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  1. mundt

    F27 as RETRO BOAT?

    That is a very nice boat!
  2. mundt

    Reynolds 33 roll call

    Great! There's a guy named Steve who drags his all over the place and sails the crap out of it. He and his family are extremely gnarley, adventurous humans. He's on Facebook but i don't think he hangs around with the low class riffraff in this dubious area. You are going to have great times on that boat, if you could entice Randy and/or Scott to come sail it with you there would be great learnings and good times. Congratulations!
  3. mundt

    F27 as RETRO BOAT?

    You might try Mike on his Multimarine website.
  4. mundt

    NY to SFO the hard way

  5. mundt

    Navigation for Racing and Cruising

    Yes, see if you can find a handheld that has a screen as good as a new smartphone (much less tablet) and the features that some of the apps offer. Most of the handhelds I've seen have a screen that's about as good as a 1980s Pacman and are relatively difficult to operate. I was using the Seapilot app on my Iphone the other day just for fun and was actually kind of shocked by how well it worked and remember, I'm completely ridiculous with tech. I have, Gaia and MotionX apps on my phone, they all seem pretty damn good. I have a Fitbit Ionic, a Garmin and an old TomTom watches which all record tracks and are fun to download after a sail or hike.
  6. mundt

    Navigation for Racing and Cruising

    I'm a true Luddite but I've found the apps on my phone/tablet are much better than any handheld. I also enjoy using my smartwatch a a speedo and tracker.
  7. mundt

    SeaCart 26

  8. I'm probably only going to sell the L7 if I move but finding a better place to live and a better boat might be quite a challenge.
  9. Well, i just sold my Nacra so I'm down to one boat, the L7. I might make a serious effort to sell it in the next several months but then I wouldn't have a boat! Unacceptable! I will say that the L7 would be very difficult to replace, it fills its niche quite nicely. Doing things that the smaller tris like the Pulse can't as well as being much lighter and faster than an F24 (though less interior). The 750 mk 2 is pretty nice. Though Multithom says the Pulse is slow in the light unless you're racing in a mixed fleet, who cares?
  10. I'm thinking a Pulse is pretty damn close to getting the job done. Any reason why not?
  11. mundt

    Newick Outrigger 26/Somersault 26

    Thats really nice work. Would it simplify life to use an inverted V mainsheet system like I have on my L7? Then a nice long tiller and away you go!
  12. mundt

    Newick Outrigger 26/Somersault 26

    Beauty! A proper gin pole setup makes mast raising and lowering a lot easier. F-boat vids show how its done.
  13. Since racing is somewhat irrelevant, howzabout a simple round carbon tube for a mast? Sure, rotating masts are nice, efficient, give you something to mess about with but in the end, they also create many problems. I actually really like the looks of the rig on that new ufo dinghy from the fp. Stick that rig on a small tri and you might really have something. Or maybe just buy the whole dinghy for under 5 k. Looks pretty damn fun. Then you get to actually go sailing.
  14. mundt

    Tri's ratings

    If you can find ORCAs rating sheet or SFBAMA you'll see real world ratings of a great variety of multis. All that mathematical mumbo jumbo is fairly useless. Or you could just ask people who have raced on/against those boats for decades. Not really any mystery involved. Multithom probably has amassed thousands of hours observing the real world performance of every imaginable Fboat. And really, what's the point? If you can find an active fleet and you want to race, any decent multi will be fine, get one that's rated mid-pack and have at it. For just having good sailing days any good multi will do the trick.
  15. mundt

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Not too far different from a Multi 23 which probably wouldn't be quite fast enough to win (probably) and would require lots of exposure but would be easy to propel and a pretty good all around design. A couple mountaineering tents on the tramps would help as would being young and very tough.