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  1. Illegal Smile

    Help me cure my polynavicular morbus

    Whatever it's called, I have the cure! Check the ad and make an offer...
  2. Well I couldn't help myself and bought the new boat before I sold the old one. If anyone is looking for a good Ericson 35-2 on the Chesapeake give me a holler. I'm a "motivated seller," as they say. And yes, I even bought an ad.
  3. Illegal Smile

    Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    Thanks! Pathfinder. I want to go around the DelMarVa this summer or next, using the passage inside the barrier islands. Lots of cool stuff to see.
  4. Illegal Smile

    Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    Well it appears that I have joined the ranks of the mini (or micro?) cruisers. First order of business is to commission a nice boom tent for overnights.
  5. Illegal Smile

    Reviving an outboard

    I'm buying a new boat that has a Mercury 3.5 HP four-stroke outboard. The motor was running when the boat was stored more than a year ago, but she was left full of fuel and oil. Obviously I have to drain the old fuel and oil and replace, but what protocol gives me the best chance of reviving this motor without having to take it in for service? Should I do a belt of Seafoam in the first new tank of gas? Go ahead a order a carb rebuild kit? Would appreciate any advice from those who have been through this.
  6. Illegal Smile

    EC2018 Thread

    It's a fascinating boat. I'm also looking at a Welsford Pathfinder while I'm down there. In other news, my Ericson 35-2 is on the market (and yes, I'll buy an ad, as soon as I get some good photos taken.)
  7. Illegal Smile

    EC2018 Thread

    Yeah, mine too. I’m driving down to look at her Saturday.
  8. Illegal Smile

    Webb Chiles buys a Condo

    Congrats to Webb for winning CCA's Blue Water Medal for 2017. Well deserved!
  9. Illegal Smile

    OK, I sort of get it, now

    Having eaten Mrs. Ajax's fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies several times while rafted up, I can confirm that yes, Ajax is indeed turning into a softie. I expect he'll get powered winches, next, and maybe a bow thruster.
  10. Illegal Smile

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Chasing Ajax around Thomas Point Light on a hot, light air day.
  11. Illegal Smile

    Solar Eclipse Plans

    I'm biking the C&O Canal trail from Cumberland, MD to D.C. that week with a couple of buddies, so we'll be in Paw Paw, WV. 81% totality. Bought several pairs of the cheap eclipse glasses at the local nature center.
  12. Illegal Smile

    Florida Gulf Coast sailing

    Thanks for all this info! If this happens, maybe I'll become a trailer-sailor for a few my dockage $$ for the retirement boat.
  13. Illegal Smile

    Florida Gulf Coast sailing

    Looking at a job prospect in Tallahassee. Is there a sailing scene within a decent drive? Where are the marinas? What's cruising like...places to anchor? I know it'll be markedly different from the Chesapeake; just trying to figure out whether I should bring the boat down if this winds up happening....any advice would be appreciated!
  14. Illegal Smile

    Escape summer heat

    Agreed. Nicest people on the planet. Come to Newfie, but don't tell anyone else, it's starting to get discovered. Make sure to get Screeched in. If you are on the Bonavista Peninsula during the last week of July or first week of August, stop by for a meal of fresh cod and scrunchions.