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  1. So... since some of the best sailors from all classes are sailing there... does anyone have any updates on how the different classes compare? Especially moths vs everything else?
  2. joking

    Gitana 17 on Foils

    Jeez this dick measuring contest is getting out of hand!!! Cant you guy just buy a hummer like all other small dicked Americans and leave these forums?
  3. joking

    Onefly foiler

    May be a better boat than the Waszp but they about a year too late with launch. Why would you buy that when the Waszp now has solid racing and total control of the market?
  4. 1 tack/jibe per leg extremely costly manouvers literally 0 crew action apart from the 1 tack What exactly was good about that race?
  5. joking stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    1) Proven design 2) Foiling tacks and jibes 3) fleets with top sailors
  7. joking

    Oracle Team USA

    They are sailing on the actual racecourse, with 4 boats, 3 of which they own and get data from. They have been running 3 boat testing since they gifted one to Oracle Team Japan.... so yes, they will be tough to beat
  8. joking

    Maserati on Foils

    Ok so what you are saying is basically that if I throw a rock of the same wight into a pool it will probably give me more accurate data for the real life boat. Thanks! Oh and displacement on L^3 would really be so off for a high performance trimaran + it fucks up ur righting moment equalities. As I said I am no expert but trust me that your scaling is off by quite a lot.
  9. joking

    Maserati on Foils

    Ian Holts boats are fantastic! However, the Fire Arrow is a 100% scale Test Model using a foiling configuration never before used in the history of mankind. The Fire Arrow weighs around three times of one of Ians boats. The Fire Arrow is just for testing and we did all the testing that was necessary to prove the technical side of the configuration before real life intervened to prevent further testing since 7/24/2014. The news about Maserati using the same basic Fire Arrow Foil System is a big break since they have exhaustively tested it and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt how well it works. What exactly is it a scale model of? You do know that Did u use Froude scaling for the hulls and Reynolds for the foils? I am not an expert in this area but i would really like to understand your thought process. Did you also add vortex inducers to simulate the boundary layer growth along the hull that would happen in the bigger boat?
  10. joking


    You need to stop trying to draw assumptions from what you read on the net because you end up reaching wrong conclusions. When I said A's start foiling upwind in around 12 knots, that means that is when upwind foiling begins to pay rather than normal mode sailing. You can foil upwind in less, but the VMG isn't as good. You also need to rethink you magic formula, because you should know that weight is an advantage in upwind foiling with the heavier guys foiling before the lighter ones. Mischa at 85kgs+ foils before the likes of Steve Brewin and Darren Bundock who weigh less that 75kgs. Let's see if you are smart enough to realise why. Hey were you guys foiling upwind at the last worlds? It's really hard to judge from the few videos Can you tell me a speed and angle upwind in 12 knots? The only a class I can see around here is an old shit! nothing like these new beast
  11. joking stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    I have now sailed the waszp and I really do think that it is more forgiving than a moth. It is really hard to completely stuff up a tack or a jybe and even when you do the extra volume and shape of the bow make it really hard to pitchpole or capsize. It was really fun to just throw it into tacks or jybes without the fear or capsizing
  12. joking


    They probably went for 4 foils to have a more versatile platform that can be sailed in many conditions. The super foiler designed by the same guys but with only top speed in mind uses L foils. I still really do not think A class cats are faster than a moth upwind. Downwind for sure. Can some of the a class sailors give me an upwind speed and angle in 15 knots? I am really curious
  13. joking

    Maserati on Foils

    Holy shit Doug I am actually really happy for you! You are more like a crazy scientist than an engineer but this still gives you bragging rights for at least a couple of years!
  14. joking

    The winning foils

    I have sailed a lot on that lake.... that is not Ora in the first picture and trust me the wind is very light. In the video the windspeed is probably a bit higher than 8 knots and I think the speeds are less than 20.
  15. joking

    The winning foils

    ETNZ Foiling tack: PS: I am not even sure Burling is physically capable of losing a race so I'd keep an eye on them