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  1. Snore

    Random PicThread

    Cop behind third mogul.
  2. Snore

    NOAA to end paper chart production

    I call bullshit! For those of us who are “old school” navigators, there is a lot of essential data missing. Here is just one example of the missing data. Note the missing names of School Key And Bean Point. Likewise, church spires and other landmarks missing.
  3. Snore

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    I took a wine cork and plugged the drain hole. If cold air settles, Logically it would flow down through the drain. Not sure how much it helps, but I feel better
  4. Snore

    meat-processing plants

    Exactly! It is interesting that the TDS sufferers Have been quiet on this. Acknowledging that THEY TOO are part of the problem would mean they have no one to blame and must accept responsibility.
  5. Snore

    meat-processing plants

    What hypocrites! You carry on about the poor working conditions in food processing plants in the US. You complain that unions --the organizations that protect workers from conditions like this. You eagerly buy things made in third world countries where working conditions are worse than what is shown here. You run off to buy things at the lowest purchase price- ignoring the human cost. Guess what-- if you want things made in a socially/humanistically conscious way, YOU the consumer must be willing to pay a higher price. So take you pick cheap chicken? Or pay a little more and allow these people to have decent working conditions? Ya can't have them both!
  6. Snore

    Random PicThread

  7. Snore

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Was this on an old Tartan? If so how did you get fiddle off?
  8. Snore

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    I did the same thing! Added the pink foam- then someone said I really should have used something with a foil. Oh well. Right now I have the Owens-Corning pink boards, with the joints covered by duct tape (Foil-type used on AC ducts) and have a partition to close off the back shelf of the cooler. The partition is made two separate pink boards. This made it easier to get in, and makes it easy to remove. Since I do not use ice, there is a wine cork in the foam on the bottom covering the old drain hole. Should I do a multi-day trip and use ice the cork can come out, so ice water can drain. Regarding efficacy, previously the refrigeration unit ran almost non-stop. Now it cycles would not venture a guess as to how much less- but it is significant. Next- insulate the overhead!!!!
  9. Snore

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    North was making it with 7.8, so this is not that much heavier. The biggest reason to go lighter is performance in light air. Being retired, I do not sail in winds under 10-12. I can check the winds at "Cut J", if acceptable, it is a 10 minute walk to the boat. So the penalty for heavier fabric is not an issue. The advantage is it will hold its shape through a wider range of wind. And being frugal- it will have a longer life expectancy. Other reason, this loft has made sails for another T-33 down in Punta Gorda. Allegedly that guy is doing well with the sails. I know someone who races (and does well) with an Alerion 28 using a head sail from this firm and likes it. Probably like the guy you found up there, this loft is run by a sailmaker. We will see...
  10. Snore

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    In case anyone else following along. Once I stepped away from North Sails and got a bid from Sail Technologies, a very competent local sail loft, prices dropped. $3200 radial cut, 8.1Oz 2 full 3 partial, reefs, etc. Sail Technologies have made sails for at least one super hardcore racer I know. And if that guy is happy....
  11. Snore

    Fake News SA/PA Enough is Enough

    It would be great if fake news poster got flicked. Followed by blatant TDS and TSS (trump sycophants syndrome) sufferers. But if we got rid of all them- who would be left????
  12. Snore

    Trump, Lysol, Discuss

    FFS use the sarcasm font when you do that. Chloramine is the disinfectant in drinking water. As long as it is less than 4ppm it is not an issue.
  13. Snore

    Trump, Lysol, Discuss

    While clearly, this set a new level of stupid. There was a positive note--- During the same briefing, it was stated alcohol kills covid-19. Therefore, I am going on periodic benders to ensure I stay healthy
  14. Snore

    How long is Fauci going to last

    My guess is that he will not fire Fauci For any with an IQ greater than 5, Fauci and Brix are the smart people in the room., Brix earned my complete respect when she opted not to examine her own grandchild to avoid infecting POTUS. Yes I know, she could have gone Machiavellian, and many of us would have. But she took the high road! Then again, Donnie has managed to take what could have assured his reelection (a disaster) and leveraged it into a shit show.