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  1. Arne Stahl

    DC Designs

    Hi Chris, indeed the Z-Boats are a class which is active in Germany and Austria. We share an event each year. It is a very small class of traditional wooden boats. 20m². Long and narrow and very low freeboard. So some of them go submarining from time to time. They are very fast and there are some beautiful boats among them. Some more (german) info: Arne
  2. Arne Stahl

    DC Designs

    I am also a bit surprised by the sliding tape. Reading the rules I can not find a passage mentioning the longitudinal tape sliding sideways. For me BMS is a single point on the keel line. d) The canoe must have a minimum beam of 750mm. Beam shall be measured at a Beam Measurement Station (BMS) located between 1300mm and 2600mm forward of the stern. At BMS, nowhere between the heights of 100mm and 275 mm above the keel shall the outside of the hull skin be less than 750mm in beam. e) A 2000 mm tape centered on BMS and pulled tight fore and aft against the outside skin of the hull, shall bridge no hollow in excess of 1mm in depth. A 1000 mm tape centered on the keel at BMS and pulled tight transversely against the outside skin of the hull, shall bridge no hollow in excess of 1mm in depth. So that is a point that may need to see some revision in the rules. I expect the boats from my mould to fit in the rules, but I did not take that way of measurement into account when designing the boat. Arne
  3. Arne Stahl

    DC Designs

    Count me in for the Worlds! Flights booked for SF. Hanna and I will arrive Sept. 4th. Arne
  4. Arne Stahl

    DC Designs

    More updates and the Notice of Race and Entry Form are online at Please note that you have to enter twice. 1) online at (Entry Form is not online yet) and 2) on the entry form at Arne GER 76
  5. Arne Stahl

    DC Designs

    Just a quick update on containers: There will be a unloading and loading service from Wednesday, July 20th to Monday, August 1st. If your containers will be delivered earlier or collected later, make sure that your transport company can load and unload the containers independently, which is not common over here. For those arriving earlier and planning to sail, please contact me at info(at)icworlds(dot)de for more info. Looking forward to seeing you all in Travemünde! Just 176 days remaining! Arne
  6. Arne Stahl

    DC Designs

    The new 2011 International Canoe World Championship website is online now. All information about the event will be provided there. Best regards, Arne