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  1. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I realise that which is why I would like to see BM & A on the same course in the Nautilus series. I was just happy that we got perfect conditions for my Jeanneau and finally we got a decent result. I should mention that our pursuit handicap has us starting with an S80, 9 minutes before Arcadia.
  2. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Legs, wind conditions and sea state all make a difference. Until last nights race, Arcadia has always blasted past us in the pursuits and we've always finished at the back. Last night the conditions were exactly what I expected to be perfect for us, 20 knots northerly. We finished 5th and Arcadia was 2:24 behind us. On elapsed time we were 12th out of 34 faster than many yachts that totally thrashed us a couple of weeks ago. So a race series of comparisons is best...
  3. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Our fleets crossed paths last night. Crewing does make a big difference. A good crew can make a dog look competitive and a poor crew can make a good boat disappointing. Arcadia is a constant good performer at RMYS and does reasonably well in ocean races, so is a good boat to compare. I'd like to find a competitive boat than I can make look like a dog
  4. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Raced Arcadia in the twilight this evening but never saw her. Only saw the boats that started before us as we were passing them
  5. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Arcadia v The Bookmaker. Arcadia is normally the fastest in the RMYS fleet (after PC) and the Bookmaker is one boat that's for sale and almost within my $80k budget. There are RMYS boats in Div 2 but BM was faster than all, so it would be interesting to see the gap to Arcadia.
  6. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    It's a shame they are different as there is a boat racing in Div 2 that I would like to have compared its elapsed time against one of the div 1 racers.
  7. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Not an issue if the boat has a non UK/EU flag. Then they can go straight back to France and the boat can stay in the EU 18 months
  8. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Was div 1 racing a longer course than div 2?
  9. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Wait 18 or so months and maybe a quick trip across the channel will be sufficient... or maybe not... who knows???
  10. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    My point is that you can cruise and even circumnavigate in many boats that are way beyond what is a traditional cruiser. The issues about ANASAZI GIRL are irrelevant as the guy is clearly "special" doing a capes circumnavigation with his wife and young children, regardless of the boat choice. I'm not sure about Open 40's but the 60's are designed to race around the capes. What people need in a cruiser is not a fixed formula. People have different expectations and needs for comfort and luxury, and people cruise in different ways. I personally like to be on the move and below deck I just need a comfortable bed, a comfortable place to watch movies on my computer, toilet, shower and warm water. I'm pretty sure I could modify an Open 40 or 60 meet these comfort requirements. Some people over on CF bang on about boring as f..k "traditional" bluewater cruisers regardless of the cruising journey planned. It's a very "Volvo driver" mentality. My Open 60 suggestion is an extreme (over) reaction to the "traditional" mentality. Personally, I think that they OP should look for boats that interest them and then discuss the merits of using such a boat with people who have first hand experience with them.
  11. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    So???? They lost the mast in the southern ocean approaching Cape Horn which is something 99% of cruisers do not attempt. Open 60's are designed to sail in that region, so they are tough, but losing a mast can happen to any yacht that ventures there. As for the 2 years, it can happen to anyone who does not have the cash reserves.
  12. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    There's a couple who have been circumnavigating the hard way (via the capes) on an Open 40 with 3 young kids. Get an IMOCA Open 60 , made for solo so two handed would be a piece of cake. Just spend a few extra bucks on fitting some creature comforts, preferably made in CF and you'll be laughing. http://au.yachtworld.com/boats/2002/Imoca-Open-60--2509082/Italy#.WePYDBOCxFw http://au.yachtworld.com/boats/1997/Finot-Conq-Ex-Imoca-60-%26amp%3B-Eco-60-Class-monohull-3116072/France#.WePYGhOCxFw http://au.yachtworld.com/boats/2008/Imoca-Open-60--2509079/United-Kingdom#.WePYKxOCxFw http://au.yachtworld.com/boats/2007/Neville-Hutton-Imoca-60-3041727/France#.WePYNxOCxFw
  13. I will talk to a sailmaker once I've got the next boat. I suppose I should have mentioned that mods I am thinking would increase the STL. At the moment I find big asymmetrics on rollers very easy to use, even solo, on my Jeanneau and for short handing my 80k racer, a similar setup could be a good option, even it they might be a disadvantage for the up and down club races. To make the asy's worth while, maybe I need them big and thus a bowsprit that would increase the STL. The code 0 idea and non-overlapping genoa would be to claw back some rating whilst gaining speed when the Code 0 can be deployed. Maybe it's a stupid idea, but if I can setup the boat to be able to be raced by 4 crew, it will mean that we can race competitively (for us) more often. Any extra crew will be a bonus and ballast. I will probably mostly compete in PHS but I'd hate to make mods that crucify us if we want to try IRC or AMS As mentioned above, the reduced sail area is about reducing rating impact of adding A sails, not the genoa handing.
  14. I get that... I'm more thinking about mods to make a boat easier to race short handed without a penalty.