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  1. mundt

    Mr Sunshine

    one of the coolest man made objects ever.
  2. mundt

    Racing/ family cat or tri

    Hey! I also have an L7. It is quite a good boat.
  3. mundt

    Racing/ family cat or tri

    not much one design in socal. Maybe hobie or f-18?
  4. mundt

    SeaRail 19 Owners Blog/Vlog

    Sir, I really appreciate learning about your boat. I would enjoy a view from the back looking forward toward the bows so we can see how the hulls move through the water.
  5. toward the end of the vid, on the return from the island, doing 10kts in about 6 kts. of breeze with lots of sail up on a 14 foot wide boat.
  6. mundt

    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    there are people who have sailed on/owned both. I think you would want a highly modified stiletto to compete with an r33 both in terms of performance, durability and comfort. Even at its most modified I don't think the stiletto is near as fast as the r33.
  7. mundt

    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    The "roller" main works extremely well. The only times I know of an r33 being righted were with powerful motorboats and not easily. Various float ideas were "floated" but shroud extenders and self righting would be challenging. Probably best to make the boat at least 16' wide. In a high wind area you might want to shorten the mast. Finally, sail with attention, if you have at least one skilled crew and driver you can push, if not you can easily throttle down. The r33 is incredibly fun. The gbe boats are certainly nice too.
  8. mundt

    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    We put tents on the r33 tramps frequently. Works very well. Sleeping in the hulls is really pretty nice, warm, cozy but enough space to not feel like you were buried alive.
  9. mundt

    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    I've spent a good bit of time on that one. My boat is in Oxnard and I haven't seen that r33 at the dock for quite a while. If you could get it cheaply and it's not too hammered it would be quite a deal. I'm fairly wide-bodied and sleeping in the hulls on an r33 is actually pretty comfy, length is not an issue unless you are over 11 feet tall. The pod on the one in the pic is really no more spacious than inside the hulls though it does offer a bit more interior volume to the boat.
  10. mundt

    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    The r33.
  11. In the right hands that beauty could certainly win the r2ak.
  12. mundt

    Santa Barbara to King Habor 2018

    Took my bot out and did a swim at Anacapa. Some racers were clearing the arch around 5ish, we were under spin doing about 10kts headed for channel islands. Breeze was maybe 8-10ish and steady when I left around 6:30. Sure was a nice afternoon, best part was little mama feeding big daddy in our nice warm house before live p.d. started instead of floating around in the murk all night.
  13. mundt

    GPS Watch

    I have a Tomtom spark 3 and a slightly older samsung gear fit 2. Both hold mp3 music and both have gps. The Tomtom has been very functional for me, I use it as a speedometer and distance tracker and use the music function fairly often as well. I use the bicycle mode as it most closely approximates trimaran sailing speeds. It holds charge pretty well, it's durable and has a large face. I don't use many of the functions cuz I aint smart. The Samsung is ok but not as functional imho. Apple watches (series 2 and 3) work well and it looks like the fitbit ionic is solid too.
  14. Where do you buy that stuff?