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  1. mundt

    Decent sci-fi or fantasy novels

    Dark Forest, though the translation makes the first book difficult the vision and unique ideas make the trilogy one of the best since Dune.
  2. mundt

    2019 Compilation

    Seems like getting sustained speed over 20 is pretty hard on most multis I've ever been on. Often the sea state in higher wind is what slows down boat and causes skipper to ease off the gas. Flat water and high wind is how you'd get it done, especially on a smaller boat. Love to see the GPS showing sustained 20+ on any vids, please post em here!
  3. Let's imagine an experienced climber at the base of a big wall. An obviously inexperienced youngster without proper equipment and impending bad weather looks to try a very dangerous route up the wall. Isn't it incumbent on the experienced blokes to offer some friendly advice? What about spontaneity, you say. What about seeing a healthy young life go to waste, says I. I was around when an outrigger carrying a bunch of extremely strong, experienced men flipped only a half mile from the beach in Oxnard. Several died and I promise you that every one of them would eat Fish Food for breakfast. I truly wish him many great adventures and a long and healthy future. That'll do it from me.
  4. point being you don't have to sail on or off any beaches which, in my humble opinion is the (possibly fatal) flaw in the plan.
  5. Half Moon to Santa Cruz to Monterey to San Simeon to Morro Bay to Port San Luis to Santa Barbara...? Might be some long, cold nights but you'd probly survive
  6. mundt

    Training Day

    Best idea yet! Maybe he could offload on a couple beaches for photo opps?
  7. mundt

    Training Day

    I posted this on the regular sailing forum along with some friendly advice for a young novice who says he's going to sail a Hobie 18 singlehanded from Half Moon Bay to Socal. Thought you blokes might enjoy it too. The young fellow managed to get a mono from L.A. to S.F. and feels he can survive a southbound passage midwinter on the beachcat. When people caution him he slings pejorative terms such as bitch and pussy at them...
  8. Fishy likes "facts" so he should study the first vid. It factually depicts an expert sailor and crew in F4-5 in the Channel Islands environment. Note that less experienced blokes were flipping whereas the Dart was romping. To be solo and pushing on a Hobie 18 in those conditions would be fun for a couple hours but require lots of attention. If you flip in winter North of Point Conception in those conditions I'd give an experienced waterman a 50/50 chance of re-righting and carrying on. You'd probably have maybe 20 minutes to get it done. In anything above F5 even an expert would be in real jeopardy. If the boat gets away from you it's game over. How long can you drive perfectly in those conditions by yourself? Don't make a mistake amigo! Might want to practice a couple times and work on your cold water swimming ability. Use that amazing Oxnard Mexican food and spending quality time with Cola as your motivation to make it down here. Looks like a high pressure blob might keep us warm and dry for the next couple weeks.
  9. Giving Fish Food some motivation. If he makes it to Oxnard we'll get good and drunk and go looking for Cola Boyy!
  10. Back to sailing and anarchy!
  11. mundt

    Moovie Review Threade

    The gangster, the cop, the devil. Lots of lovely ultraviolence, very entertaining. Koreans know how to display violence very sweetly.
  12. I just checked the Piedras Blancas cam on Surfline. Very typical winter day. Surf is 8-12 feet with 6 knots of breeze. 6 knots of breeze is horrible when trying to sail in or out, inevitably leading to one of those waves hitting your boat and sweeping you into the rocks. Piedras Blancas is right near the Elephant seal beach. Whenever I visit I think about what kind of animal would prey on those giants.