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  1. Sideburns

    New Mini 6.50 Designs

    Miffy you know Arkema 3's weight ready to sail?
  2. Sideburns

    New Mini 6.50 Designs

    Last MT only Arkema 3 had hydrofoils, and Vlamynck didn't dominate the race, but made a solid 9th place. Riechers was testing HF on his Lilienthal - hence the name -, same did Koster on his Eight Cube, but both went back to daggerboards. Riechers said he considers Minis to be too short for steady foiling under offshore conditions and the extra drag of the HF to be a disadvantage in sum. Will be interesting if the fleet will see a P3 flying, it would start as proto then. It seems the best sorted out HF Mini is the original Magnum by Raison, which SeAir used as testbed for foiling. image.php
  3. Sideburns

    New Mini 6.50 Designs

    Last photo left to right 2 new 1 old series Mini: 954 Bertrand Vector 951 Raison Maxi 720 Pogo 2
  4. Sideburns

    New Mini 6.50 Designs

    There is the next evolution in Mini 6.50 design, both series and prototype boats, as you could see at this years Trophée Marie-Agnès Peron and the Mini Fastnet: Two scow bow series boats: The Maxi 650 by IBD, series version of the Magnum design by David Raison. The Vector 6.50, designed by Bertrand and build in Poland. Plus a new prototype design by Lombard, with two boats racing, 945 and 950, somehow between scow and traditional bow. Plus there are two more new series boats: The WEVO 6.5 from Italy, see and the Volker Skipper 6.5, see from Brasil. Go to Winches Club to find great photos from the MAP and the Mini Fastnet, Simon Jourdan did a great job there. Here are a few of his shots: