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  1. mundt

    GPS Watch

    I have a Tomtom spark 3 and a slightly older samsung gear fit 2. Both hold mp3 music and both have gps. The Tomtom has been very functional for me, I use it as a speedometer and distance tracker and use the music function fairly often as well. I use the bicycle mode as it most closely approximates trimaran sailing speeds. It holds charge pretty well, it's durable and has a large face. I don't use many of the functions cuz I aint smart. The Samsung is ok but not as functional imho. Apple watches (series 2 and 3) work well and it looks like the fitbit ionic is solid too.
  2. Where do you buy that stuff?
  3. I've spent lots of time on r33s and never wished to be in a wetsuit...
  4. A skilled operator could get a hell of a lot of fun out of that boat.
  5. mundt

    Dirty rotten scoundrels

    Company offers 20 dollar rebate on a gallon of bottom paint. Customer is required to fill out lengthy form and submit with original receipt. Couple weeks later customer receives pre-printed post card stating that, "Handwritten UPC not submitted." Company keeps original receipt and form and does not offer a phone # to resolve issue. They obviously never intended to honor their rebate offer. Company name:
  6. mundt

    R2AK on a Beachcat

    what are the dimensions on that beauty and how does she handle rough water?
  7. mundt

    Near Capsize

  8. mundt

    pics: Saturday, 2018 Vallejo Race, April 28th

    seems like a new design, if well-built, should be competitive with the likes of the Sprints, certainly not far slower than any other F-boat. If it is truly as slow as the rating indicates then what would be the point in buying or building one since you would rarely be sailing in the same water/breeze as your competition?
  9. mundt

    pics: Saturday, 2018 Vallejo Race, April 28th

    Thanks for pics and vids. Anybody else surprised that the f22 is so slow?
  10. mundt

    pics: Saturday, 2018 Vallejo Race, April 28th

    Any witnesses care to recap the race, interpret results, explain ratings? Particularly, why is the f22 rated so slowly? Thanks.
  11. mundt

    XS 35? Reynolds R33 update

    I guess you'd have to go for a ride on an original r33 and then go for a ride on the improved version. Analogy might be a standard Porsche 911 to a highly modified twin turbo with all performance options...
  12. mundt

    XS 35? Reynolds R33 update

    it is utterly magnificent and a joy to sail.
  13. mundt

    Caribbean 600

    many of these proas are incredibly beautiful works of art. An amazing amount of intellectual energy has been spent by some very ingenious individuals trying to get them to work well. Does anyone else get the feeling that the results may never justify the effort? If the proa was the way to go wouldn't VPLP be designing and building them as a much cheaper alternative to the tri? I am awed by the beauty of these proas but I find it hard to believe they will ever be more effective than a good cat or tri.
  14. mundt

    If you could..?

    I tried it a couple times but the cold water caused shrinkage!