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  1. Yacht Club Safety Review

    That sounds very unAustralian (these days)
  2. Anyone know much about the Jutson 39 design? This one looks pretty good and is $79k and has been listed for a while so maybe open to offers. I see that this boat has done at least five S2H. https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/jutson-39/207815
  3. This Farr 37 looks like it would be a good option except it's in Perth https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/farr-37/199407
  4. I was wondering if they were all related. Interesting keel progression 11.6 This is listed as a 11.6 but the keel is more modern 38 IMS 38R sport
  5. Nothing, but.... There are a number of reasons for selling my Jeanneau. Firstly, in regards to my family I am realistic, they will not be interested in cruising for any length of time and not on an annual basis. My partner is from Czech and is new to Aus so most holidays will be spent exploring Aus or the region. Whilst it would be great to cruise the Whitsundays, it will just be for one short holiday and I'm better off chartering. So basically my Jeanneau as a cruiser is overkill. To do the M2D I will have to spend a bit of money getting it to cat 2 and if I'm going to do that I'd also want to be spending cash on race sails and none of this will go down to well with the boss. Even without planning the M2D, I'll still want race sails as we get better and more experienced with our racing. However if I sell and buy a cheaper racer, especially one that has been looked after and upgraded over time, then hopefully I'm only spending money on maintenance and breakages and upgrades will be further down the track. Whilst the boss will still be horrified by the costs, she will be less against my hobby... Last Wednesdays race was interesting to me. With the 135% genoa and 4 guys on the rail, my Jeanneau handled a lot more wind than I expected. The log was not working so I could only estimate the true wind, but apparent was over 30 a lot when going to windward topping at 36, so I guess it was blowing 23 to 28 knots which is well above what I expected her to handle without reefing (only used to those conditions when solo). Originally I was thinking a no.1 & no.3 for club racing, but if I was keeping her and buying sails, I might be more inclined to get a no.1 & no.2. Maybe with the no.2 get it only slightly smaller than the current 135% and have it fit the roller, whilst the no.1 would go to the deck. That would increase the wind range we can be competitive down to 18 knots perhaps and up to the wind speeds that will see the race cancelled. If the winds get beyond a full no.2 and a reefed main, we can roll in the 2 for limp home mode. The short answer to the M2D question is $$$$$$$ ;)
  6. Yacht Club Safety Review

    that's a terrible nanny state imposition on the captain and crew and the rule would not have impacted the man who drowned as he had pulled out of the race and therefore was not bound by the club rules.
  7. Hey, I resemble that remark... My dreams only go as far as M2D, so I guess you are right. Maybe if we do the M2D I will start dreaming M2H. Firstly, what ever boat I get will start with twilights and work our way from there.
  8. Misogyny in sailing?

    Like the clap?
  9. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Not sure... http://www.mysailing.com.au/offshore/jim-cooney-buys-comanche-the-super-maxi-will-now-call-australia-home crew list Does anyone in Europe or the US own a competitive super maxi now?
  10. When is it predicted that they will arrive. I heard a comment on the VOR site of after Xmas but my predictwind routing has them getting to the heads at 23:00 on the 22nd.
  11. I guess we'll see if she's still available when my boat is sold. On that note, feeling pretty good about my Jeanneau after coming 2nd by 12 seconds in tonights. Would of been an easy win if the diver had been able to give it the first clean since she was launched in May and if the spinnaker pole wasn't broken preventing us from poling out DDW.
  12. I should remind you of one significant aspect of the race, it's the VOLVO ocean race...
  13. Everyone seems to be far enough back to be in what you should expect to be the right position The trim seems to be ok tied up Mast too far forward?
  14. That sounds like the way to do it, buy a boat and then list.