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  1. Trump is a racist. Any question?

    F-off are you the same man you were in the 70’s? I have the balls to admit I am not. Really, most of the reporters were either not born yet or in diapers in the 70’s.
  2. Trump is a racist. Any question?

    Well done sir. although he has insulted the Cubans already :>)
  3. Trump is a racist. Any question?

    From a pure logic perspective. If you are saying Donnie is racist because of the “shithole” comment— is he racist because the country’s cited are predominantly black? If that is the measure you are using; then is there a predominantly non-black country, from which large amounts of people of have emigrated to America, that has an economy similar to the countries Donnie cited? Donnie is no f’n genius - but if you are going to call someone a racist, the case should be solid.
  4. Shithole Countries

    Had that statement been made in a public setting it would be wholly reprehensible. What Donnie needs to get through his thick skull is that even when the door is closed, he is in a public setting. In proper polical parlance his statement would have been, “We need to entice immigrants who will enrich our country with their education in the sciences, etc —versus adding to the large population of unemployed non-colllege graduates. If we can solve that Gordian Knot, we willl be able to move our country forward.”
  5. China To Stop Buying US Treas Paper

    If the Fed cranks up the printing presses M1 increases and inflation comes back. Add that to increased cost of funds and the economy gets ugly
  6. Things are about to get wierd. Ok weirder. US is pressuring China on PRNK. As US continues to increase pressure, China’s trade is being impacted. Today’s NY Times has an article on how Market is reacting to China’s change in investment policy. If interest rates go up, growth goes down and market adjusts Thoughts on how this plays out??
  7. Next POTUS?

    If Trump does not start delivering on some of his campaign promises, or at least stop the Twitter nonsense, the Dems are a shoe-in in 2020. As much as I am not crazy about her, Warren sounded and looked more like a leader than Donnie.
  8. Navy stunt in the sky

    Although I used to know this hooker on Chrystie and Broome St... ...
  9. FIFY Anyone with hands on experience knows that the failure was more local govt than FEMA. This was discussed extensively in another thread.
  10. Keystone Pipeline Will Not Use American Steel

    Thanks for clarification. I have a greater confidence in German QC than Third World. Not racist! Just that I have seen issues because of third world QC and read about others— including some catastrophic ones. Will be interesting to see where new pipe comes from
  11. And if you did that a year ago they would call you a racist. my how things change
  12. Hmmm. Let’s review. A person starts a thread documenting that HRC’s team took actions that made them perhaps complicit in entrapping Little Donnie and the left wing calls it spin. The OP provided a link to a solid article published by a paper that does not like Donnie, in my book that adds credibility. Donnie’s mistake was hiring family. If Don jr was an attorney or other hired person, he would be arm’s length and have deniability—- like HRC. I am not thrilled with Donnie! But this being America, the facts of the matter decide his fate. Not opinions, or what happens in CA, or BC.
  13. Wow another rare living recipient of a Darwin Award!!! good shoot’n
  14. Community Reputation Points

    What sucks is that you can’t see the good or bad indicator in Safari!
  15. Thanks well laid out response that argues the point. I buy into your position! So the billion dollar question is if the tax change will lower the value of people’s houses, how to we avoid another housing market collapse?