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  1. RIP So will they play “Daisy, Daisy” as he is buried or cremated????
  2. Headed to Florence for a week on 11/21. Any suggestions for lunch or dinner in Florence? Also doing a quick side trip to Venice. Would appreciate any quick lunch stops there. Thanks
  3. Sorry I call bullshit. Suck it up buttercup- you can look sharp for 45 min, and nap to/from Arlington.
  4. I got nothing to add. Donnie was fucking wrong. I am disappointed Mattis, did not throw him over his should and say “bitch you are going”. That said, he is still the POTUS. To the canuks and Ozzies who have an issue- fuck off. He is still POTUS of all Americans, Memo to Dems— FFS find someone decent to run!
  5. Snore

    Florida Recount 2018

    Ahhh do you know that BOTH supervisors of elections are Dems? also bo5h are elected officers so you get party hacks vs competent managers
  6. Snore

    Jim Acosta...out

    I am good with the logic, but not the conclusion. The assumption is that they knew it was an altered video. I have a hard time believing they could,be that stupid. Seriously, sarcasm aside (ok FFS try), do you really think they would knowing use an altered video?
  7. Snore

    In San Diego with family- what to do?

    Zoo is incredible. They used to have some old 12 meter yachts that took you out.
  8. Snore

    Jim Acosta...out

    I agree that the video that was shared was doctored. I also see in the clean video Acosta was uncooperative, and may have physically blocked her. Physical contact or the absence ther of is irrelevant. He was rude to POTUS. Like it or not he is our president. If not the man, then the position deserves respect. Failing to respect the position of POTUS lessens the character of the reporter. All that said—Using a doctored video is inexcusable and the failure to fact check it is just naive. If I was th WH, I would pull the credentials of whoever fed me the altered video.
  9. Snore

    Florida Recount 2018

    Now there is a claim that the ballot was confusing. The funny part is that the people who did not vote for all offices on the ballot were not from poor areas! See the map on scroll down to the precinct map. The issue was in Hillsboro Beach (cheap condos are $500K and homes several mil) as well as Coral Springs (another not cheap area). YCMTSU!
  10. Snore

    Florida Recount 2018

    Nope true! See If they are in trouble for video taping in polling area, that validates the video and the info. raw video
  11. Snore

    Florida Recount 2018

    Going to be interesting. Saw a video allegedly shot in Texas of poll workers at several locations saying that the reporter’s friend who was not a citizen could vote.
  12. So let's review, shall we? A journalist was raped by Egyptians while covering an Arab Spring uprising. Where was the uproar? The Russians have killed dissidents outside their country. Recently they tried to kill two in the UK but failed, although their actions did injure some Brits. The uproar was muted. The turks have killed many dissidents. Have ostracized Christians and are aiding in the bombing of areas in Syria held by Christians. All while suppressing any dissenting media coverage. Where is the uproar? The North Koreans incarcerated a US college kid and sent him home to die. There was no uproar. There were no further sanctions. FFS, we are talking to little kim about a peace deal. Now we have a journalist who was killed. Given the current geo-politics of the Middle East, it works to the Russian advantage to have the US and Saudi Arabia move apart. Maybe because I grew up in The Bronx, but I smell a hustle. Isn't it feasible we are being played by the Russians, again, who keep this story in the forefront? They have the most to gain here.
  13. Nope, not this time The Saudis should have hired the Russians for the hit
  14. I have been reading everything I can about the killing of Khashoggi. And was curious to hear the thoughts from this crew. To be very clear---- The killing of a journalist is inexcusable. But the ironies and subterfuge is incredible. There is Erdogan who has jailed 10's of thousands of dissidents (wonder how many of those were killed?), effectively squashed any religion but Islam, and completely controls the media in Turkey now suddenly calling out the Saudi's for killing a journalist. There are the Saudis who are aligned with America, and at least on the outside friendly to us. Also, they are showing significant support for Israel being attacked by those who are very anti-Israel. Doing something incredibly stupid. So what should America do? Obviously, America cannot condone the killing of a journalist. But, if it comes down too hard on the Saudis, it could drive them towards Russia. If we come down on the Saudis for killing Khashoggi, what do we do to the Russians for the assassinations they have done? Definitely a hot mess!