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  1. MauiPunter

    Random PicThread

    There is one of these still on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I think its in Buxton if I recall.
  2. MauiPunter

    Coolboats to admire

    I've always liked the Santana 20.
  3. MauiPunter

    Random PicThread

    Adult version:
  4. MauiPunter

    Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    There's still time....
  5. MauiPunter

    Electrical Issues

    Thanks for all the suggestions and pointers. I have to dig into this more. Also, Longy, I dont have a wiring diagram yet but will try to create one based on what I find in tracing this down. I have picked up a new battery switch that provides separation, and has three modes: OFF - ON (ISOLATED) - ON (COMBINED). Also, I borrowed an EM meter which should help me check if there is any interference around the electronic compass. I do believe my wires are up to snuff for the volt/amps but will double check all the runs make sure there is no funny business along the way. Cheers!
  6. MauiPunter

    Random PicThread

  7. MauiPunter

    Electrical Issues

    1) I didn't consider the spike as a cause. I will look into that. Thanks. 2/3) House/Start batteries are NEW as of 2017. So, perhaps I do need an additional battery for the bank. I'm running 12v circuits in my boat. Is 11-13 the normal range I should see on the meter? What is the threshold on the low voltage under load? 11v? 3) Would a larger alternator possibly resolve this for when the engine running?
  8. MauiPunter

    Electrical Issues

    I am having a couple of electrical issues which may or may not be related and trying to resolve. 1) When out sailing with the autopilot/chartplotter/radar running, if we start the engine, the chartplotter turns off. I am guessing this is from low voltage from starting. The chart plotter is supposed to be running off of house batteries which are supposed to be isolated from start batteries, but clearly, they aren't for some reason. Im thinking of installing a DUAL CIRCUIT PLUS which is supposed to provide total separation between the two circuits (START / HOUSE). Have any of you installed this kind of power switch in your boat? These OFF-1-2-1/2 type switches seem kind of a bad idea, but are so common on boats. 2) When out sailing with the autopilot/chartplotter/radar running, and we flush one of the electric toilets the autopilot goes haywire and loses its tracking, but then regains its tracking after the flush has completed. I'm not sure if this is also related to a low voltage situation. It seems the house batteries aren't keeping up with usage possibly? I have three large house batteries (4D Deep cycle). Do I need an additional house battery to keep up with demand? What is the best way to debug this? 3) Oddly, #2 will happen even when the engine is running which is supposed to supply full power to the DC circuit, recharging the batteries. I'm not sure if we need a larger alternator, but doesn't make sense for #2 to happen while engine is running at a minimum. So, it may be another issue I am not aware of. Thoughts?
  9. MauiPunter

    Random PicThread

    Looks like the Hall of Justice from Super Friends
  10. MauiPunter

    Just Another High School Shooting

    On one of the gun groups I am in on Facebook, there is a thread there about these school shootings and the overwhelming sentiment is that these mass shooting are just going to be part of normal life for our 2nd amendment society and the libtards are just gonna have to get used to it. That was pretty disheartening to read. Guns >>>>>> Kids
  11. MauiPunter

    Coolboats to admire

    It's the throttle. The shifter is for Forward and Reverse, just like on every other motorboat. There is no 1-2-3-etc gears. No clutch.
  12. MauiPunter

    Coolboats to admire

    Yes, that would be the throttle.
  13. MauiPunter

    Coolboats to admire

    He lives in a pocket of goodness. Avoid Maine with a shitty boat if you can help it.
  14. Ok. I'm lame. I was so curious I watched the whole GD thing. I'm a painter so I am always curious about different techniques for things.