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  1. bigrpowr

    IOR is dead for a reason

    i only raced it when it was the audi/north race week but man, that was a very hectic, packed starting line of the 35's with lots of yelling. some of the best buoy racing i have ever been a part of. we got destroyed but it was very fun. seth morell was an animal on the start line. i was on a schock 34GP with schock 35's and j/35's, almost like a one design race.
  2. bigrpowr

    what is it?

    hike bitch!
  3. bigrpowr

    Favourite Boat pic?

    well said. i sure as hell am not buying a boat without a watermaker and a hot shower in the cockpit that wont plane to windward.
  4. bigrpowr

    TP 52 Cruiser

    which andrews 56?
  5. bigrpowr

    Older well known IOR Boats

    ahh thats right, thanks for the history lesson. that boat was tender and fast in light air and off the breeze.
  6. bigrpowr

    Older well known IOR Boats

    maybe it wasn't frank's , i could be wrong that was 30 years ago and i was 14-15. it was called tiburon iirc. now i think about it, may have been the owner of the catalina dealership in MDR. steve something..
  7. bigrpowr

    Older well known IOR Boats

    cool. i'm sure at some point i saw it out on the course. we raced out of SYC until 88 then my dad bought frank butler's shock 34gp in MDR and we sailed out of there for a couple years.
  8. bigrpowr

    Older well known IOR Boats

    where was quamichan based out of? sounds so familiar.
  9. bigrpowr

    best pic of the year?

    nor her sprit. unless a lot has changed.
  10. bigrpowr

    Online sailing movies

    good stuff. the hobie and olson own the ior lead mines. i wish they would have showed more of the award ceremony though.
  11. bigrpowr

    SD 2 PV

    great story and congrats!!
  12. bigrpowr

    Post your favorite Sailing video here!

    that truly is great, laugh my ass off every time i see it.
  13. since its a time of little to no new content, maybe we can post up some stuff we enjoy. i have always liked the VOR documentaries, and the 2011 edition seemed to have the best racing and most charismatic offenders.
  14. bigrpowr

    SD 2 PV

    congrats on the win buddy!
  15. bigrpowr

    The Refit - Andrews 43

    he's a good man, and obviously did a great job building that boat. you are a lucky man and i still want a ride one day!