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    Sail Track
  2. kprice

    Old fireball proctor mast trapeze issue.

    I did that on a Contender mast from the '80's that was rigged the same way. I put the T-terminal plates where the shrouds exit the mast, and used spectra line for the trapeze tied to a loop welded to the T-terminal shroud end. If I did it again I might try to get a formed Alu. backing plate inside, so that the T-terminal is on a double thickness. On a different mast I pulled the T-plate through the mast....luckily it was upwind of the launch so I got home with the mast on the deck.
  3. Flex‑A‑Rail White 44" Long at Sailrite
  4. kprice

    Building a International Contender

    Larry's boats were made with Baltek planks (veneer over balsa core) and a ply deck. The one I saw looked very nice, a few lbs over minimum. A few years ago I posted a Freeship model for the Contender on the Yahoo group, if that still exists, as a starting point for lines. Plans used to be available from ISAF for a plywood plus strip plank for the curved parts of the hull. KP
  5. Check the Facebook page "West Coast Moths" and you can hook into the mailing list...typical sites are Redwood City, Alameda, Richmond YC, Mission Bay...upcoming event at Huntington Lake also.
  6. kprice

    Foiling Stability and Control

    Clive Everest reported ( in Dinghy A) on an electronic control system on a Moth-like boat, including a microprocessor control model of his own design. The actuator was a RC boat servo acting on the rudder horizontal, as I recall.
  7. kprice

    3D Printing a Foiler

    While short on details for obvious reasons, that's an extremely fascinating paper from MHI. Would love to find that documentary somewhere! I'll ask my Wing Nut C Class friends to look for it... Saw it. It's a giant robotic Rob Patterson laying pre-preg into an equally gigantic mold. On the C-class scale you'd use the organic Rob Patterson, as it has arms long enough to reach into all the necessary spaces. DRC Tape laying machine
  8. kprice stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Any happy owners out there? The web site mentioned a ship date of the big boxes should be getting close....
  9. kprice

    Craigslist Finds

    I agree with your thinking but WTF is going on with the mainsheet? Classic 70's rigging, before they figured out that you need lowers to the gooseneck and an 16:1 vang. Then you can use mid-boom sheeting and get rid of the traveller.....
  10. kprice stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    In "Performance Advances in Small Boat Racing" (Walker, 1960), Walker talks about the Suicide Class. It was measured on true sail area only, and evolved to the simple wishbone rig. They could change the leech tension by moving the wishbone up the mast with a halyard. This was long before the advent of the modern windsurf rig.....
  11. kprice

    DC Designs

    When you download Delftship it comes with some examples. One is a chined tug. To see the developed panels, go to the view task. As for designing a chined shape, I have not done it....but I would start with the tug example and work backwards.
  12. kprice

    DC Designs

    The free version of Delftship will develop plates....
  13. Thanks. Tor some reason cannot respond directly. The boat building thing never goes away; sleeps a bit, but comes back, always. Looking forward to the communication

  14. kprice

    DC Designs

    Phil, does the mainsheet as universal joint have enough torsional stiffness to work for a Moth-style screw adjustment for the rudder horizontal AOA?
  15. kprice

    DC Designs

    Is the wire bail spring-loaded so it snaps open and closed?