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    Vendee Globe 2020

    With about a year to start, and HB, Charal, and the other weapons emerging, i can't wait to see what this race has in store. I'm really excited for this race and all the lead-up races like TJV.
  2. bigrpowr

    Prada Cup

    seeing that the Prada cup starts in 3 weeks or so, who you got? the top 2 should provide some great entertainment, #3... who knows. i have: 1. NYYC 2. LR 3. Ineos
  3. bigrpowr

    RIP Bob Fisher

    dude was a total badass, and enjoyable to read or listen too. fair winds.
  4. bigrpowr

    It's hoot'n in So Cal

    ventucky is windy. often.
  5. bigrpowr

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    congrats buddy!!!
  6. bigrpowr

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    he's more like retarded.
  7. bigrpowr

    It's hoot'n in So Cal

    shed on the side of my house loaded with stuff relocated about 10 feet across the yard and the doors blew off. it was definitely honking here in the 805.
  8. bigrpowr

    IOR landfills?

    a 43 that rates PHRF 43 .. not bad for her times thats for sure. me likey.
  9. bigrpowr

    Prada Cup

    i thought it was great sportsmanship from ALL teams and the local authorities to aid them after they capsized, well done by everybody and very cool.
  10. bigrpowr

    AC on NBCSN

    agreed, once there was 20-30 seconds in the leads.. it seems over. maybe they will make some adjustments if that is even a consideration.
  11. bigrpowr

    Prada Cup

    what an ass whipping for NYYC
  12. bigrpowr

    I need a tiller

    gotta lay off the roids brother!!
  13. bigrpowr

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    oh boy... don't jump the shark after the 1st episode.
  14. bigrpowr

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    * adds name to crewlist
  15. bigrpowr

    Older well known IOR Boats

    but it does exist, i remember one specific knock down there.. scared the shit out of me.
  16. bigrpowr

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    right, i was just pointing out that smaller more comfy boats (at the time in the 90's) were starting to keep up with them. i always loved them growing up and getting a ride on a sled was awesome, even for a daysail.
  17. bigrpowr

    Melbourne to Devonport

    look like covers.
  18. bigrpowr

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    honestly they started to get pushed around a bit on the mexico races when there were varying conditions (less downwind work) in the 90's by the 50 foot IMS pigs. we did a cabo race on a very heavy Andrews 56 and didnt come far from on elapsed time with Victoria who was first to finish, with much more in terms of creature comforts. design progress happens as it always does. we actually beat Victoria on elapsed time in the N2E, they started 20 min ahead and iirc we finished 12 min behind. that being said horses for courses right? in these days and times, i think i'd buy a J/125 and go play with a much cheaper slip rental, much cheaper operating cost, and much cheaper sail wardrobe. they are both pretty spartan so that would be my choice.
  19. bigrpowr

    Melbourne to Devonport

    that is rough, anyone toss their cookies?
  20. bigrpowr

    Peterson 35 Ganbare Identification and Revival

    what a beautiful restoration. very well done, you should be proud. now get some shots DDW with a blooper!
  21. bigrpowr

    Prada Cup

    then they brought the entire north shore of hawaii with them.
  22. bigrpowr

    Prada Cup

    oh yeah the boat is prolly on a ship now!
  23. bigrpowr

    Team NYYC

    most rational thing you have ever said.
  24. bigrpowr

    AC TV Coverage

    congrats man, you have earned it.
  25. bigrpowr

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    get the chainsaw, that thing is a pile of shit.