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  1. Spreader Boots

    Best grippy shoes

    Zhik ZKG. Going on three years of boat only use. Traction is great still. Vans are a great backup.
  2. Spreader Boots

    Garmin quatix vs Apple Watch

    I’ve own both and the Quatix 5 is the way to go. You get roughly 30hrs of use on the Quatix 5 while the Apple Watch lasted 6hrs in GPS mode. Also you will need a waterproof case for the Apple Watch to increase the durability. The large glass face on the Apple Watch is a bit suspect. Call an Apple store and see if the app you want to use runs independently on the watch or relies on linking to your phone. The boat I race on is constructed with carbon fiber and nomex so phone signals are not getting thru the deck. The Quatix is 100% independent and works great. I use the YA-Sailing app on the Quatix.
  3. Spreader Boots

    Hypalon Melting avoidance?

    Try 303 protectant.
  4. Spreader Boots

    Movies I've Rewatched due to Covid-19

    The Right Stuff Deer Hunter Apocalypse Now Redux Eiger Sanction Blade Runner DC Lots of AC, 52SS, VOR, and other assorted racing
  5. Spreader Boots

    What's in your arsenal??

    Where is the best place online to buy ammo? 44-40 .243
  6. Spreader Boots

    What Are You Doing During Your COVID Vacation?

    Cleaning out garage. Own a Real Estate company, so figure I should get my license. Dealing with 2 kids pent up energy during lockdown. Oh, and brewing a Pilsner.
  7. Spreader Boots

    '20's Grilling Thread

    Plus the tanks seem to be at a lower pressure. Typically I grill at medium high will filled tanks. The exchanged tanks I’m at full blast high and meat takes longer to sear/cook.
  8. Spreader Boots


    I would start by going to the ORC website and create an account. From there your can download certs and see measurement changes.
  9. Spreader Boots

    52 Super Series Thread

    IMO, the bulk of the people on this site have transitioned from actual racers to armchair drama sailors. Keep the info coming for the 52SS. I’m looking forward to the live races and wish they would do full race replays for each race.
  10. Spreader Boots

    Washington state marine surveyors

    Give PT Rigging or Brion Toss Riggers a call for a recommendation on a local surveyor. Erik is great, but not located in PT.
  11. Spreader Boots

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Does anyone here on SA have contact info for the owner or the current/previous boat captain for Wedgetail ex Yendy’s, R/P 55? Last I heard it was is Brisbane. If so, drop me a PM. Thanks, SB
  12. Spreader Boots

    Comanche sold again?

  13. Spreader Boots

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    I assume S2H will be geoblocked like in years past. The S2H website stated only being broadcasted in Australia. Anyone out there have other info for US viewers?
  14. Spreader Boots

    Musto Sucks

    I suggest you get in touch with Rainy Pass Repair in Seattle if you want a new zipper, http://rainypass.com/shop-info/ The best gear repair place in the US. I taken a ton of gear to them and the alterations or fixes have been perfect.
  15. Spreader Boots

    Repacking a MOB MOM 8A (switlik)

    I suggest calling a repair/repacker company like these guys, http://www.marinesafetyseattle.com/