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  1. J/120

    PAC 52

    Just so we are all clear, you are stating the only difference and or modification is a larger rig. Correct?
  2. J/120

    PAC 52

    Only at least doubleIf they use the Farr 40 rules as a template maybe not. Anyway if you can afford to build a new boat you can afford to run it and campaign it. We aren't talking about the every man on the street here, these owner have the coin and want to play. So let then Pulpit WTF are you talking about? These are custom boats with different designers and builders built to a box rule and ORC rating. They are not one-design. There is no "builder". They are starting with the JV design and using the existing molds, adding the gear and extra freeboard to the boat to make it offshore capable. Keel and rig changes at this time, may be newer design/builds in the future. Seems to work for the TP and may work here, if it does, great. Fox is a Botin design. It's not a one-design class. Anyone can design and build a boat within the box and ORC rating, even use an existing boat. A current Med boat would just need a new rig and some tweeks. I would love to hear your definition definition of tweeks. I doubt you have ever been through a boat build or refit. Sorry, boat tweek.
  3. J/120

    PAC 52

    Yet again Clean, ED, SA explain why they hate something about sailing. This regatta sucks... This boat sucks... This class sucks... These people suck... If people who have the means, choose to build and sail a certain boat, it has nothing to do with your opinions. And FYI they already have built more boats than the STP's. Also the TP52's have hundreds, however they started somewhere, with hulls #1 and #2.
  4. J/120

    PAC 52

    It's not so much the boats are different, just the location. Some guys just don't want to be jetting back and forth to the Med. A lot easier to just sail in California, Mexico once in a while, transpacific when the mood strikes. A couple of these boats might even do Key West. frankly if this class and the TP52 class kinda each stayed in their respective corners it would be good for both classes, 52 super series does the east coast and the med the pac 52's dot he west coast, mexico, transpac/paccup S2H and maybe see the classes crossover a bit in key west it could be cool. sure as shit none of the current TP52's are tough enough for a S2H They are like step brothers. Both have the same mother however are built with different dads. Wonderful spinoff, although same ideology, so step brothers? No idea why the hate. One is inshore Grand Prix racing. The other is inshore/offshore semi/Grand Prix racing. Actually what we all should hope a 20 year old box rule should accomplish. Well done. Standing by hoping the media follows.
  5. J/120

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    One is built and is awesome. The other is two renderings and a lot of talk. Go the pogo!
  6. J/120

    Police Perspective

    I really hope some day woody is enjoying his day when all of a sudden he begs for the police. So sick of people showing all their faults only to beg for their service...
  7. J/120

    Police Perspective

    ^^^ I don't agree with everything he says, but this... ^^^