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  1. If you are willing to build it there are many choices, with a couple of fine examples posted here already. If you want something like a Laser only bigger then a cheap one would be a Bombardier 4.8, at 16ft and still singlehand-able. It has more room for storage inside the hull as well and rights near as easy as a Laser. The Laser 2 comes to mind as well. A 15ft Albacore is easy to find back east and might be sporty enough for you... a Hobie cat would suit you. There was a catamaran listed with an r2ak pedal drive on Vanc Is. if you wanted to go that way. The Wayfarer has the advantage of being able to anchor and sleep in the cockpit under a boom tent, along with dry storage in the bow. It can be fitted with an outboard[gasp] but could be rowed, paddled or pedalled. I wonder who will be the first to r2ak in Laser....
  2. Norse Horse

    Hate on my new that 70's boat...

    Thats a pretty stern on that boat. If Eva is not the posters boat name then he is a she
  3. Norse Horse

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Who knew that blue could become so hated Worse that the blue screen of death
  4. A gentleman would use a bull rail doily...
  5. Norse Horse

    Are boat shoes cool?

  6. Well i prefer bull rails so when i get back from my trapline in north vancouver and paddle into granville island to sell my pelts to the tourists, i cando a midship tie anywhere.
  7. Norse Horse

    Barefoot RAID

    You just name it after her or have you played that card before. I would suggest the angus rowcruiser. At least you could make it yoursrlf and sell it later.
  8. Norse Horse

    The Zombie Fleet

    Are there zombie fish living in it?
  9. Norse Horse

    Is wearing sunglasses cool?

    You need them if there are too many pink clothes in the room. Also to hid your racoon tan.
  10. The cleat thief was finally caught!
  11. Norse Horse

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I admire the odd sail combo and the sporty look. .