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  1. PeterBlakeFanClub

    what is it?

  2. PeterBlakeFanClub

    what was it?

  3. PeterBlakeFanClub

    Catalina Custom 38 Cruiser - what were they thinking?

    Liveabroad? Gallery? Why?
  4. PeterBlakeFanClub

    stupid trim question CE

    If you have a big overlapping Genoa, make sure that's trimmed right first. Assuming the headsail trim is good, flatten the main - crank on more main sheet and drop the traveller to maintain boom where you want it. The big Genoa is probably doing most of the work. Make it look pretty. ...or maybe just point higher. I have sailed a few Merit 25's, which like more back-stay. Seems to help them point higher. As mentioned, sea state will make a difference. Regardless, sailing flatter should help. De-power, less heel, point higher, trim in, back-stay on, and go. Then re-trim as the wind, hull speed & heading change. That's the fun bit, right?
  5. PeterBlakeFanClub

    what was it?

    A sad & very neglected 25-26' PHRF from a few decades ago... An Andrews 26 in desperate need of some love?
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    caption contest

    Yawl need some help?
  7. PeterBlakeFanClub

    caption contest

    Line honours go to 'Mighty Merloe' Pictured here, last place 'Mighty Merkin'
  8. PeterBlakeFanClub

    caption contest

    Merlin's Merkin...
  9. PeterBlakeFanClub

    il mostro attempting chi-mac speed run record

    Without sounding too pedantic, 'Knots per hour' is a measure of acceleration. I think we all know what you mean though... Whatever your opinion on records set outside of the race, that would've been a fun ride!