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  1. MauiPunter

    Everyone worth upsetting in the UK upset

    Now that you say that, I do recall something about Anne owning a Rustler.
  2. MauiPunter

    Anchors Away?

    Does this count?
  3. MauiPunter

    Everyone worth upsetting in the UK upset

    I had no idea she is a sailor ( has sailed, not just sat on sailboats).
  4. MauiPunter

    Hanse 540e

    The analysis done in that blog post at that link was very interesting. My boat definitely has the balsa core in the hull laminate. Foam would have been better, but balsa is better than single layer layup. Interestingly, my old Morgan Nelson Marek 454 had a foam sandwich construction in 1984.
  5. MauiPunter

    Cruising Sailboat Partnership

    I have done this with a buddy of mine on a Ferrari 430. We split everything 50/50. He has the car for 6mo in the spring/summer/fall, while I am away on my boat, and I have the car the remainder of the year (there is no winter where we live). This is our third sports car we did this with (Lotus, then Porsche). I think the secret to success on these kind of partnerships is honesty and fairness. It's all about the quality of the people you are partnered with as well as the quality of yourself. If you find the right people it will be an awesome way to enjoy and share something special for a little less dosh than if you did it on your own. Lastly, you need to put EVERYTHING in writing. Prepare for the absolute worst circumstances. Everything is easy when everyone is getting a long. Get a lawyer to draw up a partnership agreement. Then there is no surprises.
  6. MauiPunter

    Hanse 540e

    We just bought a 2016 Hanse 505 and do plan to do the various rallies like the ARC. I do agree you get a lot of quality and value for the money, but surely its not a classic blue water boat. There are lots circulating the globe, but, there probably better dedicated blue water cruisers. We bought with open eyes to the trade-offs and were able to reconcile the reality. The boat is still very new to us, but we have taken her out in 30kt+ breeze and 15' seas in our delivery and she handled it like a champ. None of the weird groaning and creaking like the boat was going to pull itself apart. We did setup sea births in the aft cabins which worked perfectly when we were off shore. The aft-cabin births were split with lee clothes and that did the job. I wouldn't try to sleep in the forward cabin in rough seas.
  7. MauiPunter

    Dick Carter design boats

    I thought the same thing.
  8. MauiPunter

    Random PicThread

    I assume everyone knows this by now, but, if not, the Captain Kirk mask shown above is the one that Michael Myers uses in Halloween. So, if you ever wanted to dress up as Michael Myers, you will need a Capt Kirk mask to be authentic.
  9. MauiPunter

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

  10. MauiPunter

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Please tell me this is sarcasm.
  11. MauiPunter

    So, I bought a boat

    Definitely should get some black 3Di sails. That boat will scream.
  12. MauiPunter

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I figured her hole would be expensive.
  13. MauiPunter

    Show your boat not sailing

    So, I have a related delivery story. While we were headed towards Mystic, CT, we noticed this sailboat heading out towards Montauk, and was healing quite a bit, but was making good progress it seemed. It was on a reach to maybe slightly close reach, 60deg to the wind. It was a cat style boat, with a windsurfing boom like a Nonsuch. Well, suddenly the whole top half of the mast folded over. Broke in half. We called in to the Coast Guard alerting them of the incident and to possibly send assistance. We slowed down to be available incase we were needed. About 15min after we called it, we hear the guy on the radio saying "PAN PAN". "PAN PAN". The coast guard responded and it was the guy who we just saw losing his mast. The coast guard was on their way, but the guy didn't seem to want help but wanted them nearby incase, he was going to attempt to continue across the sound to Long Island where he said he was going to attempt repairs. He was unable to take down the sail obviously, but, was still making headway. The funny part of the story was, when the coast guard was asking how many people aboard and if he was alone. This old guy responded, "it's just me and Louis, so, yea, I am alone." We were like, did he just trash his wife over the VHF?? Or is Louis his dog? Or maybe it was the boat name, but I don't remember him saying it was the boat name. Pretty sure he will be sailing really alone next time if that was his wife.
  14. MauiPunter

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    This woman continues to amaze me. She makes 54 look 34.