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  1. ben I really don’t care what comes out. Just want the truth and no secret conversations.., such as us playing China against Russia....Assuming we are
  2. Did I ever say nothing happened?
  3. FUCK OFF. I mean really FUCK OFF. I have repeatedly shown I am objective and just want to discuss the truth. Others around here are traumatized by Donnie and bite at anyone who does not hate him, so once again. Fuck-off
  4. That because we saw it. You are a smart man and realize the difference! The problem with Donnie’s f-ups is that they occurred on confidential calls. The issue is how do we know what was really said, vs hearsay? Redacted transcripts?
  5. You missing it. Really.... The point of many if the posts is the pervasive Trump Derangement Syndrome around here. He is an asshole. We all get that. Sure would be nice if others were held to some kind of reasonable standard.
  6. How about some proof that facial recognition is racially flawed. You know ya can’t fake science. unless your a Trumpette
  7. The actions around here are clearly bigoted. If Donnie said this, we would (rightly) have 50 posts by now. A Dem says something incredibly stupid and biased- yet no 9ne has the balls to say something. YCMTSU Her actions appear to confirm the anecdotal information that she is biased.
  8. Snore

    Best speech or monologue in a movie

    I prefer succinct and powerful speeches
  9. SNL called, they want you to write for this weeks show
  10. Yes. But if the impeachment will not stick it is a start. Perhaps it is my almost 40 years of being someone’s “boss”. Learned a long time ago, sometimes when you go for the big move, you should be ready to take the consultation prize. It also builds for the next f-up. Censuring for threatening anyone who worked with whistleblower is a sure winner. NO ONE in their right mind (read most R’s) would oppose it. The censuring could be done now with little effort.
  11. But he can be censured. See No legal implications, but a clear warning
  12. We agree. That is just foolish. Extrapolating on that law then ANY conversation is open to the public and we have no secrets. I’m 100% sure that is not the intent. Issue is POTUS hid the transcript and then threatened anyone who worked with whistleblower. THAT is the issue. Hard to see how anyone can support him on that. Congress and team D needs to keep to discussing the willful hiding of documents. Build the case logically. Instead they are demanding his immediate impeachment and removal from office. How you/they present the issues will have a significant impact on public perception. The 4 hoodlums need to stop making the same mistake as Donnie. Debating this on Twitter and with media sound bites makes weakens the argument. You don’t correct deviant behavior by acting in an unprofessional manner
  13. I am not complacent. Donnie’s threat should have repercussions, at the least censure. In private industry, it would be a terminable offense, or at the least a suspension. To think the public should know what an ethical president says to a foreign leader is public, is simple not logical.
  14. Sorry, the general public does not have a right to these conversations. That is why they are classified. However, those with clearance should be looking at them. The fact that someone has spoke out about the Ukranian conversation, shows the system works.
  15. This may be a jinx, but the original Universal 5424 is in my 1980 Tartan. Change the oil, keep the cooling system in good shape, change the fuel filters and they run fine. The only additives are a bio-inhibitor and a top end lubricant in the fuel. I run her at no more 23-2400 for very brief periods. Normal RPMS are down at 2000. Finally replaced the glow plugs. She starts up with 15-20 sec of preheat and runs fine.