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  1. Wind - The Movie

  2. Shaw 650 Keel wobble

    At least one of the Shaws over here had the same issue. Have you profiled the foil to check for symmetry? What is the trailing edge shape on the foil, squared off or tapered? May also be worth checking alignment of the bulb to the foil, a slight offset will cause a twisting action.
  3. Mast Magic 25

    C-Tech, CST, Applied Composites, Southern Spars would all have something similar and probably modernised to the original Magic spec. They all produce rigs for similar sized sports boats
  4. Pittwater to Coffs 2016

  5. Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Maggies Farm is on the Swan River at Perth Flying Squadron.Golden Eagle was at RFBYC a few years back but the owner bought a new toy so not sure where it is now. Fremantle Doctor is now called Shady Doctor and is based in Geraldton these days. Kings Cross is in Fremantle down in the RPYC annexe, I don't think it's had a cent spent on it in the last decade and is pretty run down.
  6. Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    The Farr 40's Prime Factor & True Blue are still sailing in WA.True Blue is limited to river sailing with no hinge in the rig and a series of bridges in the way. Prime Factor does a bit of offshore racing. The Davidson 50 Finistere is also in WA and races the longer offshore races but has a heap of creature comforts like leather lounges now. There is also one of the Sagacious's over in WA
  7. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    The newer one I presume, do we know where it's off to ? Nup, Calm (the older one), http://sundancemarine.com.au/brokerage/50ft-yachts/modified-tp52-calm/ It's heading to WA
  8. Sydney 36 Moulds for Sale

    Poods, Try Fleet Hydrol in Sydney. http://www.fleet-hydrol.com.au/FH_Marine.htm They built the hydraulic ram for our boat and have a heap of Sydney's in their photos
  9. Sydney 36 Moulds for Sale

    Poods you could have traded secrets with Sorro last week at GBRW. He was steering a Melges 24.
  10. Dibley K250 Carbon

    At 950kg its definitely not the lightest 7m sporty
  11. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Correct to be splashed 8th of October , Cookson's NZ if on schedule, Then maybe coastal classic race & back to royals or back to royals & Stanley Race? So did it get splashed on time? Where are the photos?
  12. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    John Corby's website has a profile sketch and hull renderings of the new Flirt and a photo of the deck mould being constructed.
  13. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    It depends on what day you talk to him as to what he sails on in Sydney. Ive heard him say he has been sailing on Loki and one of his crew told me he had been sailing on Vanguard. Was he kicked off one and managed to get a ride on the other??? He may be able to get the speed of an Inglis 47 out of the new boat. They have only managed to get the 47 to perform like a 40 since they've had it.