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  1. commotion

    I need a tiller

    Two by two from your nearest lumber store will tide you over. Oak is best.
  2. commotion


    Lost my brother to melanoma last summer. Fair skinned and had no fear through years of power boating of the damage sun cold do. It was a miserable death.
  3. commotion

    What ever happened to the SpeedDream 27?

    It was just a dream ?
  4. commotion

    What is this?

    Yellow submarine ??
  5. commotion

    Chartering in the USVI's? Better stay in your playpen....

    Cashing in is right ! Not much long term gain for them in that.
  6. commotion

    what’s missing? on front page

    Good taste ?
  7. commotion

    So, I bought a boat

    Henry Ford said "if there is a thing a man believes he cannot do he is probably right".
  8. commotion

    What's a Kirby 25?

    In my opinion the Kirby 25 will correct against a J24 every time.
  9. I have an S2 7.9. The Detroit boat looks good from the pics. Every winter we are trolling the internet for boats as fast that have more cruising comfort. Always come to the conclusion the S2 7.9 is about perfect.
  10. commotion

    Soverel 27

    Maybe an S2 7.9 would be worth considering ??
  11. commotion

    Santa Cruz 27 craigslist find

    Buy an S2 7.9 !! About the same price and has a huge and very comfortable cockpit and some cabin. We used to crush these guys around the cans every Wednesday night. As was said , great downwind boats....only.
  12. commotion

    Significant Other Participation

    Spouse of twenty years never misses a race and what she can't manage another crew member pitches in to help. The two of us along with two other young, nice looking and very pleasant young ladies make up our crew. It's my very very good luck. It's great fun beating the competition with our "Victoria Secret" crew on our Slam.
  13. commotion

    BENE slow first 235

    Ranger 23...I did mean Mull design. I'm betting a bit of a sleeper too, much like the Ranger 26.
  14. commotion

    BENE slow first 235

    No one has mentioned a Ranger 23, Very nice little Bruce Farr designed boat. Sails very well, nice traditional looks and lots of them built. Tall rig rates 222 in PHRF. One made the crossing Calif to Hawaii just for fun.