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    DC Designs

    May I remind you that rules change procedure require unanimous ccommmittee consent. This has been posted for years and no one has complained. The rules have indeed done the replacement. It does continue one design rules for the older boats. Whether to retain them or toss them was the question. Passing the change meant compromise. xin loi
  2. Ben Fuller

    DC Designs

    Noted that a number of people have corrected Phil. The options were simple: pass it or not pass it. What would people have preferred? The one design rule had to be kept anyway as the AC community uses it. There is no barrier to building and racing other than its easier to carp. Nothing here to keep people from taking on the challenge. At least six countries on the line from 3 continents in 2011 in new ICs. If enough one designs show up to have a separate start that would be fine too. It would not detract from the IC start. If six countries worth of ACs show up fine as well. If you don't like it, xin loi.
  3. Ben Fuller

    DC Designs

    When the Swedes were doing sleeve luffs some years ago, they put a zipper below the hounds. Pull the zipper up then slide sail off the top. Not pretty but could be done on the water or at least along side a capsized boat. Camber inducing battens may make tensions too high for this to work.
  4. Ben Fuller

    DC Designs

    Two Una rigged just out of the box IC's are a pretty small sample to compare against what must be one of the most highly refined small sloop rigs out there. I think some iterations are needed. Think about what the Finn rig looked like when it came out and compare it to the Finn rig of today.