Hull Attachment" Tab
  3. Alan Crawford


    Glad you got on the water! They look like Aluminum strips? Thistles have similar running down he centerline but they are not as high profile as on your Fireball. The purpose on a Thistle is to protect the centerline of the hull from damage. How are they connected on your boat as I do not see any screws? I'm sure a Fireball expert will be able to offer good advice soon.
  4. Alan Crawford

    DC Designs

    A timely example of what happens when a boat on the roof isn't secured!
  5. Alan Crawford

    Craigslist Finds

    That's a cool looking boat. Seems that a sliding seat would be the finishing touch!
  6. Alan Crawford

    Vulcan 15 (My new boat design!)

    Here's a 15.5 ft benchmark, twin wire skiff.
  7. Alan Crawford

    Craigslist Finds

    There's a story (true?) about one of these being sailed downwind with the spinnaker up on Percy Priest Lake near Nashville, Tennessee that sank like a rock. Something about the bailer / bilge pump not being used. The person sailing was picked up but the boat is allegedly still on the bottom, fully rigged. Not as dramatic as One Australia's sinking in San Diego....
  8. Alan Crawford


    Your varnishing job is looking good! You are also spending time on the important stuff - rigging so you can get on the water! Plenty of time for cosmetics in the off-season! This is a great thread - enjoy seeing your progress and the input and encouragement coming from around the world!
  9. Alan Crawford

    Tulsa Coronapalooza a Bust

    Only on FB so far. Don't watch and drink coffee at the same time.
  10. Alan Crawford

    Moth or MUsto Skiff

    you may have better responses if you post this in Dinghy Anarchy. Also, some of your questions may be answered in other threads over there.
  11. Alan Crawford

    What is it - hot / cold molded dinghy

    Missing the plumb bow of the National 12 (or Firefly)
  12. Alan Crawford

    What is it - hot / cold molded dinghy

    Here's a wooden Firefly. The boat is question isn't a Firefly but about the right length.
  13. Alan Crawford

    What is it - hot / cold molded dinghy

    It’s not an I-14. Add says 11 ft 8” long
  14. Alan Crawford

    Craigslist Finds

    Road trip Gouv! Use your stimulus check
  15. Alan Crawford

    Craigslist Finds

    A beautiful K-Boat in the Finger Lake are of NY. 16 feet long; built 1959.