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  1. Oracle Team USA

    Harbour Road is a relatively busy road, but it's easy to cross, as traffic in Bermuda only travels at about 25 mph (35 kph). A large percentage of the houses on Harbour Road are like Jimmy's, where you cross the road to get to your dock. No big deal. Jimmy's house also backs onto the Belmont Hills golf course, which is a nice buffer. And the views across Granaway Deep really are spectacular. You also have to remember that real estate is very expensive in Bermuda--prices comparable to San Francisco-- so an $8.5 million house (Bermuda $ and US $ are pegged to each other) is expensive, but not exactly the top of the market.
  2. Team NZ

    The Regatta Director could not overrule a decision of the Measurement Committee in either AC 34 or AC 35. Article 8.2 of the Protocol for AC35 says that the MC has the authority to interpret the Class Rule, but cannot amend it. Article 10.2 says decisions of the MC "within their proper authority" cannot be appealed. If the MC changes a Rule through an interpretation, they have exceeded their proper authority, and that interpretation is subject to appeal to the Arbitration Panel (the Jury in AC 34). The MC withdrew or modified several interpretations in both AC 34 and AC 35, recognizing after discussions with teams and others (probably including the Regatta Director) that they might have over-stepped their authority, had changed a Rule through an interpretation, and might lose an arbitration process. In AC 34, the Jury ruled in an appeal brought by ETNZ that the MC had changed a Rule through an interpretation about the required position of daggerboards in measurement condition. This resulted in the MC changing that interpretation, facilitating foiling by allowing larger immersed daggerboard volume, which was key to foiling before the teams figured out how to do it with smaller, less draggy foils. Don't blame the Regatta Director. The process is defined in the Protocol, and all Competitors can (and do) take advantage of it.
  3. AC 35 Give-A-Crap rating

    ^ How about Charlie Barr, the first rock star AC helmsman? Three time America's Cup winner. Hardest of the hard-core professionals. And he definitely called the shots onboard. He was actually the designer's (N.G. Herreshoff) hired gun. In fact, when Barr wasn't steering Herreshoff's designs, Herreshoff sometimes got so frustrated with the helmsman that he took over himself.. (Oh yeah, Herreshoff was a professional, too) Professional crew? Almost entirely until the 12m era. Examples you might remember would include Olin and Rod Stephens. There's a couple of rock stars for ya. The point is that the professionals have always been with us in the AC, and have been an important part of its success. The large number of amateur and near-amateur AC skippers and crew was pretty much a phenomenon of the 12mR era.
  4. AC 35 Give-A-Crap rating

    ^You do realize that during the first 100 years of the America's Cup, virtually all the crews and skippers were professionals, don't you?
  5. Team UK

    Cake are round. Pie are squared.
  6. Oracle Team USA

    ^ Yep. Andrew Campbell's father is Bill Campbell. who sailed for America Cubed. Rome Kirby's dad is Jerry Kirby, one of the greatest bowmen of all time. He sailed with just about everybody.
  7. Bermuda?

    ^ The 2015 balloon is over downtown Hamilton, where the October 2015 ACWS event will be centered. The 2017 balloon is over Dockyard, where the 2017 AC will be based.
  8. Oracle Team USA

    ^That's the Oleander, flagship of BCL. She's a highly maneuverable, hard-working little ship, and is Bermuda's primary surface commercial connection to the US east coast.
  9. Artemis?

    ^ Artemis has a bit of a leg up in that regard, as they have hired Peter Bromby, a Bermudian who is a four-time Olympian in the star class, and one of Bermuda's best sailors ever. To say he knows these waters well would be a bit of an understatement. Lots of really good sailors with incredible local knowledge in Bermuda, including folks like Glenn Astwood, Olympian in the Tornado. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
  10. Artemis?

    ^^^ That may be a bit difficult to do, since the racing will be in Great Sound. Not sure there is a "North Sound" in BER.
  11. Bermuda?

    ^ So, we agree.15 hours in July, 17 hours in November.
  12. Bermuda?

    ^ My time calculator says 1400 ADT (BDA in July) = 0500 NZST next day (Auckland in July).
  13. Bermuda?

    The tax savings for individuals such as sailors and shore crew have a lot to do with California's high state income taxes, which are payable even by non-resident foreign nationals. Countries with tax treaties with the US generally do not give you credit on your home-country national income taxes for California state income taxes paid. As simplistic examples, it you had $100,000 in taxable income earned in California last year as a single person, you would owe the State of California about $7,000, on top of whatever your US federal income tax obligations might be. If you had $500,000 in taxable California income, you would have owed almost $50,000 to the state. For teams which established long-term training bases in CA last time--Artemis and Oracle, for example--the state tax hit on individuals could be significant, especially for higher earners like the sailors and top shore crew. Bermuda has no personal income tax.
  14. ^^^ I believe you mean Reliance/Shamrock III in 1903.
  15. ^^^ Most people were so used to the "IACC" designation that they didn't even notice the change. If I have the chance, I will scan the front page of V 5.0 of the rule and post it here. It was not an oversight. IACC was changed to ACC throughout the rule.