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  1. bigrpowr

    Blood sacrifices - how it made you a better sailor

    trimming the big #1 i learned how to get your forearm caught in the self tailer. not cool. i learned one of the many the uses of absolut vodka. i was 12 . i also remember seth morell having the boom drop on his head while spinning head to wind to drop the main in alamitos bay after a day at audi race week in long beach, somebody dropped the main halyard before being asked. now its funny, at the time , it wasnt. pretty bloody .
  2. bigrpowr

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    i'm in if Lord Dubin MC's the trophy presentation .
  3. bigrpowr

    Newbie from Seattle eyeing getting this boat...

    last time i told a newb i got blasted .. this place has definitely jumped the shark .
  4. bigrpowr

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    VOR Jr. !!! start getting your sponsors back !
  5. bigrpowr

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    it's bad, i clicked on the AC forum out of boredom . big mistake realized , and went in reverse in quick order.
  6. bigrpowr

    Newbie from Seattle eyeing getting this boat...

    mid 80's built catalina 30 ?
  7. bigrpowr

    Pac Cup 2018

    you sad you aren't there ?
  8. sorry op- you blew it. sometimes the retailer can beg the manufacturer on your behalf , and maybe had they at least told you they would try their best you would feel better, but in the end , it was your own negligence. do a return and be done.
  9. bigrpowr

    Pac Cup 2018

    holy smokes ! alot of sub 30 footers !
  10. bigrpowr

    what is it?

    its a POGO 12.5 with a tiller ?
  11. It is off Silver Strand during a McNish Classic a few years back.

  12. bigrpowr

    oh Craigslist, you don't disappoint

    good luck with sale brother !
  13. bigrpowr

    Favourite Boat pic?

    sorry we dont all live in the southern ocean ! looks much more pleasant than socal !
  14. bigrpowr

    Favourite Boat pic?

    yep on the sticky part, her berth at cal yacht club was short lived , needed to be in long beach. total game changer.
  15. bigrpowr

    Favourite Boat pic?

    agreed. what is that animal thats on its ear ?