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  1. Hemi

    Prada Cup

    Would explain the bow down attitude. Fingers crossed for this and my previous post is wrong. There are similar creases in the bow area. Really hope you're right. It's not the first time the boat has leapt out of the water like this, so you'd think the structure around the foil arms would be up to it. I wonder, was the rig slack when they righted the boat?
  2. Hemi

    Prada Cup

    I agrree, the part with the crease looks like it came from around the foil bearing. Can't be good. Wonder if the foil is still even on there? Either way, suspect it's over for NYYC. So sad.
  3. Hemi

    Christmas Regatta

    Random observations / comments: really enjoying seeing Dean Barker doing well. Loved his comment “if in doubt, blame the boat!” re: the dodgy tack. He seems at ease. Personally, I hope they make it to they Cup final. Jimmy back to his old tricks! Felt like he was shit stirring in today’s (day 2) press conference with comment re: FCS. Also his comment about Dean Barker’s age and old school match racing - sledging or are they good enough mates to make comments like this? Ben Ainsly was a right dick yesterday, but in much better form today. Always felt like the Ineos boat looked like a dog though, counter intuitive. Don’t reckon they’ll get up to speed. No runners on Prada - can’t believe I didn’t catch this! Explains the crazy kinked head stay sag. The Prada boat by far the best looking on the track. Also the old school grinders on NYYC boat remind me of the grinders on the 12 meters. Weirdly I love this. Finally, so epic watching full races the onboard video option with full audio. The tension and the urgency in the crew’s voices is very obvious.These boats are intense! Also visually much more elegant than the cats. The footage of them bow-to-bow is stunning, as are the aerial views. Great mix of grace and high tech. So far so good, loving this cup!
  4. Hemi

    Practice Races This Week

    Awesome video, thanks Live Sail Die! Interesting to see that American Magic have their odd cut down main on with the weird bat wing like leeches - sandbagging perhaps? Also you can see the mast mounted cameras on all three boats. Gonna get some cool footage from these. And what’s going on at 3:30 with AM wiping out in the background?!
  5. Hemi

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    * "blends with generous flare in the bow"
  6. Hemi

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    This boat is pretty impressive. Those people losing their minds that she's like Ineos B1 clearly aren't the most observant folks out there. There are zero similarlites beyond a brief section of slab sides about two thirds the way back. That's where the similarities starts and end IMO. The aero is super impressive. Crew tucked into the cowlings either side (not sure if this is the right word). You can clearly see how the whole hull form is like a wing with a moth-like canoe volume hanging off the bottom, that blends with generous flat in the bow. The angle of the bottom volume gives a good suggestion of the intended sailing trim. Wonder if by lowering the deck as they have done gains sail area? The mast pivot is on a raised pedestal by the looks of it. Fascinating to think that when ETNZ claimed Te Kahu was a kind of B1.5, they weren't lying. The complexity down the centreline on the canoe volume is interesting. Are the little convavities and strake thingee about quick release or what? Also, to those who think there will be no trickle down from this incredible moment in AC time are not open minded enough. I have always felt like foiling cats seemed a little awkward and illogical. I believe what we are seeing here is the future of foiling hull forms. We are in the midst of another great leap, another paradigm shift in sailing I reckon. Man I love this stuff!!
  7. Hemi

    Team NYYC

    Love the gybing footage. Ooph! These boats are so f'n cool. My prediction, based solely on this video and the other footage to date, I'm picking a Prada Luna Rossa / NYYC final, the Spithill / Barker rematch, with Barker coming out on top and putting to rest some demons. Then ETNZ of course winning in the actual cup match.
  8. Hemi

    INEOS Team GB

    Those shape edges on the gunwale just don't look aero to me..
  9. Hemi

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Interesting sag on the forestay, more like a kink. Is this normal for not full hoist headsails?
  10. Hemi

    INEOS Team GB

    Also, strikes me that it would be very easy to modify the ‘keel’ given it’s boxy shape. Could trim or extend it relatively easily I would’ve thought..
  11. Hemi

    INEOS Team GB

    Could it be to accommodate the internal hydraulic system?
  12. Hemi

    INEOS Team GB

    It’s these bumps I can’t get my head around!?
  13. Hemi

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    New zero emission Airbus concept look like ETNZ latest 'blended-wing' foil: https://www.dezeen.com/2020/09/22/airbus-first-zero-emission-commercial-aircraft/