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    Dick Carter design boats

    Maybe the prettiest 42 footer ever!
  2. Sol

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Maybe, but in looking at the pole height, trim and where folks are, I doubt they are racing here. This was a top line program and as I recall from those days they never looked that casual on the race course.
  3. Sol

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    BTW, They never raced with less than about 10, and more for buoy races. These boats were NOT designed for shorthanded racing and needed rail meat like any other race boat! I am guessing this was not taken during a race-was more likely a photo shoot. Gorgeous boat - can you stand up in it - that freeboard looks pretty low for a flush deck boat. Well, those things were pretty heavy, I bet it's got a lot of body below the waterline. Not only is it a gorgeous boat, but they're sailing it with 7 people. That's cool. Shucks I know people who think you need 7 on a J-24 FB- Doug You might need to see your optometrist, cobber...there's more than 7 in plain view Hey! That 8th guy was below when I counted earlier! FB- Doug
  4. Sol

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Serge, Wildflower was indeed a Chance 40 footer rating about 1 ton(30.5 version). She has a daggerboard and was a very pretty and FAST boat. She lived in Annapolis in the late 70's. Any pics of her would be a great addition to this thread!
  5. Sol

    Older well known IOR Boats

    I think YMT already cleared this up, but the Scaramouche which did Tranpac was not the S&S boat, it was a 40 something designed by none other than YMT. Completely different boats with the same name. I do not think the aluminum boat ever raced on the west coast-and certainly not during the time she was on top of her game (the 70's)
  6. Sol

    Older well known IOR Boats

    The first Celebration WAS a sister to Firewater and were both 27.5 1 Ton's. They came the year after and were developments of Rogue's Roost, sailed by Bob Barton (then with Horizon Sails), a one-off which I think was Cook's first IOR boat. The 40' Celebration was later. The story is that this design was the basis of the NY 36 by W.D. Schock.
  7. Sol

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Gurney 33 Hotfoot Anyone got pics?
  8. Sol

    Chicago Area III

    You left a mark! Go figure...not sure if I'm coming back for leg 9....
  9. Sol

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Actually Albatross was an Ericson 36, not a 33. The 33 was a frac rig. Thanks for a GREAT THREAD!!