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  1. one of the original m23s is parked about 10 feet from my L7 in Ventura.
  2. since I'm just sittin around watchin my new pup chew up the house I'll put in my 2 cents, I owned/raced an m23 for a while and have raced on/against lots of multis. The m23 (modified or not) will do fairly well if there is a lot of reaching in 10-20 knots with relatively flat water. This has a lot to do with the hull design and waterline limitations. If you have to go to weather in chop you will suck hind tit for the same reasons. Another significant factor will be the toughness of the crew and how much rest they can get. Perhaps this year the human propulsion aspect will come into play in which case I'd rather be trying to move the m23 than any F-boat. Bad Kitty and the M32 will easily run away from the F-boats, though the 31R might be a player if the breeze is really on or there is a lot of upwind work to get done. An F-28r is quite faster than an F-27. Some people might be shocked how much the conditions and human abilities might outweigh the outright speed potential of any given boat. It's sure going to be fun to watch from my Jacuzzi!
  3. ventucky hoe down throw down

    you should see Bill's new boat. It's gorgeous.
  4. R2AK 2016

    https://www.rei.com/product/898097/astral-ronny-pfd-mens kayak vest! Love the pockets for flare, knife, flashlight, snacks, music... love the insulation too. And the mobility both on the boat and if you might have to scramble in the peepee.
  5. G32 catamaran is available.

    there are many characteristics of that boat which might make it ideal for the r2ak, especially its narrow, slippery nature...
  6. NEW ASTUS 16.5

    I owned a multi 23 for several years and did lots of hours on it, mostly solo. It sails very sweetly. It goes to weather reasonably well, the limiting factor is more related to the stubby waterline than the lack of float daggers. Off the wind it is a monster. The dagger requires mods to seal the box or it causes lots of drag. It will certainly get to 20 kts in perfect conditions but that really is an elusive barrier for such a small boat. Sustained 20+ is really pretty rare and in my opinion, the kind of breeze required usually comes with a sea state that makes you want to throttle down. People that obsess over that 20 kt. thing might be surprised by how hard it is to sustain in real world conditions on a small boat.
  7. ventucky hoe down throw down

    that olde fellow can wear his undies any way he pleases cuz he got more ocean miles on beachcats than any 10 internet warriors...
  8. Corsair Pulse 600

    beautiful boat!
  9. R2AK 2016

    True story! After a long single-handed delivery and a few vodkas I went to sleep in my catamaran's very tight pipe berth. Woke up at o dark hundred and I was completely and utterly certain that I had been put in a coffin and buried alive! O brother, that some scary shit right there. I popped the lid thinking I would have to unbury meself ala Kill Bill Volume 2 but it was just me and the pelicans...
  10. R2AK 2016

    btw, on a particularly windy night at anchor I had the misfortune of nesting in a really cheap tent which let air in, dripped water and was pinned to my face in the gusts. Waterboarding would have been a tea party in comparison...
  11. R2AK 2016

    one man mountaineering tent has little windage and are super easy to secure and or move. I've spent many nights on multihull tramps in small tents and they work very well indeed. The macho men who shun the tent always regret it when they wake up cold and wet. Most of my tent experience has been in the relatively temperate waters of southern California and I can testify that the amount of suffering done when not properly insulated at night is truly disturbing. Sleep deprivation will make the wheels come off within 48-72 hours guaranteed.
  12. R2AK 2016

    dismissing the mountaineering tent makes me sad... they are designed to handle 100 mph wind, rain and sleet... they are easy to move wing to wing when tacking... warm, dry, light, portable... why the hate?
  13. R2AK 2016

  14. R2AK 2016

    I think some of the better mountaineering one-man tents which are designed and built for very extreme conditions would be quite useful. Perhaps one of those bivvy sacks that climbers suspend themselves in when perched on extreme rock faces?
  15. R2AK 2016

    Outstanding! Can you explain your sleeping arrangements?