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  1. tp#12

    Dazcat 9.2

  2. I'm not into it. They're better producers than actors, that's for sure. I'd rather they stick to their successful formula but fair play for trying something different.
  3. tp#12


    You are truly an angry dickhead.
  4. tp#12

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Thanks guys, much appreciated
  5. tp#12


    It's like watching a slow motion train crash where people die.
  6. tp#12


    Well that's not chartering, which you said you'd do. And chartering requires the boat to be in survey. Seriously mate, put the gun back in the holster and move on.
  7. tp#12

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Ah cool, thank you. I'll have a look. I'd be keen to see the simplest option available. Which is likely more in line with Cerulean's rig. Seeing more options around that would be instructive.
  8. tp#12

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Question for the forward cockpit guys - I'm really interested in how traveller and mainsheet controls work/are rigged and what it's like trimming the main from there. Anyone wanna help me out? Ta
  9. Thanks guys, this is the stuff I"m looking for. It seems my instincts were right in that ply is generally looked down upon as a build material and that my best choice would be glass/foam composite.
  10. Just planning the boat I'm going to get with a bit of an eye on moving it on when I'm ready to upgrade.
  11. Yep, ply without glass. Thanks for the comments, this is what I'm looking for.
  12. Ok, maybe I'm asking the question wrong as I'm getting much broader answers than I'm looking for. I understand there's a lot of variables but I'm specifically trying to focus on one right now. Let me try again, what impact, if any, does building a boat in ply Vs e glass composite have on resale value?
  13. Exactly. This is why I'm asking the question; so I can understand what that perception is on a wider market basis.
  14. Thanks for your response. So there's not a large part of the sailing community who, for example, would never buy a ply boat? Or, if they did, they'd spend less than for a composite boat? My observations over the last few years have indicated that that might be teh case so I guess I'm trying to confirm that or prove that it's not really a concern for those who are actually buying. I'm specifically talking about a 30-32 foot racer/cruiser, if that helps.
  15. I've seen lots of strong opinions on cores for composite boats and on wooden boats generally but I'm wanting to take a wider market view with an eye for resale. How does the market view E glass with either a foam or balsa core Vs gaboon ply epoxy? The two aspects I'm thinking about are how easy/quick to sell and impact on price. Ta