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  1. commotion

    Urgent ideas needed for bow/rode lead question

    I second the stout stainless U bolt through the bow of the boat. Similar to those you see on powerboats being winched onto a trailer. Very strong point in the boat and and no chafing.
  2. commotion

    Favourite Boat pic?

    I would love to but have a serious shortage of crew and a dog who has recently undergone surgery so needs care. Perhaps next year. We sail out of Cedar Island Yacht Club on the north shore about 20 miles from you folks. Hope you have a great regatta and can keep it growing. Good luck !!
  3. commotion

    J22 PHRF

    Thank you all !!
  4. commotion

    J22 PHRF

    Hello. Considering a J22 for PHRF racing in a fleet with ratings ranging from 168 to about 200. Can the J22 be competitive in this group ? Thanks.
  5. commotion

    Favourite Boat pic?

    S2 7.9 after a Wednesday night race. West end of Lake Erie.
  6. commotion

    Tanzer 25 Opinions or Knowledge

    Thank you all.
  7. Anyone out there have any knowledge of the Tanzer 25 ? Looks like a nice design and reasonably quick with a PHRF of 180. Built in late 80's. French design. Thanks !!
  8. commotion

    Old Gori Folding Prop - Any Good?

    My understanding is that the rubber 'bushing' is to absorb the shock to the drive gears when shifting gears. My power boat Volvo out drive has a very similar feature. Not related to corrosion.
  9. commotion

    Kirby 30

    Hard to tell but that rig looks taller than stock. Given the not-so-hot light air performance it would seem likely. Have always like Kirby boats. The K25 and K30 are underrated boats I think.
  10. commotion

    Merlin at 75 mph

    Nope...not working.
  11. commotion

    Kirby 30

    The Kirby 30 was fitted with an Isomat single spreader mast. I believe most have been replaced with smaller section double spreader rigs. I think the original Isomat spar was just poorly designed. Many were replaced with Abbott 33 spars. I don't believe the spar failures were related to the running backstays. Sounds like there were variations in the deck coring but I am certain all hulls were solid layup. My K25 was definitely foam cored. I agree with other posters in that it is not a great light air boat.
  12. commotion

    Kirby 30

    Both the Kirby 25 and 30 did NOT have cored hulls. Decks were foam cored. My Kirby 25 had no hull or deck issues because of the 'low cost" foam coring. I think the 30 is a pretty good boat but does not have a gift rating. Good crew and preparation will yield a competitive boat.
  13. commotion

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Is he giving us the 'finger' in this photo ?
  14. commotion

    Wavelength 24