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  1. hoppy

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Looks like no Sailorgirl coverage of the start From her Facebook At least it wil be streamed on the CYCA site and SG will appear on their stream http://rolexsydneyhobart.com/news/2018/pre-race/rolex-sydney-hobart-yacht-race-covered-from-all-angles/
  2. hoppy

    Brexit, WTF

  3. hoppy

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    PredictWinds PWE model for the race. No race record and favouring 50 footers, so an Ichi B2B???
  4. hoppy

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    I was wondering what happened to Southern Excellence
  5. hoppy

    australia builds new attack sub

    I like the way they announced their presence after photographing the US destroyer
  6. thanks... It is part of the reason for dragging my feet on buying. Lost a lot of mobility around boats in the 6 months prior to the op. Will be back better than ever early next year.
  7. There are spies everywhere.... A 4 weeks back
  8. hoppy

    Cardinal George Pell convicted

    Pell's favourite band
  9. If they can put a positive spin on it, they will.
  10. hoppy

    Cardinal George Pell convicted

    At first I thought your “hug your teen” thread might have been related to this topic. So I had to check it out before starting this thread. in a small case that no one cares about, perhaps the suppression would work, but no way in this case. I’m surprised that the BBC only talks about the demotion and not conviction. They aren’t bound by the gagging order but perhaps they block the story for Aussie IP addresses?
  11. All Aussies get to see thanks to a gag order.. But we do get a hint https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/senior-cardinal-removed-from-vatican-role-with-council-of-cardinals/news-story/3160cfef87aaf83e3b672a97542eb11f Australian Cardinal George Pell has been removed from Pope Francis’ inner circle of advisers. and what can't be published by Aussie media https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/reports-of-pell-guilty-verdict-emerge-despite-gag-order-32220?fbclid=IwAR1VBhHuVbqPKBiyVNfOcozRDbSZsBVCg18EzhA2E5QR3w2w_l4yrtSjSz8 https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/12/cardinal-george-pell-convicted-sex-abuse-australia.html Report: Third-Highest Ranking Vatican Official Convicted on Sex Abuse Charges in Australia By MOLLY OLMSTEAD DEC 12, 20183:01 PM TWEET SHARE COMMENT Cardinal George Pell in Melbourne, Australia, on Dec. 11. William West/Getty Images Popular in News & Politics Awkward Oval Office Fight With Trump Delivers Exactly What Pelosi and Schumer Came For The Single Fatal Flaw in the Legal Argument Against Indicting a Sitting President Trump Says “the People Would Revolt” if He Were Impeached House Republicans Took One Final Shot at Comey—and Discredited Themselves Cardinal George Pell, the third-highest ranking member of the Vatican and the top Catholic official ever to go to trial over the church’s sex abuse scandal, was found guilty Tuesday in Australia of charges of sexually abusing two choir boys in the late 1990s, the Daily Beastreports. On Wednesday, the Vatican announced Pope Francis had removed Pell and Francisco Javier Errázuriz, a cardinal from Chile, from the group of his nine close advisers, according to the BBC. Errázuriz has been accused of covering up allegations of abuse and actively working to discredit victims while serving as the archbishop of Santiago. As of now, Pell officially remainsthe secretariat for the economy—the treasurer of the Vatican, handpicked by Francis, and the third-highest role in the Vatican hierarchy—but he took an indefinite leave of absence to defend himself against the accusations in Australia. Pell has maintained his innocence of the charges. Thanks to a ruling by an Australian judge, a “suppression” order to prevent “risk of prejudice” banned any press coverage of the trial in Australia, where the gag order remains in place. As a result, many details about the allegations and decision are not known. The unanimous verdict this week comes after a hung jury resulted in a mistrial in an earlier trial, which began in June in Melbourne. Before being appointed to the position at the Vatican in 2014, Pell held senior positions in Australia, including as the archbishop of Sydney and the archbishop of Melbourne. He is Australia’s most senior Catholic, and some speculated, before the allegations came to light, that he could replace Francis upon the pope’s death, according to the Guardian. According to the Daily Beast, the trial has been referred to as “the cathedral trial” to differentiate it from separate allegations against Pell involving a swimming pool. According to the Guardian, author Louise Milligan last year published claims Pell had sexually abused two teenage choir boys at St. Patrick’s cathedral in Melbourne while serving as archbishop there in the 1990s. She reported that one of the two boys died from an overdose in 2014. Pell called the accusations a “scandalous smear campaign.” Though not part of the trial, Pell has also been accused of abuse in incidents in the 1960s and ‘70s. An Australian website called Broken Rites published complaints from the early 1960s from a Catholic youth camp in which a boy accused Pell, then a seminarian, of touching his genitals. According to the Daily Beast, the allegation, which was made in 2002, was investigated by an Australian judge, who concluded it could not be verified. More recently, in 2015, a woman signed a statement to police after hearing one of her son’s childhood friends accuse Pell of abusing him in a swimming pool in the city of Ballarat, Pell’s hometown, when he was a child and Pell a young priest in the 1970s, according to the Guardian. That friend has since died, and prosecutors withdrew the charge against Pell. But the woman’s son then made similar allegations. These accusations make up the second, “swimmers trial,” which is expected to begin early next year, according to the Daily Beast. Pell hired an all-star legal defense team, which includes Robert Richter, who reportedly charges as much as $11,000 a day, the Daily Beast reported. His legal fees will likely add up into the millions, and, as the Daily Beast noted, as Pell is the Vatican’s treasurer, only he is guaranteed to know who will bear the costs.
  12. That's because they are not confident that they can get one. Swedes don't like to be negative. If the Swedes say there will be no naming sponsor, but eventually find one, then they can make a positive announcement. If they announce that they are looking for a naming sponsor and fail to find some one, they will struggle to put a positive spin on it.
  13. hoppy

    Sun Fast 3300

    Isn't it done like that for water flow, i.e. speed? It looks to me that it might be possible that the hull shape may reduce the amount of hull in the water when planning
  14. Translation... "we have not yet found a name sponsor, hopeful for 2019"
  15. Excuse me, but i was referring to me being the old dog who can't be taught new tricks..