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  1. 6mR Euro champs

    You owe me a new computer.(That's beer out the nose funny)
  2. Express 37 q's

    PM me directly. II have made a few changes to make the boat more friendly for single-handed and short-handed sailing.
  3. handheld VHF

    Standard Horizon HX851 DSC hand-held. Same as WHL. He didn't mention that it also floats and has a strobe light feature. I don't know if floating is actually a feature. Much like floating winch handles, are you actually going back for it while racing? Once it is out of sight, it might as well have sank... There is always the Uniden Atlantis hand-held. Great bang for the buck. Mine is still operating after 10+ years with many trips in the bottom of the dinghy. (knocks on wood) If looking for something at the helm. Why not the RAM Mic (SH) or Command Mic (Icom) units linked to the main VHF. Your mileage may vary.
  4. caption contest

    Why? Just why???
  5. Trogear bow sprit

    Each PHRF area seems to deal with add-on sprits differently. Best course of action would be to ask your local handicapper. PHRF BC gives you the first foot free on a non-gybing center-line sprit. After that is is -3 points per foot. This is in addition to any sail area adjustments for the asy spin.
  6. Rudder Maintenance

    The keel is wrong but the hull shape, transom, and rudder look very Humboldt Bay 30. Yes, it is a Mull (Donovan) design
  7. Southern Straits 16'

    Nice write-up Schnick.
  8. How about the shot of Curtis Blewit(sp) standing on top of the spinnaker? I think it was on an AC boat. I can't seem to find it. Sailing World shot I think. Someone will have it in their files.
  9. Are symmetric spinnakers a dying breed?

    I predominantly do double and single-handed racing on the Express 37. I have completely changed to Asy spins, on a 3 foot non-gybing prod. What I lost in the ability to dig has more than made up for in ease of setting, dousing, and gybing. Our relatively light wind venue lends itself to apparent wind sailing. I can't say as I miss the sheets, guys, and supporting strings required with a sym kite. To say nothing of the running around involved in gybing a pole single-handed on the "Big Red Bus"...
  10. ORC and PHRF

    The problem with most handicap systems be they measured or performance based is input errors. Either accidental or intended... Brinehog's cert shows a spin hoist 2 feet shorter than jib hoist. All X Yachts 119's that I have seen out of the water have had sail-drives, not the shaft and strut listed. The system also will run into problems if there is no hull data file. Only in Vancouver would an X-119 and an Olson 30 be in the same fleet. The X-119, even the short rig, should be miles faster...
  11. PHRF PNW handicappers

    That is a pretty heavy statement RG. Lots of veiled accusations. Were you not the same one that was complaining in a previous thread about PHRF BC adjusting the rating of your boat? Funny it now appears closer to what you get in PHRF NW. Go figure...