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  1. mal5033

    white men.

    Seems to me the real racists are the ones who look at a picture and start counting races. We sure are a long way from MLKs "colorblind society". Liberals often make things worse (in Portland, Chicago, Milwaukee and Detroit to name a few) and then yell about racism when the system breaks down. (maybe it was their racism that helped it collapse in the first place) This doesn't surprise me coming from the Ed. Sometimes throwing a rhetorical bomb helps your clicks I guess....
  2. mal5033

    Frank Butler - 8 bells

    My 320 had a smile that magically healed when I properly torqued the keelbolts. I wonder how long the previous owner let it be that way knowing there "are" Catalina smiles....
  3. mal5033

    Frank Butler DTS

    I have hull #6. I love every inch of the boat. It is definitely not light air friendly (we have beer can racing on Tuesday nights) but when it pipes up (say 20 plus), watch out! The cockpit is definitely one of our favorite parts, its where we spend most of our time!
  4. mal5033

    Random PicThread

    I remember merthiolate as being the one that stung (I'm sure the iodine did as well). They banned both merthiolate and mercurochrome in the 90s due to mercury content. Scary that we used to play with mercury when we were kids. I wonder why there is so much cancer......
  5. mal5033

    WTF with Radical Religion, another beheading

    +1 enough already......
  6. mal5033

    That's a trailer sailer!

    Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I owned the boat. I did stuff I couldn't have done otherwise. Having said that..... The boat was tender until you were practically on your ear. The first 30 degrees could be interesting at times. The beam was only 7'11" to accommodate trailering laws back then. She could broach in an instant. I attribute this in part to a skipper (me) who didn't know when to keep it in the bag. It did add to the excitement! Although the boat strictly cruised before me (it came with a full cockpit canvas enclosure) and after (with huge mods), it was a pretty crappy cruiser for more than a night. It had four bunks down below, with a cooler and a kerosene stove (possibly added by the PO). The head was in the "forepeak" area with a canvas zippered door and anchors clattering at either side when underway. My boat had an outboard (as did most of the Megas). It was a bitch to keep it in the water in a seaway. I always said the boat reminded me of an old girlfriend. Great looking from the side but not as good from the rear or front. She (the boat) just had goofy lines. They tried to maximize interior space which made it slab sided to say the least. I had hull 19 and I think they were still learning. It is kind of telling that C&C didn't put C&C all over it (it was their secret).
  7. mal5033

    That's a trailer sailer!

    I had a Mega30 a few centuries ago. I could spend a lot of time on negatives (well known negatives) but....... I could store it in my pole barn. I (and my bank account) miss that. Myself and one crew could step the mast in an hour. The boat had an a-frame which we stood up and attached to a halyard and then we cranked the mast up with the trailer winch. I have a picture somewhere of it behind my S10 pickup. I only did that a few times moving the boat a couple of miles but we turned some heads coming down the road. My trailer delivery to Port Huron, MI for the Bayview Mac took 4-5 hours of fairly leisurely travel. Delivery by water was a multi-day slog. The new owner converted it to a cruising boat. He would retract the keel at the dock due to high tidal swings.
  8. mal5033

    What are you watching on the tube?

    Schitt's Creek. All of them (8 seasons)
  9. mal5033

    Dirty joke punch lines

    (Limerick) that son-of-a-bitch had a left-hand thread
  10. mal5033

    Dirty joke punch lines

    My late father's all-time favorite!
  11. mal5033

    Dirty joke punch lines

    Ever since he swallowed the cue ball, he sizes everything up first!
  12. mal5033

    Experience Making my own Working Jib and Storm Sail

    I put together kits for my Sabre 28 (now sold). I made a main, a jib, and a symmetrical spinnaker. We did discuss shape and design a bit in the beginning of each process. All in all, I was pleased with the sails. I was able to buy the sailrite sewing machine and the jib kit for less than a Quantum sail. Having said that, I know (or assume anyway) there is no way the "kit" jib would have been as good as the Quantum but it was certainly good enough for who made it! I would do a kit again.
  13. mal5033

    North Sails "Norlam" - What is it?

    I remember Norlam from waaaaayyy back. I only seemed to see the delammed Norlams so unless it is something they re-introduced you are probably talking very old cloth.
  14. mal5033

    Random PicThread

    or photoshop (and not a very good one)
  15. mal5033

    Great Quotes

    “I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me.” ― General George S. Patton