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  1. Illegal Smile

    John Prine

    Goddam it. Rest In Peace to the finest songwriter to ever walk the earth.
  2. Illegal Smile

    Advice on mast tabernacle

    Thanks for this! Yeah, I have a post up on the Welsford Facebook page and I’ve been looking at a lot of recent pathfinder and navigator builds for ideas. I don’t mind the keyhole slot but the mast hinge/tabernacle seems to solve more problems more efficiently, and since this is a boat that I’m gonna keep for the rest of my life it seems worth it to design and build a stainless hinge. I also plan to convert the boat from sprit boom to fixed boom, with sail track and a sliding gooseneck that can be raised to accommodate a cockpit tent. That Sooty Tern looks like a beaut BTW.
  3. Illegal Smile

    Advice on mast tabernacle

    It’s awkward to step the mast with two people, and impossible with one. Mast is heavy, and hard to step both in the water or on the trailer. Hinging the mast will allow me to rig the boat singlehanded, and speed up rigging overall. Hinged mast relieves me of the need to balance it on the deck and transom and tie down for trailering.
  4. Illegal Smile

    Advice on mast tabernacle

    Working on a design for a mast tabernacle for my Pathfinder. The mast is solid spruce, and fits through a hole in the deck and settles in a step. The idea is to cut the mast off at deck level: the lower sleeve will be below deck level and the mast will hinge at deck level. Would appreciate any comments/advice, especially on what size material to use, how long the sleeves need to be to provide stability, etc. The rings would be rig points for downhauls, etc.
  5. Illegal Smile

    Chesapeake 2019

    Huh. Almost didn't recognize that spinnaker without it being wrapped around the forestay. We call it the "Ajax Gybe Method (tm, patent pending)" Congrats on your placing, and the polish job looks top-notch!
  6. Illegal Smile

    where is webb chiles?

    I just had one delivered from a local store. Laphroaig 10, of course.
  7. Illegal Smile

    A fond welcome to Woodruff the Troll

    While we're checking out these Certified Guitar Players, we gotta watch this gem:
  8. Illegal Smile

    Cruising the Chesapeake in middle June

    Cruising the Chesapeake: A Gunkholer’s Guide is a great investment if you want to spend the winter dreaming about the trip. My advice, for a Rock Hall start, is to read up on lots of destinations between Baltimore and Oxford, then pick your stops based on weather when you’re a few days out, with an eye toward more shorter runs and lots of time for play and exploring. A few of my favorites: Dividing Creek, up the Wye River off the Miles near St. Mike’s, the town of Oxford, and a night anchored near or docked at Cantlers Crab House on Mill Creek across the Severn from Annapolis. A day and night in Naptown would be a good stop.
  9. Illegal Smile

    Fall Cruising on the Chesapeake

    I’m sure @Ajax will post more photos but here’s one taken by his bride of us crossing the finish line in the “race.” All in all a terrific weekend.
  10. Illegal Smile

    Barefoot RAID

    Dammit y’all I’m boat-poor as it is. Stop showing me interesting boats on the West Coast, unless I can crash on your couch when my wife throws me out for buying another one!
  11. Illegal Smile

    Barefoot RAID

    Two questions: a) How would one go about shipping a trailered Welsford Pathfinder from the US East Coast to the start? b) Does Ajax want to come with?
  12. Illegal Smile


    It just moved significantly on the last breaking wave. I give it an hour.
  13. Illegal Smile


    This cockpit vid is pretty great. These folks appear to know exactly what they're doing, and it's fun to watch them work. Even more cool when you consider all the measurements being taken in the back.
  14. Illegal Smile


    Yeah, but they said no to Kent Island Sailor this morning. I'm just surprised that they rescinded the coverage when the cone moved...I hope they don't try to do the same since the cone moved after they approved my haul but before it happened...
  15. Illegal Smile


    Strange. I'm in the West River; called them yesterday morning and they said no coverage, so I called them from my dinghy right after the 5PM Hurricane Center update and they approved the claim and sent me a claim # immediately. Boat was hauled this morning. Is it because the cone changed with today's updates?