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  1. Teener

    Comfort zone: air draft/bridge clearance

    I have touched bridge. Don't recommend it.
  2. Teener

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    The comments are a riot. Here's a sample: "I think this book misses the bigger issue. We shouldn't be just avoiding huge ships. We should be confronting them. If we spend our lives running away, the huge ships win."
  3. Scary, what was the post-mortem on that one Shaggy?
  4. There was more ice climbing in the gorge back then too. Oh, and x--country skiing in the lower altitudes was better too.
  5. In '78 I walked out on the Columbia River. They don't make winters like they used to.
  6. Teener

    Falling overboard

    V15 turtles easily. Problem arises in shallow muddy water. Capsize with mast to leeward, wind pushes boat over the mast, mast finds bottom and is driven home by the weight of boat, mast and wind pressure on the hull. Then support boats are needed to pull the mud covered sail out of the muck. When you right the boat, you and your crew get a nice mud shower. Have experienced this in Galveston bay and Vancouver lake. Vancouver lake was shallow enough that one could imagine swimming down to free the mast (scary when you think about it) but the muck is so loose that the mast was buried really deep. Galveston bay was nearly the perfect depth, the mast was almost vertical. There's no way to self rescue when that happens. I do fear this happening in the wild far from support. Have contemplated mast-head float bag but then you get the runaway boat syndrome. Light boats with big tanks, like the V15, moves fast on their side in big wind.
  7. Teener

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    Yachtworld has one used 12.50. It's been on there for as long as I've been paying attention to such things (years?), don't know why. Original asking price was ~$300k. Recent price drop is kinda compelling. There have been one or two others. One in the Pacific that had a high asking price that disappeared quickly. One in Spain who ended up with an asking price that dropped below $200k before it disappeared.
  8. Teener

    Franken Laser

    He should double down and make a catamaran out of 2 lasers. I'm sure a 2nd opti rig should be easy to find.
  9. Teener

    Franken Laser

    Wow, I'm beside myself. The execution albeit amateur is really quite good. The vision is absolutely insane.
  10. Teener

    Dehler 30 OD price?

    Do you plan to shorthand the 111? Seems like the 111 is a lateral move from the 120. What does the 111 bring to the party?
  11. Teener

    Dehler 30 OD price?

    You finally made a smart post. I agree, that looks comparable in reliability to a G Wagon. Excellent reference. Same suspension design too.
  12. Teener

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    Look upthread, start reading at msg #131.
  13. Teener

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    Beautiful! And nice boat too.
  14. Teener

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    What do you expect? Boats like the Express, giant lapper, running backs, symmetrical spinnakers, and numerous crew positions are designed to go straight up wind and straight down wind as fast as possible at hull speed. The Pogo is going to have to cover a bit more distance over the same course. If they both get there at the same time, I'd rather be on the boat moving through the water faster. That 11 meter is a totally stripped down racer. It sounds like a wonderful boat to sail (no sarcasm intended) especially if one considers that weighs less than half the Pogo. I guess we should be disappointed if it can't keep pace with a Farr 40 (sarcasm intended). After all they have the same waterline and it gives up a ton to the Pogo.
  15. Teener

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    PHRF is a work-around. There is one Pogo 36 racing PHRF in SF that rate 69 which isn't too awful. Shhh... don't tell anybody I said that, I'd hate to make life hard on somebody who doesn't deserve it.