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  1. Snore


    Ok... let’s step away and think about this. Could you administer the death penalty based on a claim that is unsubstantiated by the other people who the accuser claims was at the crime scene? Could you terminate someone based on this information? FFS, all I am saying is that everyone is judging based on Trump and not the facts. Let’s try to be fair. Then of course we have the whole Ellison issue. I don’t here a chorus of D’s screaming there. And that claim is ONE YEAR OLD with medical records.
  2. Snore


    What???? Did YOU interview her? Do YOU have any additional info that we don’t have? Or is it her media hype? Or do you just like blondes?
  3. Snore

    I Took a Shit Again

    Just goes to show you guys will talk about any old shit (rimshot)
  4. Snore

    The Republican FCC Screws You Again!

    Nice... recap. Drug companies can charge whatever for drugs. Muni’s get to $270 per pole. Why that seems perfectly fair!
  5. Snore

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    I swear sometimes... ... FFS could someone please take Mushroom Heads phone away??
  6. Snore

    Puerto Rico

    Most important quote from the article is “Michael Byrne, FEMA’s federal coordinating officer in Puerto Rico, stressed that federal emergency aid was never intended to restore people’s homes and possessions to their original condition. “I think it’s important to realize what FEMA’s role is, that is, as far as our system goes, we’re not here to make everybody whole,” Mr. Byrne said. “None of our programs are designed to fix everything that went wrong for individual families, but we are here to give you a leg up.”” That is what everyone misses, FEMA is not insurance.
  7. Snore


    Last I read, this is where things get dodgy. The therapist notes do NOT contain names and the notes claim there were 4 boys in the room. "In a perfect world", the senate would hear people absent political bias and make a value judgement. But instead we have the partisan shit show. Going to be interesting
  8. Snore


    Okay- lets play this out. How does the FBI prove it happened? There is no DNA. There are no video tapes. It is an allegation that he tried to remove clothes AND STOPPED. It is an allegation he covered her mouth. The only alleged witness is not talking. Candidly, if I was in that room and nothing happened-- unless this guy was a blood relation I would not get involved. He is assured to get death threats, etc from crazies. My friend being on SCOTUS ain't worth it to me. If you were up fro SCOTUS, I could claim I saw you with a sheep! I could DEMAND an FBI investigation and sound sanctimonious. But what can the investigate? The only one who can testify is me and the sheep. And the sheep ain't talk'n :>)
  9. Snore

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    Shit!!!! I hate it when you are right!!!
  10. Snore

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    Yes American media... then again it is an American issue BTFO
  11. Snore

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    I really want to see this fairly reviewed. But I wonder, if she really did wanted this to come out, why the delay between the letter and stepping out of the shadows? She is now the fliping on testifying from yes to no on testifying and is insisting on an FBI inquiry. This guy is going to lose a seat on SCOTUS because of a person’s claim. Or we will cluster fuck this for 4 months for an investigation, followed by D (not my Pres) delays and get to a point where we are now- 30 year old recollections. Get over it we have a mushroom head prez The idea we could have a solid investigation of a 30 year old incident like this is stupid. I know some weird shit happened at parties I went to in the 70’s and 80’s, (no sexual assaults) - but there is no way I could remember to testify who smoke what. Once again had she stepped out of the shadows in July and gone to the FBI with this I would likely instantly take her side. But now there are too many questions
  12. Pressed for an answer I would say somewhere around a B bond rating ROI
  13. Snore

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    You can’t play hardball with the timing of release. And then scream to stop the approval while an investigation is done.... An investigation delayed by your hardball.
  14. Snore

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    Dear Diane Fuck off! If you were so worried about an investigation, why did you sit on it until the 11th hour?
  15. You really can’t be that naive..... can you? The documented cost of going down a “blind alley” that causes a drug to be abandoned, can be rolled into the administrative overhead that get allocated to the drugs that work. If the “blind alley” is part of a successful drug, it goes into that drugs cost of development. True example- Voltaren costs 25 Euro in Rome, $125 in Delray Beach. So as stated by others we are subsidizing the world! Yes the mortality rate in OZ went up I would not be happy. But I have and will always value Americans before anyone else. Sorry, NY thing- family always comes first.