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  1. I have nightmares of bfloyd discovering the period between swells...
  2. I guess if there is one protest, they cancel the entire regatta??? " I give this club no stars but had to choose a star to complete this post. I am an avid fisher who has fished many tournaments in the last 7 years. Unfortunately, myself and over 100+ anglers decided to compete in yesterday's "45th Annual Bottom Fishing Tournament Charity Benefit" that was hosted by the Southwestern Yacht Club. Prior to the event we were informed in the rules and regulations written by the Southwestern Yacht Club that there would be many individual cash awards for different categories. Imagine the participants shock and disappointment to be told by the director of Southwestern Yacht Club , during the events banquet,that the two boats that reportedly weighed in the heaviest fish had caught several illegal fish. Because of this the director explained that the Southwestern Yacht Club would be terminating the entire competition instead of disqualifying these two boats. What this meant was that all the men,women and juniors (kids under 16 years of age) that paid their entry fees, fished hard all day and spent lots of money on fuel,would no longer be receiving their earned awards because two boats did not follow the U.S. Fish & Game regulations. In my view the Southwestern Yacht Club could have resolved this problem easily by just disqualifying the two boats. My friends and I will never fish another tournament hosted by this club. " https://www.yelp.ca/biz/southwestern-yacht-club-san-diego Fishing board of directors? that's a lot of "Depends" micromanagement... http://www.southwesternyc.org/default.aspx?p=DynamicModule&pageid=310973&ssid=200030&vnf=1
  3. He likely has a woman laying on top of him right now in Fiji....
  4. You would be saving him from diabetes and tooth decay... CBC would fund it!
  5. Hell, you don't even need a runway to fuckfuck...
  6. Carbon neutral is admirable...https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/boa/d/dugout-canoe/6305309079.html
  7. I was pulling your leg a bit...If you are planning to go outside then don't worry about ballast. Reading more about your boat it seems she likes to be sailed flat. It would be more important to have a really good bottom and light air sails so you can sail instead of rowing at 2kn max. Rowing a beamy sailboat is a bastardized setup, staying as far forward in the cockpit as you can and still clearing the gunwales. The oars will likely not cross properly in front of you as you row, so technique is a compromise. I can't offer any proper advice for your setup other than to say try it out a few times beforehand. You will need a setup that fits both of you, so the foot brace will need to slide significantly. I had a fixed thwart in 2016 with 10 ft oars, the locks about 8 inches behind the back edge of the thwart and the oarlocks on top of the cockpit coaming, to clear the gunwale enough to place the oar deep enough in the water. I improved this with 12ft oars, a sliding seat, a better removable foot rest with straps and removed the coaming detail. The oarlocks are still too far out and the oar handles are more than a foot apart at the end of the stroke. I used a regular paddle sometimes, on the leeward side, in light wind, to use different muscles for a while. You could watch the r2ak video of top rowers like Colin Angus, Mathieu Bonnier or esp. Nate Rooks in the whaler, to pick up some technique ideas, they make it look easy to do. Cheers
  8. This much younger and virile ship some might [ahem] admire more...
  9. The porthole completes the sleeper look edit; that is one ugly window
  10. Yes, it lives on...! https://giphy.com/gifs/gene-wilder-EHuDRXDgwgOXK?utm_source=media-link&utm_medium=landing&utm_campaign=Media Links&utm_term=https://www.google.ca/
  11. Haha, beat me to it.. is that a bow thruster, captain or are you just...
  12. Wow, lots of mainsail sf. A little heavy...is that a retractable sprit I saw? http://www.marlow-hunter.com/category/fiberglass-trailerable-daysailers15-22-feet/
  13. People need to know, Uncooperative Tom, did the plywood blow away or not???