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  1. Have to agree with the above posts. This is a boat loved.
  2. Jose in Nantucket.
  3. I must be thinking of the Flying Dutchman.
  4. Do Buccaneers have trapezes? Maybe I am thinking of some other boat of that category.
  5. Proa will find a wrinkle and whine about it.
  6. Gorgeous boat!
  7. ... and they are going to be named after The Beatles.
  8. Rumor is he hid livestock below in the bow.
  9. Looks like its time for Proa to eat a bag of dicks.
  10. Its funny how Proa still ignores the fact that the boat isn't done and doesn't have all the mechanical systems installed nor all the other weighty items in the boat before he comments on how the boat settles in the water. It's like he is purposefully being ignorant. Amazing. lol.
  11. Proa is why we cant have nice things.
  12. It would be cool if that whole thing was collapsible into normal proportions when sailing.
  13. Wow, that is just like my last passage. I just sailed (well, motored really) from Martha's Vineyard to Boston, and it was a complete white out the whole way.