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  1. New S1 by Michele Petrucci

    Interesting report here: http://www.catsailingnews.com/2017/05/petrucci-design-s1-r-rutland-open.html#more
  2. Dee Smith

  3. F-22 Update

    "Must be the reefer, but did you read my post? I have met Ian, I think he is a genius designer, and I owned and loved one of his designs. My only point was taking 100 deposits (refundable) for the F-22, and then delivering at the rate of 3 per year with false promises. Look back in the the thread and you can find the same line that things will be better next month (the boats will come out, tomorrow, bet they'll be shipping tomorrow...from Annie). This has been five years in the making. Great designer, great design, but unable to produce. Should have licensed it to Melvest or (gulp) Corsair just to get boats out there and sailing. Potential owners (including me) have suffered. Could I do better, no way. But, if the boat was 99% correct, ship it. Ian reminds me of a Ph.D student that won't turn in their dissertation when it's good enough. Great respect for Ian, just think he missed an opportunity to put a 100 boats out there that are very cool. " +1
  4. Essence 6 catamaran

    btw he answered my very promptly and with full info including pricing very shortly after I asked.
  5. Essence 6 catamaran

    Has anyone here ever seen or sailed one? They look great and would be a great option for cat devotees.
  6. PHRF or ORC

    In my case I like the variable rating for W/L, windspeed, etc but to each his/her own.
  7. KISS T30 Trimaran

    Ta sreiz, I shall email you shortly with questions.
  8. KISS T30 Trimaran

    Ta again SeaGul, hope to be in Europe this fall and will be able to see a boat.
  9. KISS T30 Trimaran

    how does the Kiss T29 differ from the Kiss T30? The LOA, Beam and main & gennaker dimension seem identical.
  10. KISS T30 Trimaran

    Yes I did see and follow the link but I can't read Swedish I will get in touch with Hans, thanks for your help.
  11. KISS T30 Trimaran

    Thanks SeaGul! Is this a one off or is it a production - by order - boat?
  12. KISS T30 Trimaran

    Does anyone know anything about this boat by Pauger Carbon? There is this facebook link but nothing else I could find:https://www.facebook.com/KISS-Multihull-AB-511834502238630/
  13. Seascape 24 in the works

    ta very much, all!
  14. Okay, the Seascape 18, 24 & 27 are all swing keel boats as are the Tofinou 8m & 9.5m boats. As well, the lesser known Life 7.5 and 9.5 and Black Pepper Code # and Code 0 are also swing keelers. Anyone know of any others?