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  1. was in poipu that year, watched some of you go by late afternoon relatively close to shore. appeared to be the bigger boats, lots of kevlar, thought it was so cool to see. of all places to be at the time.
  2. sorry i truly did not mean to speak for you. i was just assuming and you know what that does.
  3. totally smart. although i would stay a few days and enjoy the weather! i'll be rooting for you guys and hoping one day you need rail meat for a mexico race!
  4. looks like a J/125 which i would love to have for that race if there is breeze. is there logistical issues arriving by sea? seems pretty easy to go and return by air right now. why would there be a turn and burn situation? if there was i wouldn't do it either. thats a long slog home.
  5. bigrpowr

    Construction of a Pogo 36

    when is target date for delivery? boat looks beautiful my dude!
  6. beautiful lines. needs a bottom cleaning. what kind of boat is warpath, next to it?
  7. bigrpowr

    What's a fair price for this boat?

    i think it is a fantastic looking boat, good luck with the sale buddy!
  8. bigrpowr

    Retro Boat - Oddities

    maybe Tom can help with that one.
  9. bigrpowr

    Prada Cup

    NBC still shows a start for tomorrow as well.
  10. bigrpowr

    Scuttlebutt Ranked #1? WTF SA?

    i'm sure plenty will object, but my time spent with Tom was good and i have no complaints. He introduced me to celestial navigation and i will never forget that. Craig on the other hand seems like a douche but i do not know him personally.
  11. who likes going upwind?
  12. bigrpowr

    Scuttlebutt Ranked #1? WTF SA?

    love you too!
  13. it's "lose" you dumbshit.