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  1. I was researching Kick a few weeks back and found a Kiwi forum with someone asking about importing her back into NZ. So maybe she is going home?
  2. Love it... If you posted this a while back I might have got myself into debt.... Although I'd call it FLICK to keep the club happy.
  3. hoppy

    VOR Leg 9 Newport to Cardiff

    harsh would be Random 2
  4. hoppy

    VOR Leg 9 Newport to Cardiff

    Jack is showing himself as being the forum dickhead these days. Random can afford to take a holiday.
  5. The only one who is foolish here is you... Accepting the 1.6billion "headline" figures without asking for the numbers to be substantiated is like buying a boat and trusting the owners assertion that its fine, rather than performing a survey. Used car dealers must love you Since you could not be bothered engaging in a sensible discussion substantiating the figures you posted here, I will do it for you, for 2011-2012 https://www.volvooceanrace.com/static/assets/content/media/files/m23271_volvo-ocean-race-race-report-final-low-res-email.pdf
  6. I'd tell you to fucking jack off, but that seems to be what you are doing all the time. I'm calling BS on the figures you present, you substantiate them. Of course you can't because the methodology used is flawed.
  7. Seriously Jack, quit playing the man and play the ball. You are a fool to believe that 1.6 Billion cumulative TV views is an accurate representation of the VOR following without seeking to substantiate or at least question them. Sure, when measured the same way using the same questionable assumptions, you can gain a realistic view of the "health" of the VOR over various events, but that does not substantiate the claimed 1.6 billion. If I was a potential sponsor, I would a event on event growth of viewers as a good thing, but I would certainly seek to substantiate the methodology used in coming up with the numbers, so I can calculate the potential benefit of sponsorship before I write numbers down on the cheque.
  8. Random would approve, regardless of the colour.
  9. Actually the Vendee Globe gets way more prime time TV coverage in mainstream Aussie media than VOR does. When the Navy is called to rescue Vendee Globe sailors, the media goes into a feeding frenzy and the rescues are closely followed by the news and as it happens so far from land, the media follows the ships progress for days to the rescue site and then there are the interviews on the return and various commentators complaining about the cost to tax payers. Because of the history we have with rescues, even rescues done outside of our SAR area get a mention. https://thewest.com.au/news/australia/great-survival-stories-tony-bullimore-ng-ya-130522 https://www.smh.com.au/national/sailor-would-have-died-says-rescuer-20081221-730s.html VOR had no profile in Melbourne to raise. If you did not already follow the VOR or if you don't work near or pass the village site, you would not have had a clue they were in town. It's pretty pathetic that the VOR RO's could not even entice channel 7 to give it coverage when their offices was within spitting distance of the race village.
  10. I'm calling in question the VOR figures as being extravagant and you are defending them without offering support. The VG figures are irrelevant, but I have posted them anyway, not that it matters.
  11. You are defending stats that to all but the most stupid are at very least are questionable. You started it by comparing your fantasy figures with Pano's, FWIW For the last Vendee Globe they produced a very detailed report breaking down the figures. vendee globe communication report Until I see a similar report on VOR figures, I'm calling them questionable BTW Kiwi's, spot the problem
  12. And the evidence is??????? I strongly suggest that the level VG coverage and general public knowledge of VG is significantly greater than anything VOR can claim in any country. Potential VG sponsors in France will have access to the official, independent ratings of any VG shows and will be in a much better position to call BS on made up viewer numbers than sponsors for VOR have. I suspect Pano can enlighten on the coverage of VG Go ahead...
  13. looks like one option is off my shopping list with Kick out of the water being surveyed.
  14. It’s not a case of kill the messenger, it’s a case of trying to provoke you in to examining the message for credibility. Instead of thinking, questioning and discussing, you are trying to shut down doubters with pathetic attempts at insults
  15. So you take them at their word as proof that VOR has massive reach without understanding or questioning the figures. i for one question how can an event with such supposedly massive viewer numbers is failing to attract enough sponsors to have all VO65 on the water. SCAis gathering dust and a private team is running another boat without sponsors. You are clearly happy to hump your own leg and believe that it’s the real deal!