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  1. Eggshell rant

    Add a table spoon of Baking Soda to water , cook exactly the same way you normally would , I have found it helps the eggs peel better.
  2. Round The County 2017

    Anyone have pictures of it that they can post?
  3. F1 2017

    I use NBC App on Apple TV , can watch it on my time or live. you do need a Cable logon to use it , however , most people have a friend that has cable to use their logon.
  4. Help me replace this ancient sliding gooseneck

    Might find what you are looking for here. http://www.porttownsendfoundry.com/products
  5. Favorite Statue

    Posted to spin up the Trumpians
  6. Favorite Statue

  7. F1 2017

    I just hope they do not go with the Indy Car covered wheels.
  8. Cheap light wind PHRF machine..

  9. Transpac 2017

    can you post a link to the story?
  10. Dirt Cheap Boats in the Pacific NW?

    saw this on Craigslist https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/6188222323.html
  11. Treasure Hunt

    I am in total agreement
  12. Treasure Hunt

    New Mexico Police Urge Pursuit for Forrest Fenn’s Treasure to Stop After Latest Death
  13. Name this tool??

    The teeth are tipped up slightly to avoid marring the surface , like when you are trimming a bung.
  14. Xbox Power Supply

    My kid has had one since they launched , no issues with the power supply , we do have it on a surge protector and the power where we live is very clean.