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  1. Nobody is taking anything away from PB's performance. What we are saying is the myth of 40 year olds being too old to be competitive is bullshit.
  2. That proves my point even more. The excuse of PB, NO and TS being in Bermuda and hence being rusty doesn't work.
  3. Pure speculation. Fact is PG won. Twice. Age is far less of a factor than people made out. PB didn't win because BA and then JS were too old. PB won because he is an awesome helm with an awesome boat that had the best all round package. If all the helms were swapped between boats ETNZ still would have won.
  4. Paul Goodison just dominated at the Moth worlds. And he is 40.
  5. Also Grant Dalton will have to chase down and rugby tackle Russell as he tries to run off with the cup.
  6. The similarities in this edition of the AC to the plot of Happy Gilmore are quite compelling when you look at it. Its the final day, 6 races a piece... Shooter McGavin is obviously JS and Herbie 2.0 is an actual herbie car which Shooter McSpithill is going to pay somebody to drive off the dock into BOTH OR1 and ETNZ thereby allowing OR to wheel out boat number 2 and crippling ETNZ. Everybody thinks its game over for Happy Burling but he somehow manages to win the final race on one foil all the while sailing around the floating wreck of Herbie 2.0 as he has to sail it as it lies. Happy Burling obviously gets the girl too. In this case Rachel Sawden.
  7. Yeah because the Americas Cup is all about the challenger having all the advantages.
  8. Fixed it for you. You make it sound like Artemis are just a bunch of mouth breathers who happen to have put the hours in. Both exceptional teams of exceptional sailors. ETNZ with the better design package. The ability to come from behind down to pure boatspeed and once ahead they could extend into the distance.
  9. They started with a -2 disadvantage last time...
  10. Of course you like rugby league over union. You're Australian. You're the only country to play it.
  11. Well when you have people who voted for Brexit because "The Germans are getting to big for their boots and need to be reminded who won the war"
  12. 1. I think you may be forgetting about a certain orange American. 2. Educated opinion in the UK seems to show that May is in fact the devil.
  13. Couldn't the umpires keep the boat spinning until any advantage has been squashed? I just think 2 boat lengths is way too subjective. Even if the umpires have the technology to measure it the boat has no idea when they have wiped the penalty until the light goes out, at which time they cant start sending it again. Which makes me think most penalties will end up being more than a 2 boat length penalty
  14. +1 I would think most Kiwis liked him when he won them the cup.
  15. I guess a problem with that is for footballers representing their country is a privilege that is aside from their day job of playing club football. Sailing in the AC is the day job for all these guys. And probably a much more stable well paying gig than a lot of other pro sailor roles.