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  1. Teener

    The states as a laboratory

    The first reason that article lists: Rent was astronomical
  2. Teener

    The states as a laboratory

    There's a chart for that one too. Those lowest purchasing power states have a clear preference for Republicans.
  3. Teener

    The states as a laboratory

    Washington DC has the highest median income. That says it all. You ignoring the 10 blue states in the top 11 and and 12 red states in the bottom 13 says it all.
  4. Teener

    The states as a laboratory

    I can find charts on the internet too. How about median income.
  5. Teener

    The states as a laboratory

    Looking forward to affordable real estate in California. Good luck finding a place right now.
  6. What we should be angry about is why they let this go for so long. The threats have been present for a long time and so have the lies.
  7. Teener

    Fox News...

    Freedom of speech does not mean spreading lies to incite violence.
  8. Teener

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    Who knew the rebellion could be so white!
  9. Teener

    All things Class40

    Actually, I have a topic about Class40 boats outside of the ocean racing context... Retiring an old boat to a more amateur style of sailing. Not aiming for pickel dishes but that's between me and my PHRF board now isn't it. Seems like only the 1st gen boats are suitable for the changeover to a cruising interior. Newer boats are just too full of bulkheads and the like to make a livable space. Too bad since those scow designs should offer a nice footprint forward for berths and bathrooms. Water ballast... that's a thing, so is 10' draft. Pogo, in their current cruising offerings, adds something while something is lost.
  10. Teener

    Fox News...

    The companies in question are largely market driven service providers who provide their services at will. They need to weigh the business impact of carrying tyrannical speech. To blame capitalism is too uncomfortable for the right so they prefer convenient boogeymen.
  11. Teener

    It wasn't a riot

    I like this ridiculous narrative, 82, yeah right. Well, I'll play along. If there were only 82 then the police were definitely in on it. Way more than a riot. Coup.
  12. Teener

    Ted Cruz, Cunt

    Except for the invasion and evacuation of our seat of power. You must really miss that high ground. Can't both-sider on this one doggy.
  13. Teener

    Full Control Hypocrisy

    It's gonna take a lot of love to get one of those two to sign on. Funny that Murkowski is talking about turning her back on the R I guess she read that article about Manchin becoming the most powerful man in Washington and decided she wanted some of that. Better be careful though, she still is the senator from Alaska.
  14. Teener

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    I've had an assful of fucking selfish bastards! It's time to start publicly shaming people. https://www.businessinsider.com/lawmakers-gathered-after-capitol-siege-about-half-refused-masks-2021-1
  15. Satan Worshipers = Trump Worshipers Solve for Tump