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  1. Jackobson Pt, Checleset Bay.
  2. andykane

    Engine Troubleshooting Help

    I saw you mentioned a v-drive - that might complicate things a bit. Other than that, I'd call around and get some pricing on a new engine, and take some measurements. Beyond the basic mount spacing and "will it fit", consider things like exhaust size and routing (Beta and modern Yanmars are opposite to the 3GM), control cable routing, panel size (extra hassle if you need to modify your panel mount). Beta calls for a 3" blower hose which can be a hassle to install - not sure if Yanmar calls for that. But given $8.5k for a rebuild, I would be seriously looking at a new engine as a better long term solution. For reference, in 2019 I paid the equivalent of $8k USD for a Beta 25 w/ an upgraded panel and alternator. On top of that I had about $3k in installation costs (DIY), for prop shaft inspection/cleanup, new PSS shaft seal, new Racor, fuel hoses, blower + vent hose, raw water hose, strainer, anti-syphon loop, and sound insulation.
  3. andykane

    Engine Troubleshooting Help

    A new Beta 30 runs around $10k with gearbox, panel, etc, and should fit on the existing beds with minimal mods. Equivalent Yanmar and Volvo will be similar price. I would expect a rebuild to be in the 5-7k range, and that's not including external stuff like alternator, water pump, gearbox, etc. Might get it done cheaper elsewhere or DIY but still a good chunk of the new engine cost.
  4. andykane

    Ultimate Cruiser? Route 66 Is For Sale

    Oh, I missed that. Going to go with your 'just to be different' theory then! Although I could see it moving the compression to allow a certain layout below decks. Weird/cool ratio is well off the charts.
  5. andykane

    Ultimate Cruiser? Route 66 Is For Sale

    At a guess it's to give clearance for the keel to retract by 10 feet? Must stick above the deck at that point.
  6. andykane

    Diesel engine cold start - air intake preheater thoughts?

    I had a Volvo Md7 in one boat and after a (botched) rebuild by the Volvo dealer, he suggested pulling the intake filter/cone and warming it on the stove. This made a much bigger difference than you would expect (a minute cranking instead of 10. Like I said, a botched rebuild), so I would guess a built in heater might have similar effects.
  7. andykane


    The claim was that in specific, favourable circumstances, Sidecar was similar in straight-line speed to a Seacart 30. That's a far cry from the "faster around a racecourse" you're implying. I have to admire proas for their engineering elegance and how they give such a great (probably the best) knots per dollar or knots for the material requirements. But the truth is, that's so rarely the driving factor in boat choice that, for the overwhelming majority of people, there are other types of boats that meet their needs better. Personally, I'm happy to see anyone out enjoying their time on the water and really don't care if they're sailing a proa, a condomaran, or a puddleduck racer.
  8. andykane

    Boats for two couples

    I think you'll struggle to find anything in that price range with 2 double berths in separate cabins - especially in the pandemic induced sales frenzy. If a v-berth + dinette would satisfy the 2 cabin criteria you'll have a lot more options, although that's still on the low end, price wise. Smaller (<40') center cockpit boats tend to be unpopular (and thus relative cheap) and do give you 2 separate, spacious cabins. I saw an Oday 37 listed locally last year for something like $30k CAD, which isn't wildly out of your budget. I would do some thinking and come up with a set of priorities to guide the search and help with compromises. And I have to ask the obvious question about how realistic said couples are about cruising together - remember that separate cabins on a small sailboat offer slightly less privacy than separate backpacking tents. If it's about getting out there and having fun then the boat doesn't really matter that much. If it's about trying to persuade hesitant partners, well then the boat doesn't really matter that much there either.
  9. andykane

    Adding wind sensor to WH mk3 autopilot

    I would run it past the Pelagic folks, and confirm the amp rating for your ram is within their 25 amp limit, but from my understanding it should handle everything you say. There are other options, like B&G mentioned above, or Raymarine, but they're considerably more expensive. They do have the shiny look of normal 21st century electronics and I believe offer much more sophisticated networking options for control via a plotter, etc, but as far as actually holding a course they should all work pretty comparably.
  10. andykane

    Adding wind sensor to WH mk3 autopilot

    I would think your best bet would be to replace the brain with something modern that can handle the wind data. From my understanding the rams are fairly universal, and just respond to a +/- input. So you should be able to grab something like the Pelagic controller, connect it to your ram, get apparent wind steering, and a modern 9-axis gyro controller as a bonus.
  11. andykane

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Strange choice to use a bunch of photos of drop cloths to advertise this set of used sails in "superb condition".
  12. andykane

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Weird, all the boats on their "previous builds" page are floating the right way up.
  13. andykane

    How to install RG213 VHF cable inside mast

    Also consider if the extra range from a masthead antenna is worth it for your boat and where you'll be sailing. Would be a lot simpler to mount it on the rail.
  14. andykane

    diesel outboards

    I'm deeply impressed and horrified. wtf.
  15. andykane

    Sandpaper - 3m

    I've always been happy with the more expensive Norton stuff in a pinch. Klingspor is my go-to, but the Norton 3X/Prosand seems fine, quality wise, especially if it's 9pm and Home Depot is the only thing open.