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  1. The Best Case for No Collusion

    Sigh—- Trump was not in the original poll. If he was he would be tied with Comey
  2. The Best Case for No Collusion

    Sr, McCain, Biden, John Gotti/ GW (tie), Loan shark collectors (they stay loyal to their bosses), Comey, Obama (promised the world to many groups to get elected and then flipped- squandered opportunity to bring races together), the Clintons.
  3. Will Cohen Flip?

    He will flip on every “cleanup job”he has done. The question will be- Is the dirty laundry bad enough to get Donnie in real trouble?
  4. Will Cohen Flip?

    As long as the bodies don’t float up— you’re fine I say Cohn flips before mid-May.
  5. Comey Memos vs Media Hype

    Read the memos instead of the media bullshit. Other presidents have jailed reporters- and the memo cites the time that happened. FFS get smart and realized when you are being played.
  6. Anybody else read the Comey memos and see where they do not fully support what the media printed? From the alleged loyalty oath, to the Flynn investigation- Comey’s own words written at the time of he events- do not substantiate what the media wrote. Comey memo about the loyalty thing does need even back up what he said in the recent interview.
  7. T-33 I think you have the same model
  8. The Best Case for No Collusion

    That sir is sound logic. Donnie is to much of a loose cannon to trust. He would HAVE TO brag to someone about his Russia connection.
  9. Stormy On The View

    Ok. Well done. Do you photoshop those as needed? Or is there a site with a treasure trove of wise a@@ jogs?
  10. Stormy On The View

    Get me proof that convicts and I will tie the hangman’s noose. Until then it is more innuendos.
  11. Stormy On The View

    Are his actions illegal? Has congress acted to block? If bringing manufacturing jobs hurts th environment, you have no clue about the lack of environmental and worker safety laws in these lesser countries. Yes I do. Genocide is wrong, even the Sunni-Shiite bullshit is wrong. The mass killing of innocent children is unacceptable. So far Donnie has got the PRK to the table. Let’s see what happens with China. If we can keep his fucking hands off whatever he uses to Tweet and of Melania doesn’t shoot him.
  12. Stormy On The View

    C- I don’t give a crap if, 12 years ago, he screwed a porn star. Stopping genocide in Syria is important. Moving to stabilize the Korean Peninsula, HUGE. Moving to stop China from steal our tech and jobs, HUGE. Moving the US back from a service/importing country to a manufacturing country is in our long term best interest. Did he or his campaign collude with the Russians? Those things matter.
  13. Stormy On The View

    You are right I am wrong. I have learned to ignore unsubstantiated reports. Checked my log for the date the MSNBCreport was issued. I was doing a multi-day charter, so not a memory issue (whew). To wit I shall add WTF was he thinking? Yes-yes,I know that implies he thinks every time before he acts.
  14. Stormy On The View

    It is he said-she said..... The question is not worth the time to type this response!
  15. Stormy On The View

    Nope I am not implying anything. Saying he fired Comey to stop the investigation is crazy—- even Donnie is not THAT foolish. Coverup- that get interesting. But the orange wonder is entitled to his day in court. It has now been proven Comey leaked to the media through a professor he knows. The assertion that Donnie obstructed in the one-on-one is, to be kind, a stretch. The same as the Mafia Don comment. And that is all from the Comey interview! There may have been enough solid grounds to make the termination legit.