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  1. +1 for replace all the stays. May as well get it on the water as soon as you can and leave the bottom, looking at the pics, it will take some time to smooth it and you won't notice it this year anyway. You don't need to find out what a longboard is now, it is a cruel tool, much like a 100 watt bulb is to drywallers and painters. There are plenty of little things to do anyway. Borrowing is good. There is always something to spend boat bucks on every year. Like an anchor upgrade for overnights. There are used sails here in Sidney. http://www.usedsailloft.com/ Windytv gives you some forecasting in your area. https://www.windy.com/?49.809,-119.953,10
  2. I upped the mix to 40+% graphite and tried it where I moved the blocking. When I took the 1/3 sheet sander and 80 gr to it, with the spray bottle, I found the grit took almost all the fill off. I was surprised how sandable it gets at that high mix range, I see why the canoeists use a heavier mix each coat. 80 for sure at low ratios or it won't come down and it will pillow like bad drywall, 80 at med mixes worked fine and lasted longer than the usual 2 ft patch and 120 seems ok at high mixes, unless you have repairs. I will spot fill with high mix and finish out with 220 and that is all the time I have for it. It will not get painted as I don't have a month to wait. It looks like soapstone or dead whale skin right now. Not a good colour to repel Orcas and whale rubbings where I am going soon. As noted above in a post, a thin coat of the graphite mix is useless for smoothing. Of course, I had to try. I had some 105 going for something else. I used the hotter hardener for the first time this year, it got that warm. I mixed the rest with 10 % graphite, used some on my rudder pivot bushing sleeve, the rest on a couple of spots on the hull. Bingo, no fillability, just an even wipe everywhere with that mix. Slumpage and drips occured at the lower edge and any buildup, even with the thin coat. It spread quite far with the knife for a little bit. I didn't try the pre mix with the resin. I didn't mix up more than 10 pumps at a time and 5 on the second coat. I don't know if it would work well when it is too hot out. Unless you go more than 33% graphite-105 you can't smooth or fill anything. At 50 it will literally cake on.
  3. I have been in love with her voice for a couple of weeks now. Here is her rendition of "Fast Car'. The song was from an artist many called a one hit wonder and was mocked on SNL. The song has been remixed or re-vocalized by a few artists now and has become a classic. If you like her voice, also listen to "Let Her Go" and "You are my Sunshine" Fast Car - Tracy Chapman (Cover by Jasmine Thompson) - YouTube
  4. Get yourself a Loos gauge for your stays, lots of tuning to enjoy there. There is some work involved to plumb the mast and rake that you might not want to try, but why not, you can tap the brains on SA. That old rig is DEAD, dried up, dog gone done. good pics. The wood buckhead rot is a bit of a project. Who beat on that port nav light? Candleman? Not a hint of sealant under those fittings on the deck... You can use a screw post to support the boat for repairs. Duplex nails go right through asphalt. More pics of the bottom!! If you have a solar panel you won't need a charger on your outboard, unless you have a 12v cooler. Cheers
  5. I read your blog and predictions, as well as gglg the Crowther. I read that the Bucc is a 15 knot boat,a bit hobby horse upwind and has the most comfortable interior with 6'1''. Some composite hulls but mostly West. Hard to see Sailpro keep it fast enough and even row or pedal it fast enough. Multi 23? I read it is a 20 knot boat and is good upwind with the bow design. I am impressed that it will beat the 31 to the finish line. Pedal drive means it is competitive in that department. F27? respectably fast to get you to the concert but.... No comments on the F25 teams? A 25 knot boat? Some serious human power potential with the 3burds and the Commodore will be a threat if he wants it bad enough. Tricolour Tricat?... will be in there like a horse fly on a windless day. They came a long way to race. I see they have hiking racks. I suppose that putting a hull under is bad news with that setup. I was reading Mr Farrier so I realize some designs are can do that for extended periods. F31? Big Bro is a favourite and my pic for line honours. Light air race? Bad Kitty for line honours. First solo? Russell has the machine to smash that record, even in light air. Steak knife solo? Roger, with a pack of fast boats on his tail, waiting for a break, including IttyBitty, Gar and Nomadica. First under 20ft? Depends if the Nacra 20 is 20 foot on the deck, as it is listed as 20'3'' hull. http://www.sailboat-data.com/en/sailboat/131-nacra-f20-fcs First mono? Everyone will expect the Seascape, so watch the Express 27 and the venerable C32 with it's upwind legs try to steal the show. The O27 may not take upwind offshore pounding very well. Buyout? a fight between teams Global[C32] and Discovery[tri] unless a charitable or disgruntled team bites first. The Rest? A small multi or two will lead the rest of the fleet I