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  1. Hi. With full-size class gennaker you can do 20 knots boatspeed in a FE28R at 25kn true, with great control. You need the bow to pop up by sheeting in the main with twist. With less wetted surface it just goes. Please stop the pissing contest. Anything over 14 knots is a lot of fun. Go sailing
  2. treskeppare

    FE28R Tuning Guide anyone?

    I have the rear fair lead taking two loops and most of the load just aft of the high clew on a properly trimmed jib. Just use a marker pen to find your position for your jib The forward fairlead is just 8cm forward. We use a 4:1 purchase and can trim while sheeted. Trimming from windward is right for the boat.
  3. treskeppare

    FE28R Tuning Guide anyone?

    I agree with your points. See inhauler thread for my descriptions
  4. treskeppare

    Infuckers on the Fareast 28r

    Ultimately you want the capability to trim this from the windward side while under load. You want to be able to inboard the jib clew to coach roof (30degr chamfer). It’s great to shift gears in a puff or with tactical situations as leeward/ windward boat in leebow tacks etc. Your sailmaker need to cut away the jib clew attach the new clew corner high enough to end up at the top of the coach roof. Simple solution There is one simple and at the same time genius solution, but it’s not exacly to class drawing. But since it requires no drilling it’s a great start it you don’t do one design regattas regularly. You simply attach a pair dyneema core line like Marlow D12 to a pair of M10 eye nuts. This end is attached to the inside of of the hull to one the of chainplate bolt ends. The other end is led out to the coach roof on the same side. Splice a ring (1) to the end. Create a 4:1 purchase by Attaching a ring(2) to a fiddle block with becket and cleat. Splice 4-5mm D12 to the fiddle block. Run the D12 two loops through ring (1) and fiddle block and cleat. just run the sheets through ring(2) and point high! The class legal solution Requires a more exact position of the clew corner while sailing, mark before drilling holes for the two fair leads that should be quite close to each other, not like on GJ Bikes photo. I will add some photos
  5. treskeppare

    Fareast 28R photo album

    The rudder is too deep, but easy to remove and better stored in a cover. Motor in with hoisted keel an no rudder is doable but could be tricky in windy conditions
  6. treskeppare

    FE28R Tuning Guide anyone?

    The boat works great with inhaulers. You should mount the fairleads quite close together in order to not loose power and enable more dynamic adjustments under sail. Important to design jib for close angles incl a high clew cut away our boat took silver in the worlds and we were super fast and pointing high and running low down wind. This boat is really coming alive on all points of sail and wind speeds. We are at max rake, trimming the main hard, max inboard in most conditions. I have more data now from SWE-117 Please look at great pix at or on FB Fareast28R
  7. treskeppare

    FE28R Tuning Guide anyone?

    I now have my new set of One Sails 4T Forte sails for my FE28R dialed in. As part of the One Sails Sweden team I will write a tuning guide for them. Gjbike get many things right above. For me the boat, with only one Jib will be sailed very much like a big Melges 24. Doing a lot of turns on the V1 turnbuckles in the transition from light to powered up. Balance between jib and main is paramount for vmg. We have a target at 6.3-6.5 upwind in 12-16kn, trying to sail high instead. The boat need inhaulers and the class is working to get the class rule updated with a smart and simple system. Crew weight placement is very dynamic and far forward in the light and coming back in a breeze. Keep the same optimum heel angle very constant upwind using weight movement and trimming! I will be back with more and contact if you need a really fast set of sails
  8. treskeppare

    New Kids on the Block

    I bought a FE28R with the aim to sail with the family and maybe use as rental for 2017 season with the first Worlds. I was already doing a few races on my friend's FE28R and liked the boat. My family, with twins at 9 YO, really liked the boat as a day sailer, not letting me do much. I had a plan to install a light portable bunk in the bow and 2 aluminum pipe berths but no time this season. The boat feels quite safe, but is fully powered up in 10kn. Get a reefable Jib or a 2nd hand M24 jib in windier conditions. We only have the original assy that is smaller and flatter AP design, which feels perfect for family sailing. For me to able to do some active Sailing myself, I entered the boat and a friend to a short handed race, said he Nordic Yacht's Open with a 100 participant and a reversed handicap start. Light winds that increased to 12kn was a perfect test and learning experience. I took some time to find good vmg upwind in the higher Range. We passed all but 8 slower boats, including Seascapes 24 and 27. We were quite happy with our top 10 total. I must say that I am really happy with the boat and the less is more concept is a real strength from a performance perspective using a full racing crew, all smiling when going 18+ kn downwind, but still trucking nicely on the beat. With some bunks for cruising and keel lift, me and the family can join our motorboat friends in to shallows lagoons in our archipelago next summer. And the rental plans is now scrapped, as I am taking the boat to the worlds to win another FE28R as 1st price 😏 For short handed and family use I do like the winches and main fine-trim that enables even my small kids to do the trimming of sails
  9. treskeppare

    FE28R and FE23R at Annapolis

    I would guess it's in between on both feel and performance
  10. treskeppare

    Fareast 28R National class event Sweden

    It looks lightweight like a Melges 24
  11. treskeppare

    Fareast 28R National class event Sweden

    We got 3 star winds in the end. Downwind speeds 18+ on both days. Tight racings and the bullets spread out. The winners in the end was Peder Lanefeldt and Erik Lindsten with a great series. There was no time to freeze despite the frosty conditions.
  12. treskeppare

    Fareast 28R National class event Sweden

    We used a fairly hard rig setup, added 10 turns on the forestay. Another main, flat, very little luffcurve, so I needed 5 turns on the D1s. 22-25kn gust to 30. Used a reef in the jib, worked well with the full main. You need to balance the two the get height with speed upwind. If the main isn't working twist more in the jib. Hike hard, we had 4 hiking and me on driving and main, got help in the tacks
  13. treskeppare

    Fareast 28R National class event Sweden

    A lot of wind and great speeds this weekend A first video for you maxing out at 18.4 just seconds after hoisting
  14. treskeppare

    FE28R and FE23R at Annapolis

    We raceded shorthanded this summer, 5 FE28R,1 FE23R against seascape 24 and 2 27s. FE in the top of the list and we sailed past the 24 and the 27 quite easily. The seascapes were in the mif and lower end of the list of 100 boats. I can't speak of the level of the sailors onboard, but you can clearly see that the FEs are light sportboats and the SCs are more stuck to the water.
  15. treskeppare

    more Fareast 28R race results

    And yet another win will come next weekend in the class nationals In Swedenörbundet-1928817434010961/