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  1. Henley Hornbrook

    Firefox user warning

    setting | General
  2. Henley Hornbrook

    RIP Chris Wedes (aka JP Patches)

    You do realize that article is from 2012.
  3. Henley Hornbrook

    Devin Nunes is Going to Have a Cow When He Sees the News

    If you think the lobbyist's run the show now.............just wait till there are term limits.
  4. Henley Hornbrook

    So, we have to go to Maui

    + 1 on Aloha Mix Plate. We usually eat there twice every time we go to Maui.
  5. Henley Hornbrook

    Streaming service

    I am lucky, my neighborhood has fiber connections to all the houses. I pay $50/mo for gigabit up and down.
  6. Henley Hornbrook

    Epstein Commits Suicide

  7. Henley Hornbrook

    Which boat against Farr 40?

    Melges 32
  8. Henley Hornbrook

    Seattle Area Must Sees/Dos

    The whiskey bar at the Flat Iron Grill while in Issaquah
  9. Henley Hornbrook

    Low Voltage Anarchy

    ...... My indicator is that when plugged into a different box with the same amperage I was able to run my electric heater and get it toasty warm. In my present box, it gets tepid. .... You need a heater in Honolulu?
  10. Henley Hornbrook

    Shortening an expensive oar shaft.

    Could you cut off the other end instead?
  11. Henley Hornbrook

    Gmail help

    Are you sending email thru the Gmail Web App or another application your web designer set up? The server address: smtp.gmail.com. Username: youremail@gmail.com. Security Type: TLS or SSL. Port: For TLS: 587; For SSL: 465.
  12. Henley Hornbrook

    what is it?

    New coach roof for Merlin
  13. Henley Hornbrook

    Backstay w/ Tylaska?

    Masthead rig I would be hesitant , fractional rig yes. The CM1200 I raced on for years had a snap shackle on the top mast backstay, we would never even connect the backstay till we we over 10kts tws. edit to add We also had full running back stays and check stays
  14. Henley Hornbrook

    Source for button hatch clasps?

    Yes, my mistake , I did not look at the link in the OP, just remembering what we had on the J-35.
  15. Henley Hornbrook

    Source for button hatch clasps?

    Might help if you search by name for them , they are technically known as 'Lift the Dot Fasteners'