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  1. So you remove amas and the boat just walks to the shore?
  2. Upp3

    what is it?

    Google's image search says airliner. So I'd say it is in wrong forum. But it does remind me of McConaghy.
  3. Upp3

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Duty free beer runs to Ireland and France?
  4. Upp3

    DSS Foil Why did Wild Oats stop using it?

    90 knots, 15 knots, what is some 75 knots between friends?
  5. Upp3

    Forward Cockpit

    I thought that in day sailing you wanted wind on your hair and sun in your eyes. With forward cockpit you'll stay inside, away from sun and wind. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2017/maine-cat-38--3675966/
  6. Upp3

    DSS Foil Why did Wild Oats stop using it?

    Maybe their product is aimed more to cruising. Figaro 3 is sooo small compared to DSS's cruising boat example, Baltic 142.
  7. Upp3

    The Future of Propulsion

    After I googled a bit more it seems that the micro turbine can use hydrogen in future, so now it burns dinosaurs just like regular folk. Most likely that boat will have diesel tank, not hydrogen. edit. Baltic did omit handholds in their renders with 67 too, but real boat got rails to hang on: https://www.balticyachts.fi/baltic-67/
  8. Upp3

    The Future of Propulsion

    Has anyone more info about the new Baltic 68 and its micro turbine range extender? Baltic doesn't mention hydrogen, but this site mentions it: https://robbreport.com/motors/marine/this-new-cafe-racer-eco-friendly-design-simple-handling-2913631/
  9. Upp3

    Greta Rides Again?

    First time I hear someone bemoaning taxes in USA compared to Sweden. They do have free healthcare, education and all that jazz paid by taxes...
  10. Upp3

    34-40 ft Cruiser Racer for 6-8 People

    "Displacement: 5959 Kg (approx.)" I wonder what the accurate displacement would be if that is their approximation.
  11. Upp3

    Diesel Engine Delete

    It seems that stuff in production has half that range in battery only mode: https://www.katamarans.com/ita1499/ edit. this system is also Oceanvolt. I'd like to see other brands too or electric and hybrid stuff will stay expensive and marginal option.
  12. Upp3

    American Dumbass

    There is even UK friendly Opinel that doesn't have the locking collar, so it can't be locked...
  13. Upp3

    Martin 49 Yacht

    Check the polars: https://www.ancanet.com/WebFiles/MediaFiles/m49-spec.pdf
  14. Upp3

    American Dumbass

    France halved its gun ownership in decade, so you don't have to go 60 years back, 20 is enough: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/02/26/opinions/france-america-gun-laws-opinion-andelman/index.html
  15. Upp3

    Diesel Engine Delete

    I'd say that biggest scare about electric gaining popularity is that people won't learn the rites needed to keep the diesel god going. Many (most?) sailors won't do multi day passages and for those electric might be good option. But if they graduate to do longer passages they don't have the experience to use and service diesel engine.