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  1. As a former owner of one, I understand the trash talk. The boat is FUGLY. I always said it reminded me of an old girlfriend who looked great from the side but not so good from the front or back. On the good side of the ledger, it got me into some bigger regattas (Bayview Mackinac for one-6 of them I think) and I could trailer the boat there. (3 hours by road vs 2-3 days water delivery with my subsequent boat). We could have the boat rigged and floating in a little more than an hour. My boat (hull 19) rarely sailed to it's rating(I'm sure that had nothing to do with my abilities......or lack thereof). All in all, I am glad I had the Mega at the time but wouldn't own another. I do wish I could throw my current boat (Catalina 320) on a trailer and park it in my pole barn for the winter (as I always did with the Mega). I could drop the mast quickly with the included a-frame (often just two guys). Just dropping and re stepping on the Catalina cost me around $800 last year at our local yard (and I won't be doing that here again if I can help it). I sold the boat to a guy in NJ who converted it for cruising, building a v-berth and an enclosed head. To each his own, I like my fat comfortable Catalina for my "golden years" cruising.
  2. mal5033

    In-mast Furling

    I have had a mast furled main jam on a charter boat, luckily near the home base. The "boss" showed us how to unfurl and furl with the boat facing downwind at the dock. His crew worked their asses off to clear that mess up. We own a boat with in boom furling and we love it. We know that, just like the jib, we trade performance for convenience. The convenience gets us out when we may not have without it. We can reef as much or little as necessary and enjoy the sail. We will never own a boat without some type of boom furling. We are recent retirees and wish to sail many more years. Stuff like furling will enable that. Having said that I know it's not for everybody but that's what's cool about sailing. Lots of options.
  3. mal5033

    18-19 ski season

    It's been a while since I have skied Whistler but I won't return. We stood in line for the lifts in the village every morning, typically a 45 minute wait. Rain was frequent at the bottom during those waits. I remember getting soaked to the bone and having everything freeze on the way up as the weather transitioned to freezing rain and then wet sloppy snow. I recall my wife skiing first tracks in a newly opened run and getting stuck in the wet cement they called snow..... The village was OK, good bars etc. The skiing was not so great. I am guessing we skied 25 western resorts back in the day, our Whistler trip was by far the worst. I have been told that it is hit and miss at Whistler, I guess we missed. (BTW, Big Sky was one of the best)
  4. mal5033

    Roller furling question

    Another possibility for the sacrificial is the sticky-back kind sold by Sail Rite (and I am sure others). That stuff is tenacious and the install isn't so bad. I did one for a looked a little fugly (shiny white material in this case) but did the job.
  5. mal5033

    How do you define Good Crew?

    Possibly I have a different viewpoint. I have been racing quite a while and now seek crew that want to learn. I don't care if they have never been on a boat, I just want them to want to learn it and maybe grow to love it. Some don't "get it" and stop coming out, the ones that stay learn. We are not the hot racing boat in our fleet but we are out there learning, every race. We don't win many flags but I have enough of those. A few years back I noticed 6 boats on the starting line that belonged to my former crew. I am not bragging, I figure they thought they could do it better (and many did). The idea is to get some young people out to see what fun sailing (and racing sailboats) is. I "learned" to sail by myself ate age 21 with a brand new boat (literally with a "how to sail" book open on the deck). I am still learning 42 years later. I wish I had someone invite me on their racing boat back then......
  6. mal5033

    Anarchy is Hate Speech

    I owned one for a few years. It reminded me of one of my old girlfriends, looked good from the side but not so good from the front (or back)
  7. Thanks everyone for the reminder why I avoid PA like the plague.
  8. mal5033

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    I think if every penalty (in the room) were DSQ, boats, even the big sexy ones, would do their turns and get on with their race. Compare this to track and field where one false start means instant DSQ. Now, it is a more pure test of speed. WO should not have put themselves in the position, there was no need to be reckless in a 600 mile race.
  9. mal5033

    Malcolm Young DTS

    He was one of the best at what he did. I saw an interview with Angus where he said Malcolm could have easily done his job but he could have never done Malcolm's.
  10. mal5033

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    something smells fishy here...........
  11. mal5033

    Something different for CA

    nice! What's it rate?
  12. mal5033

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I like how he is "looing" for the stern sailboat rutter. Maybe our British friends could explain how one "loos" for something.......
  13. mal5033

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    OMG! Here's his ad for the "Morring" Is Snaggy writing ads now?
  14. mal5033

    Henderson 30?

    Must be a pretty good boat, second in PHRF D in the Bayview Mac. Congrats! linky thing