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  1. Zim 15

    Boom sheeting is nice on a hiking boat, gives you something you can hang off of. Without the main tackle cutting the cockpit in half, the crew and skipper can sit and move anywhere and access everything; makes crossing easier too. Works best on a boat with a clean layout but, I've even started doing it on a Lido 14 that I'm racing because I don't want my young daughter grabbing the mainsheet and getting her fingers sucked into the block when I pull on the sheet (seen that happen to someone else's kid). Problem is, it takes 20 minutes to get used to and that is just too tall an order for most people.
  2. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    This is what happens when you use the windlass to break the anchor free.
  3. Zim 15

    Compared to most centerboard trunks that one seems to be a non-issue, still has a thwart though. The gnav is a good step forward but it would be even better with boom sheeting. On the cockpit clutter scale, definitely better than most.
  4. i550

    For the big air, try a chicken chute and a reef. That will keep the moment down.
  5. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    The only thing harder to tack than a sunfish.
  6. 59er XX

    Gybe, try sailing one before you comment. Have you ever sailed on a 59er? Ever raced on a 59er? Obviously not or you wouldn't be so wrong. Sure the hull is as stable as a Tasar but 59er carries a whole lot more rig. Falls right over. Tasar stays upright at the dock if only barely. Imagine putting a 59er rig on it.
  7. 59er XX

    In the light you can't just sit on it. You have to keep on top of it or it rolls over all on it's own. It's not I14 fast, it shouldn't require I14 attention. Plenty of quick boats out there let you take it easy when the wind is nil.
  8. 59er XX

    Beg to disagree, the 59er is probably the most comfy hiking platform I have ever had the pleasure of hanging my bum off of. Nice rounded tanks. One thing you can't do on a 59er is take it easy in light air, constant attention required or it falls right over.
  9. i550

    What's up with the one design talk, stop it. You loose me when you use the term "one design" in the context of i550. The term is vague but suggests many things that the i550 is not. Not a full blown development class but definitely more I14 than 505. Like the I14, i550 sailors obviously have some interest in boat development unlike Laser sailors who torture themselves over 10 pounds of crew weight since that is the only variable at their disposal.
  10. i550

    How much wind needed to get that 8 knots?
  11. What's happened to the VX One ?

    Just imagine where we'd be if the SB3s and Vipers were built somewhere else.
  12. What's happened to the VX One ?

    I don't know... try their phone number http://vxonedesignracing.com/vxodr/about-us
  13. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    The acoustic properties of a well built ferro hull cannot be overstated. Some of the finest concert halls are built using this technique.
  14. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    It's a shadow of it's former greatness. No sane person would take that mess for free.
  15. i550

    There's a 30 foot class out there too. S2 9.1, Olson 911, etc... They seem to enjoy good racing. Plenty of dinghies go the same speed around a WL course. Snipe, V15, Coronado 15, etc... One wonders why they worry about one-design nonsense in areas where the numbers are low.