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  1. captain_crunch

    Brexit WTF, WTF

  2. captain_crunch

    Boat Dogs - What to look for?

    The most important thing is to start them young. A more recent photo.
  3. captain_crunch

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Don't get me wrong. I don't wish death for the Prime Minister, but he is facing a lot of serious policy issues with no good solutions. Death would be a way to avoid culpability. History is generally more sympathetic to leaders who die in office.
  4. captain_crunch

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    How about if the UK had stayed in the EU and Canada, Australia, and New Zealand had joined? Canada in particular might benefit from EU membership. It might ease separatist tensions in Quebec. Of course, it is not likely to happen with Canada entangled in NAFTA, excuse me - the USMCA, and Australia and New Zealand in the TPP. Just a thought.
  5. captain_crunch

    Online sailing movies

  6. captain_crunch

    Online sailing movies

  7. captain_crunch

    Largest vessel single-handed?

    Should there be legal limits on the size of vessels that are sailed single-handed? I believe subsequent to Club Mediterranée, the OSTAR established a length limit of 60 feet. I believe the various single-handed around-the-world races have also had a length limit of 60 feet.
  8. captain_crunch

    Largest vessel single-handed?

    Alain Colas on Club Mediterranée was the second across the finish line of the 1976 OSTAR, but he had put into Halifax to make repairs, so he was penalized 10% of his elapsed time, which put him in fifth place. Eric Tabarly won the race on Pen Duick VI.
  9. captain_crunch

    Largest vessel single-handed?

    Alain Colas sailed the 236-foot Club Méditerranée in the 1976 Observer Single-Handed Trans-Atlantic Race (OSTAR).
  10. captain_crunch

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    I used to use "Interloper" as my username on the forums that I joined, then the Singlehanded Sailing Society refused to admit me.
  11. captain_crunch

    Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond

    Yes, the Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond is a wonderful place. It would be even better if they took all those statues of Confederate Generals off of Monument Avenue and stuck them in a courtyard at the museum.
  12. captain_crunch

    Brexit WTF, WTF

  13. captain_crunch

    Sweetest sailing old plastic?

    The Contessa 32 was mentioned above in this thread. One of the responses included the words "cult boat", "slow", and "overpriced". I have to admit being slightly offended. This is the boat I have lusted after since I was a teenager. The Contessa 32 deserves cult status just for being the smallest boat to finish the 1979 Fastnet. It doesn't hurt that they are good looking, well constructed, and perform very well compared to other boats from the 1970s. The Contessa 32 is on the short list for my retirement boat.
  14. captain_crunch

    Suggested 30' Boats for Short Handed Long Distance Racing

    Has anyone yet suggested an Express 27?