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  1. Hi Unik, Mr. Crash Morrison said that it looked like a lot of fairing might be required to end up with a smooth bottom on the Lion 800 currently being constructed. Basically this: https://youtu.be/Se4SuTrznoI Regards, Hovertank
  2. Speaking of shallow draft, down-east pilot house type boats and c-dory's, how about a SeaPiper? Seems like an interesting, affordable and fuel efficient design. Also looks like there will be a motor sailor version available. http://www.seapiper.com/seapiper-35/specifications/ But if the wife has her mind made up on a cat, good luck! If I were in your shoes I'd also be looking for a shallow draft speed machine, like a corsair 28 or 31.
  3. Russian Version: http://www.videobash.com/video_show/russian-land-sailing-18033
  4. I also tried rolling and tipping Brightside, with less than ideal results. Lots of brush marks, ended up sanding off a bit of paint and starting over. Ended up painting topsides with something close to this: https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.4-inch--foam-set-with-tray-and-cage-frame.1000417796.html Worked great! Need to use the ridiculously pricey Interlux brushing reducer. First few rolls on, the paint has bubbles, but as you distribute the paint the bubbles disappear and the finish was pretty nice for an amateur job.
  5. Not what I've heard. Although I think a series drogue is a much better idea than a parachute anchor. For multihull applications there are more cones per given length of series drogue than there are for the monohull drogue's. http://www.oceanbrake.com/multihulls/
  6. That is a nice sized lazarette. Looks like you could fit a couple of bikes or a dirtbike in there. Do you need to stabilize the stern with a line or lines when drying out? Ever had any issues with the chain locker/windlass being at the mast?
  7. Unfortunately not happening with 4' of freeboard. Watson can jump into a pickup truck easily, but can't vertically jump 3 or 4' straight up onto the deck from a rolling dinghy. Open transom would be nice! It would be so easy with a Pogo 30. Okay, that's my reason for getting a Pogo. :-)
  8. We have a large sight hound, similar in size to a retriever (though lighter). We have step that hangs from the side of the boat and provides a ledge the dog can use to get up and down. She's actually able to jump, but doesn't always want to do it. I cannot find a photo of the step at the moment, but here's how it works: Imagine a board hanging vertically at the lifeline gates. There are four standoffs holding the board away from the hull. There are rubber protectors on the stand offs. The board hangs from two pieces of line, which are in turn clipped to the lifeline gate stanchions. There is a hinge mount to the vertical board, with a wide step mounted to the other flange, so that the pieces are perpendicular to each other. Lines run from the outboard edge of the step to the stanchions to support it. The step is carpeted. When removed, the step folds flat to the board and the whole thing stows easily in a locker, or can be tied off to the lifeline stanchion Handsome pooch. Would love to see a photo of your boarding setup, sounds interesting.
  9. Amazing boat, thanks for posting the pics. Sadly, out of my price range. Good luck to you in the sales process. I don't think you should have any trouble at all, seeing the current demand for Boreal's and the fact that I have yet to see a Boreal on the used market until now. For anyone interested in Boreal's, there's a somewhat odd series of video's documenting a Boreal's journey from the UK to the Arctic, filmed over a period of time with different sets of crew on the same boat. I say odd, mostly due to the fact that the different crews had very different filming/documenting styles. This is the first one: https://youtu.be/XRbFixkPOjg Edit: Actually, this is the same boat that Wess posted a link to earlier in the thread, didn't notice that. http://www.arcticborealexpedition.com
  10. Wow, maybe I should go into business making these things... Checkout the markup on some wood, carpet and buoys! http://pupgearcorporation.com/products/doggydocks/Jumbo-doggydocks_2 Good idea with the buoys though, makes the angle of the ramp adjustable.
  11. Thanks for posting GN, I'm in the same situation with a 70 pound labradoodle and just under 4ft of freeboard. I do have the means to hoist the dog like livestock onto the boat, but I'm looking for a less stressful solution for the pooch. I'm considering a folding gangplank that attaches to the toerail on one end and has sufficient flotation attached on the wet end, which is intended to be partially submerged. The gangplank would be covered in some sort of non-skid like a rubberized carpet runner or something. Stowing the gangplank along the safety lines would be unsightly, but not much more so than those kayaks you see mounted outboard of the stanchions sometimes. I think the gangplank could be made rather frugally with a couple of heavy duty door hinges, 2 sections of 2x12 about 4 or 5 feet long, couple of metal hooks to attach the gangplank to the toerail and a couple of empty gallon jugs for flotation. With this solution the dog should be able to ascend from a dinghy or from swimming, due to the end of the gangplank being partially submerged. While anchored I would probably leave it out all the time, just in case of D.O.B.
  12. Cool, thanks waterman. Boat building continues, but winter and low temperature make their adjustments, but I hope the boat next summer will be its maiden voyage. Soon I will publish a report on the continuation of the construction of Lion 800. I will soon translate the specification to English and it will be available on the website. Sounds good, looking forward to seeing the progress!
  13. Nice! Can't wait for more construction updates. I'm no expert in boat building, but to me it looks like lots of progress so far for 20 days of effort. Is there an estimate on total build time? Neat looking boat too, I like the layout. Any chance of getting the Lion 800 specs PDF translated to English? http://unikyachts.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/%D0%A1%D0%BF%D0%B5%D1%86%D0%B8%D1%84%D0%B8%D0%BA%D0%B0%D1%86%D0%B8%D1%8F-Unik-33-800-01.doc.pdf
  14. Najad 380 http://svnereida.com/boat-details
  15. Looks very nice. What reason would that be? Genuinely curious. I've always seen ketch rigs as a doubling of running and standing rigging, therefore an unnecessary complication. However if you peruse the concept on the De Villiers site, they attribute the following benefits to a ketch rig: 2. Low Centre of Effort Ketch Rig which in effect means a much reduced overturning moment…… 3. Smaller individual sail areas means that this relatively large Cat can easily be managed by a couple. Just drop the mainsail and the result is a snug rig, able to carried up to storm force conditions. Seems like a pretty good argument for a cat.