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  1. Kendrick/Scarab

    there's one in socal that has done a lot of damage in the Santa Barbara King harbor race over the years. Look like very nice designs.
  2. Affordable racing tris vs. cats (<35ft)

    There's a Nacra 36 in Roland's front yard a couple miles up the road from my house. If you could get the hulls and parts at a reasonable price you could create something really special.
  3. Small 4 stroke outboards for windrider17

    perfect case for an electric. Honda air cooled is great but pretty loud.
  4. Affordable racing tris vs. cats (<35ft)

    the super turboed r 33 has ridiculous sail area and very tall mast with a horribly skillful pilot and very experienced crew. The Seacart is being handled by very experienced ocean racers. Though I'm the farthest thing from being a naval architect the waterline difference between Mama and an R33 probably isn't such a big factor, in my experience it's the power/weight ratio that is most important and of course one's ability to control the power, in which case I feel like the trimaran is always going to have the advantage.
  5. Affordable racing tris vs. cats (<35ft)

    just for giggles I looked up the ORCA ratings on a few boats in the 30ish range. Remember, ORCA ratings are based on accumulated real world data from ocean racing in southern Cali. in a variety of conditions. The skill of skippers and crew is a factor as is luck. Mama Tried = -70 Fastest R33 with Randy driving = -114 Viva 27 = -17 F32SRX = -97 my Multi 23 = -25 Multi 23 with better skipper = -35 Seacart 30 = -98 F31R = -41 I tend to think these ratings are pretty reasonable because they are based on lots of real data, the biggest variable being skill. For example, you won't beat Randy Reynolds driving his super turboed R33 with experienced crew, especially in light air. You won't touch Pete Melvin driving Mama Tried. Kind of like the fat old guy sitting in his Lazy Boy drinking a 40 oz. thinking he could handle Lebron...
  6. Affordable racing tris vs. cats (<35ft)

    I disagree about Mama Tried as I've raced against her on an R 33. Mama is very fast.
  7. Affordable racing tris vs. cats (<35ft)

    the xs 35 on craigslist (L.A.) is an absolutely astonishing missile.
  8. Affordable racing tris vs. cats (<35ft)

    I agree that in the right hands the R33 is a truly magnificent weapon! You might call Randy Reynolds and ask about different beam options.
  9. Affordable racing tris vs. cats (<35ft)

    There are lots of boats, including my current tri, that can beat f-boats in certain conditions. But in my experience the F-boats are very good at many things including going fast in most conditions and holding their value. I really admire your work a lot Mr. Marx. I still think it will be a few more years before foilers work as durable, dependable ocean boats. I must say though, that frolicking on my tri with some kitefoilers yesterday I was convinced that they are the easiest, cheapest, funnest. fastest way to sail.
  10. Affordable racing tris vs. cats (<35ft)

    I've been lucky enough to race on just about every boat mentioned and owned a multi 23 for several years. If I had to pick an all around racer for sf bay and ocean I'd be hard pressed to do better than an f-31r or perhaps an f-25c. The multi 23 is certainly quick off the wind in up to about 20 kts but is too light to be pushed really hard in rough conditions and doesn't much care for going to weather in any kind of slop. It has several other drawbacks, especially it's tendency to break in the middle of the ocean. I've also spent many happy hours on r33s and love them tremendously but I can assure you that in typical sf bay conditions an f-31r or the like will prove almost as fast, sometimes faster and always much easier to handle. Even with a 16 or 17 foot beam the r33 requires lots of attention and though it can be quite deadly in light air you lose that advantage when it starts blowing. Seacarts are amazing but hard to come by and hard to store. I got to race on and against the nacra 36 and for pure, fast sailing fun it is awful hard to beat. I've watched the M32 scorch past me and that certainly looked quite nasty!
  11. one of the original m23s is parked about 10 feet from my L7 in Ventura.
  12. since I'm just sittin around watchin my new pup chew up the house I'll put in my 2 cents, I owned/raced an m23 for a while and have raced on/against lots of multis. The m23 (modified or not) will do fairly well if there is a lot of reaching in 10-20 knots with relatively flat water. This has a lot to do with the hull design and waterline limitations. If you have to go to weather in chop you will suck hind tit for the same reasons. Another significant factor will be the toughness of the crew and how much rest they can get. Perhaps this year the human propulsion aspect will come into play in which case I'd rather be trying to move the m23 than any F-boat. Bad Kitty and the M32 will easily run away from the F-boats, though the 31R might be a player if the breeze is really on or there is a lot of upwind work to get done. An F-28r is quite faster than an F-27. Some people might be shocked how much the conditions and human abilities might outweigh the outright speed potential of any given boat. It's sure going to be fun to watch from my Jacuzzi!
  13. ventucky hoe down throw down

    you should see Bill's new boat. It's gorgeous.
  14. R2AK 2016

    https://www.rei.com/product/898097/astral-ronny-pfd-mens kayak vest! Love the pockets for flare, knife, flashlight, snacks, music... love the insulation too. And the mobility both on the boat and if you might have to scramble in the peepee.