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  1. Prof Anthrax

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    It's for real dude. I was there.
  2. Prof Anthrax

    I'm drunk Gilbert.

    My mind's wandering.?
  3. Prof Anthrax

    Fuck I love this place.

    Man. I love you guys. Prost, salute, lachime. !!!
  4. Prof Anthrax

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    So, one time, st sailboat camp, Skipper ducked the stern of this Tartan 30. Pitched a roll key into the rigging. It was a crew of folks in matching Tee shirts. Half looked up, half looked down. Skipper was a dick. .
  5. Prof Anthrax

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    So, you have never port tacked the fleet. I love you man.
  6. Prof Anthrax

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    My racing experience is on a Lindenberg 22 , E ticket. Skipper loved to port tack the fleet on starts. Other skippers yelling " starboard, starboard "!!!! Ducking the ones he had to, crossing the ones he had beat. It made for an awesome few minutes before settling in for the distance. Sometimes, at mark roundings he would yell fake rules to others, just to get the inside. So. Bad Skipper. Or was he just getting it done?
  7. Prof Anthrax

    F1 2018...

    So can Kimi in the Sauber beat Charles in a Ferrari ? I hope he fair's better than Alonso did at McLaren. If he doesn't the radio talk should be epic. Being a man of few words.
  8. I saw this story this morning. They were in relations. There's no way you enter some place that's not yours and accidentally shoot some guy and then say " I thought I was in my place". Voluntary Manslaughter at least. I'm calling "Murder" !!!!
  9. Prof Anthrax

    Huge Upset!

    The last Democrat Governor of Florida was Lawton Childes, forgive the spelling, perhaps the last of the Southern New Deal Democrats. There is nothing about Florida that is moving toward today's Democrat party. Makes for s good news cycle but in the end is a non starter.
  10. Prof Anthrax

    Florida T+P

    The road goes on forever, And the party never ends. Sad.
  11. Prof Anthrax

    F1 2018...

    Did anyone see the response to Ferrari's new power unit from Mercedes ? Quite shock it seems. Vettel blew by Hamilton like VB and MV took the rest of the field. Then drove away. That being said, barring rain for the next few races it should be a nail biter at Abu Dhabi. Thoughts fellow Fans ?
  12. Prof Anthrax

    Songs About Sailing

    Stan Rogers The album Fogerty's Cove
  13. Prof Anthrax


    Just......(exhale) Wow.
  14. Prof Anthrax

    Weed or Hash ?

    A Bitburger dekka, a pin shoved in the center, a stollen chow hall glass. A bent beer can with holes poked in it. ' In the day's of my youth I learned what it is to be a Man' .
  15. Prof Anthrax

    Weed or Hash ?

    Seeking thoughts from the Gallery. PA