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  1. Snore

    Best Passing Strategy??

    @Steam Flyer, @WCB Gentlemen, Thanks, your answers puts me on the path to understanding. And yes I have Perry’s book on order. Bill
  2. Snore

    Best Passing Strategy??

    Thank you- that makes sense. A follow-up, if I may Assume on our existing course we can sail to the mark (fetching?). If I am windward (W) and the leeward boat (L) heads up above the proper course to the next mark is that a rule violation? It would seem that although L is the stand-on vessel he is obligated to maintain course for the next mark. Whereas if we both need to tack at least once to make the next mark, L could tack when I overlapped. Thereby forcing me to tack to clear him. Or to fall off dramatically to clear his stern.
  3. Snore

    Best Passing Strategy??

    Yes that makes sense. But suppose a vessel of a similar PHRF or speed gets off the line first and your boat is behind him. If you go to his windward side can you legally pass him? What is the minimum clearance?
  4. So after many years of sailing, I decided to race. What a HOOT! Made even more fun by have a well performing boat. The question is, what is the best passing strategy? I have enough speed to go leeward of some boats and power past. But, once I debug my start, others will be a challenge. If I go into their wind shadow, I lose speed and they pull away. If I go upwind of the other vessel, and leave them room, and allow them to sail their proper course, am I breaking a rule? Somehow I thought blanketing a boat was illegal. Thanks for the education PS yes I am reading the rules--- but the first few read throughs are like reading catechism
  5. Wow! Hard to believe the logic around here. First- several national anthems have morphed over the years. The German National anthem is now ONLY the third verse of the original song. If you panties are in a knot, because of a specific verse, state that only the first verse is the anthem, or find a different song. But it whatever it is, should be sung. One of the most moving moments in sport was the soccer match in Paris when the visiting English fans joined the French in loudly singing La Marseillaise. A country's national anthem is sung as a display of unity. Refusing to sing is a lame protest, it does not solve anything-- it just shows you are self-centered 5 year olds who wish to throw a tantrum so people react. Acting the change injustice is more forceful than temper tantrums.
  6. Snore

    Vice President Jezebel

    Of course those same preachers thought cheating on your wife with a porn star was ok.... YCMTSU
  7. Snore

    Vice President Jezebel

    Fortunately, The Holy Bible provides clear guidance from Christ Himself. .... “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” John 8:7 But that assumes those knuckleheads actually preach The Word
  8. Snore

    Dobbs Done

    Don't think so. Louie was fired for cause, the lawsuit. No unemployment for you!!!
  9. Snore

    Random PicThread

    I would love to hear the story the operator told his boss. "It wasn't my fault! Damn thing just bent!!!"
  10. Snore

    Nat guard Prepping.. ZZZZZZZ LOL

    NOBODY could be that stupid. IMHO an overt attack would unify the country. Think 9/11!
  11. Snore

    Nat guard Prepping.. ZZZZZZZ LOL

    Only partially correct. FIFY
  12. Snore

    Now they have gone to far!!

    Please! Don't insult the manatees.
  13. Snore

    Too Late to Impeach?

    I started this thread when I was angry. Now that I have pondered the matter. Does impeachment or the 25th, make him a martyr? Are we better making him a martyr or is there a smarter option. Really don’t know the answer, just looking to hear from the smart guys in the room. Oh fuck this is PA, not sure there is a smart guy... But will try anyway
  14. Snore

    Too Late to Impeach?

    Only an idiot would pardon him now. Before this one could assume a negotiated deal of pardon for silence. But it is now clear, if pardoned he will just get worse. He needs to be LEGALLY removed from office.