expect.The 2 Angus tris against the Windrider? The boat to go non stop the most of course. The Harmony 22 is fast and has the crew size, but will they try offshore or inside-outside? Santana 20 is a fine boat but not likely to take a pounding upwind on the offshore routes. Y6M solo expects to be passed by the crewed boats and solo multis until they break something, get attacked by animals or suffer from exposure. Pinkie, Sharpie, Monty, Skerry,Siren class. I have to pick the Monty wins...but the youngest racer will have an epic win if she makes it over the finish line. Canoe, kayak, rowboat and SUP class. No clear winner I dare pick, but you can carry a lot more green pellets on some of them. This year will attract a lot more young race trackers who will be following the PT and Vic teams. Bunny Whaler told me about the little guy who slammed his soda, like the boys did at the finish line, a good story to ask them. I expect the Race Boss will have saved some team announcements to shake up the steak knife crowd.... Cheers
  6. My condolences Austin. Lost my FIL this spring... This ballad is done very well. " Well you only need the light when it's burning low Only miss the sun when it starts to snow Only know you love her when you let her go Only know you've been high when you're feeling low Only hate the road when you're missing home Only know you love her when you let her go And you let her go Staring at the bottom of your glass Hoping one day you'll make a dream last But dreams come slow and they go so fast You see her when you close your eyes Maybe one day you'll understand why Everything you touch surely dies 'Cause you only need the light when it's burning low Only miss the sun when it starts to snow Only know you love her when you let her go Only know you've been high when you're feeling low Only hate the road when you're missing home Only know… " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBumgq5yVrA
  7. Here is an oddball collectable I have never seen before. The hull is different... Red, it must be fast....https://bellingham.craigslist.org/boa/6134785724.html
  8. This video just gets funnier the longer you watch. They must have had fun making it. I spilled stuff on my keyboard...hope you get a chuckle. The song is one of Robin Shultz better ones, guitar,nothing too weird. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvC_0foemLY
  9. Better than Tom's plywood experiment. I admire the "devil may care" attitude with the log against the swim ladder, the hidden door to the swim platform and the use of colour with wood tones.
  10. A closer look reveals the beauty in the beast. Notice how access is maintained by the heavy old flap all the way around forward. No need for an anchor roller on the ridgeline.
  11. I started from the stern and the c-b trunk and used your sage advice about 2 foot areas. The wet sand was easier for me as a beginner. I can use the tools, being a carpenter for 40 years, but everything else is new. I would rate this on a difficulty scale as being like finishing concrete or sanding 3 way corners in drywall. I didn't try a longer board than 18 on this 20ft boat. I did what I thought was enough angle sanding to fully hit the high stuff. I started out just wanting to repaint the hull and a couple of "oh dear" and "shit" expletives later, I was in full flattening mode. There were no trailer pad marks, but the chine was cupped and the hull had dipped between stringers in places, the keel strip I took off needed to be filled and the bow curves needed love. They were the hardest to try to correct for me. Cheers
  12. This shot is the second coat, 1st sand. You can see the unsanded section above it. You can see some 80 grit marks. The sanded part shows the lower coats but is very smooth to the touch. I moved the block today and finished that spot. I have to go over the hull once more and fill any spots left with the 30 % mix. I'm not sure what grit to finish with but 120 seems enough. I think I will fall asleep again tonight counting to 5, over and over. 1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5 1,2,3, oh shit, lost count....
  13. This shot is from the second coat, with twice as much graphite added, about 25-30%. The thru hull has been faired 8 to1. You can see the drips Mr Clark warned about, where I loaded it up too much.
  14. I have some pics of the hull. This one is the first coat of graphite mix on top of a base layer of 105. I sanded it with first with 120, not knowing how it was going to cut the mix. You can see the dip I missed long boarding. The squeegee up partly filled it. It is just to the upper left of centre. If I did it all again I would add graphite or a black tint to the base layer. The high spots show the faired hull colours, a mix of glass bead, primer and a couple of hull colours. You can see it does not hold water very long. I had just finished sanding this side and had rinsed off the slurry. The longboard would stick upside down in that slurry. I used 80 on the second sanding pass of that first graphite coat. The soap mix I used is about 10-15 % dish soap and water. You can feel it bog up with slurry if you hit a high spot or are low on fluid.
  15. A couple more shots I dug up...