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  1. commotion

    best pic of the year?

    S2 7.9 on a late fall sale.
  2. commotion

    What is it?

    Duck boat?
  3. commotion

    First boat: C&C 27 Mk V vs. 29 Mk II

    I sailed a 27-5 for a few years and enjoyed it. The interior is not great for cruising, Goes upwind in a breeze like a demon. We would sail boat for boat with a well sailed S2 7.9. Off wind...nope. The cockpit is large and comfortable, considerably better than 29-2. They are truly different critters so chose according to your likely uses. I would expect the 29-2 to have better resale value. Good luck.
  4. commotion

    Looking for pics or drawings Cal 21

    Google Cal 21 sailboat for sale. Lots of ads with pics promoting their offering. Like this.....
  5. commotion

    What's a Kirby 25?

    Woah !!! They are NOT slow in light air. They crush in light air. They are not real fun upwind in 15 plus but on a reach and run we often corrected ahead of Lindenberg 26's and 7.9's. It was a hoot to sail once you get it figured out....things like taut forestay in any and all winds but seem counter intuitive. Shrouds need to be loose too. I don't understand why these things worked so well but they do. We won Bay Week a few years ago. It's no slouch. First time we flew spinnaker we bumped and effortless 14K in total control. We race a 7.9 now mainly because we mostly race and enjoy occasional cruising but there are many days I wish I had my K25 again.
  6. commotion

    SCHAEFER #CF700 Furling

    It's a 27.5 ft Mirage, Canadian built. Schaefer literature says it's OK for boats 24 to 28 feet so may be marginal. Thanks for any input.
  7. commotion

    SCHAEFER #CF700 Furling

    Does anyone have any experience with the Schaefer CF700 furling ? Big advantage is there is no swagging or new heastay required. Thanks
  8. commotion

    Around the Americas with a chicken - Monique

    My doc says one egg per week. Too much cholesterol.
  9. Unfortunately for us Canucks the Bene 24 would be well past $100K landed here after exchange, taxes and our retaliatory duties thank to Trump.
  10. S2 7.9 has quite a large presence on Lake Norman. Actually a few S2 7.9 regattas. Boat is fast and stable enough, much more so than the Bene, for newbies. Retractable keel makes for easy launch/haul. A good one is much cheaper than the Bene 24 or Colgate. Heavier though so would need an appropriate tow vehicle.
  11. commotion

    Catalina 27

    Yes, I would lose the wheel in a hurry. Cockpit was not designed for it and it's just unnecessary complexity. Also check every place hardware has been mounted on the deck. Much of the deck is plywood cored and susceptible to failure.
  12. commotion

    Kirby 25 RF 125 or 155%

    I will look but it's been a few years.
  13. commotion

    Kirby 25 RF 125 or 155%

    Yes, the tangs are within the body of the rudder. I had new stainless tangs welded to the shaft. I rebuilt mine and discovered the rudder was two fiberglass shells filled with polyester putty which was very soggy. Storing the rudder indoors thru winter prevents the freeze/thaw cycles which split the rudder. I rebuilt mine by spitting the halves, which was very easy to do, and building new core halves with closed cell foam and epoxy then bonded them with thickened epoxy. Much lighter and stronger than original.
  14. commotion

    Kirby 25 RF 125 or 155%

    One of the "jib halyards" is your spinnaker halyard. Some boats were modified to add a spinnaker halyard above the forestay. We found running back stay should always be tight regardless of wind strength. Rest of rig can be quite loose. Boat is crazy fast on a reach and we hit 14 knots downwind with no drama. It's a ton of fun.
  15. commotion

    Icing, not the cake variety

    Can you tell us what sort of boat we're looking at ?