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  1. hoppy

    Sun Fast 3600

    Which one? The mainsheet destroying the wheel trick (lucky shaggy has a backup on the other side) or the boom self destruction trick..
  2. The boat I wont buy next week will be a stunner...
  3. hoppy


    Don't forget Black Jack and Infotrack... I see that the newly imported RP63 Voodoo is racing I'll be watching to see how the Inglis 39 She's the culprit and the Sydney 38, Cinquante go. Both boats I've inspected.
  4. hoppy

    Sun Fast 3600

    I do love the bitch fights in this place
  5. hoppy

    Sun Fast 3600

    I think that what the IRC ratings are really saying, is that the maths and calculations expect that the 12.50 SHOULD be faster, but it's pretty clear that IRC and all other rating systems are flawed. To some extent PHS is the most accurate rating system, but it only works within a closed fleet environment and of course a gun crew can make a shit boat look impressive, so PHS does not help you to buy a fast boat. What you say does not make the Pogo look good. Another one trick pony?
  6. At least we locked up two of those three. Admittedly we fucked up in not locking Jacko for crimes against humanity
  7. No matter who we have down here, no one will ever beat Joh and Flo and pumpkin scones.. We'd struggle to beat their big man side kick
  8. "Harbour city" sounds like skidknee.... We're the city by The Bay. Were you on a 24/7 drinking session?
  9. What about a Random and Jack double presentation. Should be interesting.
  10. Queensland is a very strange place
  11. hoppy

    Older well known IOR Boats

    I thought that the mark of a good delivery skipper was that you return the boat to the owner in the same condition that it was before the delivery.
  12. hoppy

    Favourite Boat pic?

    You were clearly studying my old boat very closely. What do you think it would be worth on the market here? I had a very powerful portable studio light on the shore lighting the boat.
  13. hoppy

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Some articles for the sailors to read....
  14. hoppy

    Engine off at start?

    How would he know? RC sail boats don't have engines...