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  1. Snore

    1st Amendment vs Treason?

    My whole question relates to the rights of government. Does your singular opinion outweigh due process?
  2. Snore

    1st Amendment vs Treason?

    Sigh — I have learned a lot about that time in our history. [sarcasm font] rampant homophobia, racism, news was filtered and snatching property was acceptable . [/sarcasm font] I would bet my boat that you could never pull that off today. Don’t care if the Russian Army was landing in NY, the Chinese in WA and PRK just nuked HI. Someattorney would take the case to fight it. So the question remains can a Gov vendor LEGALLY refuse to supply if they disagree with a policy? It seems if a company gets due process to avoid being nationalized- the Gov should getndie process before denial of service.
  3. Snore

    1st Amendment vs Treason?

    Involved in many contracts. That does not exist in gov contracts.
  4. Snore

    1st Amendment vs Treason?

    At what point does it become illegal? Logically the answer can not be never as then the government loses the ability to govern.
  5. Snore

    Random PicThread

    I know that guy... He used to work for me!
  6. Snore

    House immigration bill. Thoughts?

    Agreed. We need to do “something” on the south border. ICE keeps busting Central American illegals in the heartland. I’ll put a healthy bet down they didn’t fly in!
  7. My genuine desire is to try to start a thread that stays out of the gutter. The folks in DC are using “due process” to go after Donnie’s liquor license. That is smart and allows him the rights every citizen is guaranteed. And they get a resounding “well done!” On the other hand Microsoft, and several airlines are looking to stop providing services because they disagree with Fed Policies. No injunction or due process, simply withholding services. When does this become extortion? Treason? Yes, I know we as individuals may disagree with a policy. But, if your firm is supplying the government under a contract, you have an obligation to provide the same level of service regardless of your personal opinion. When taken to the logical limit, if Microsoft disagreed with a war- could they withhold thier services? Could an airline refuse to transport troops to other US cities?
  8. Snore

    Melania emerges after presumed beating

    Sol we agree. If the liberals could stop fixating on the shiny object in the room and instead look at solving the problem, we might get somewhere. Yes Donnie can be an ass—now let’s focus on the root problem -immigration reform.
  9. Snore

    Trump and the Tax Man

    Back on the original topic. This could be an “issue”.
  10. Snore

    Melania emerges after presumed beating

    First @Fakenews f-off. I view spousal abuse like pedo. Not funny! Second, while I agree that the policy sucks, it is technically right. Illegal border crossing is a crime. Kids do not go to adult lockup, so if no NOK is here, kiddos go to a detention center. Finally, you guys are missing the big picture here—- all the ‘geniuses’ we elected to Congress need to do is come up with a compromise immigration bill. Let’s see this has been going on for a few months now. Every Rep and Sen has had media face time. Imagine if they spent all that time posturing solving the root problem? Instead they flock to Face the Nation, MSNBC and anyone else holding a microphone. Now that our “manhood” is firmly stuck in the wringer (by Congress and Donnie), the policy should be to break the law and allow those traveling with minors illegal entry. That said, Congress will kick the can down the road because solving the problem requires them to actually work- a concept foreign to DC.
  11. I love when folks quote me from 18 months ago. Opinion has not changed
  12. Snore

    More Smoke.. again... and again

    Hmmm—- So how many non-questionable interactions have you had?
  13. Snore

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    That is a fools bet—- once you know how to make a bomb —-you know. Best we can hope for is DPRK unmounts the warheads. If lucky the disassemble the missiles. But that does not stop them from bolting them back together.
  14. Snore

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    No Kim was getting ready to bolt. Especially after The Bolton and Pence comments. Since BOTH said it, someone is choreographing it.