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  1. Mast or boom furling?

    +1 I love my boom furler and don't care if other sailors don't!
  2. Mast or boom furling?

    Yup, slab reefing is (sometimes)preferable to in-boom furling. String sails are better than dacron. Feathering props are better than 3 blade solid ones. Light boats are faster than heavy boats. I just don't care. I just go sailing and love (almost) every minute of it.
  3. Mast or boom furling?

    We bought a boat with a Profurl in-boom system. This is our retirement boat (soon). We are in our sixties and hope to sail into our old age. We bought a cruiser, not a racer and don't care if the mainsail is less than optimal in shape. Having the furler makes it easy to drop a bit of sail to de-power when it is honking. We are more likely to use the boat in marginal conditions/forecasts. If it jammed (a possibility of course), we can drop the main and flake it to the boom. I have not had a jam...... The ad for the boat claimed power winching (with a 24v right angle drill with a winch bit). I laughed my ass off and almost never put it on the boat. That thing makes the hoist easy. My crew practically fights over who gets to use my "big tool". Hoisting the sail does require muscle without it. All in all, I am delighted with the in-boom furling. I have chartered boats with in-mast and was not as impressed.
  4. oops

    still ignoring.....
  5. oops

    I will continue to ignore this thread
  6. Furler explanation

    If I am not mistaken, the small boat furler IS the forestay. You have to drop the mast to remove it. (I could be wrong)
  7. Mi. legal issue

    My MIL now lives in assisted living. It was a difficult family decision and is costing a shit-ton of money. The decision was made easier when she was found stuck in the snow behind the garage in sub-zero weather. She was checking her propane tank (unnecessarily-there were two tanks) wearing only light clothes and tennis shoes. Had she been found 20 minutes later she would have been dead. She also couldn't manage her meds due to early stages of dementia. Everybody wants to stay home (including me) but it isn't always possible. Sometimes when you love someone you have to make the difficult decisions on their behalf. She asks all the time if she can go home and is told "maybe someday". Then she forgets she asked the question. There is no doubt in my mind that had she been left home, she would be dead today. Dying at home sounds like a good thing, the question is how did they die.........
  8. Something different for CA

    nice! What's it rate?
  9. Maybe if you read the thread you'd know this... see post #15.... my bad......sorry
  10. Boat Pix

    +1 I bought a print from my last Mac race. It was expensive but worth it to me. Having said that, I received an email from them many years ago saying I never returned the pics they sent (that's how they used to do biz). After a warning from me that I would sue their asses off if they so much as scuffed my credit, I got a letter saying I didn't owe them anything. I still have that email....
  11. So, does the original poster think the passerby should have minded his own business? (maybe I am reading too much into the title) "unclear if charges will be sought"?......As far as I am concerned, he should charge the department for services rendered or at least get a medal. Another dipshit removed from the gene pool (probably the shallow end)
  12. I saw SRV at one of his last shows. A pretty good snowstorm in Saginaw, MI kept the crowd way down. Maybe a couple hundred made it. SRV took the stage and stated that they wanted him to cancel. He opted to stay and rock our socks off. The Rockets backed up. It was one of the best concerts I attended. I saw Kiss before they "made it". Although I quickly lost interest, they blew me away at our community college gym.
  13. DQOTD: Jib Night Trim/Tell Tale Flashlight?

    I had a crew that made holders for small flashlights out of short pieces of pvc pipe attached to small clamps. We would just set them on red and could see the telltales just fine. A pretty simple solution.
  14. Holy Shit - He Did It!!

    I love the comment that if he would have missed the net, his balls would have cushioned the landing!
  15. Chicago Mac Race

    I don't know that it matters but I think that boat was available for charter out of Northport. Was it chartered for the race?