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  1. Which Smock to buy

    I've decided on MPX. The dry smock and saloppettes. I think it will keep me as dry as HPX and I will get a lot more use out of it post Hobart. It just may not survive as many miles as the HPX
  2. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Apparently average wind speed for S2H is in the region of 7-8 knots.
  3. Which Smock to buy

    Do you think the Isotak 2 would cut it offshore if i had thermals/soft shell underneath and gaiter/hat above?
  4. Which Smock to buy

    It looks like fantastic gear for full on ocean racing. While not having worn the longer type ocean smock it just doesn't appeal to me. I feel it would be a bit of a mission to move about in. And I like to be nimble like a tree frog. I am leaning towards the Zhik Isotak II as without the collar I will get more use out of it with normal round the cans wet stuff and shorter coastal stuff like Sydney-Southport and Brisbane-Keppel
  5. Which Smock to buy

    While that looks amazing I don't think I can stretch to $1500 for a smock. I can pick up the HH Aegir or Zhik Reziseal for $550ish.
  6. Which Smock to buy

    You make a pretty convincing argument!
  7. Which Smock to buy

    Fast. Fast and wet. I presume all crew are going to be having turns on the pedestal.
  8. Which Smock to buy

    I'm in need of some new offshore gear. Doing Hobart race and some other stuff. I'm going to be on a wet boat so I'm looking at getting a smock with a drysuit seal. The option I am torn between are 1. Zhip Isotak 2 Reziseal https://www.zhik.com/isotak-2-reziseal-smock.html 2. Musto MPX Race Lite Smock https://www.musto.com.au/collections/sailing-jackets-smocks/products/mpx-gore-tex-race-lite-dry-smock-black 3. Gill OC1 Smockhttps://www.gillmarine.com/au/activity/ocean/oc-racer-smock.html 4. Helly Hansen Aegir Smock https://www.hellyhansen.com/en_ie/aegir-race-smock-33870 Now I'm torn between the first 2 options with no collar and the 2nd 2 with collar. My feeling being having the collar would be more restrictive. But would the added warmth/protection of it outweigh that? Or would I be just as good without collar and have a hat/gaiter for when it gets cold?
  9. ac36 mono hull knock-on effect

    Nobody is taking anything away from PB's performance. What we are saying is the myth of 40 year olds being too old to be competitive is bullshit.
  10. ac36 mono hull knock-on effect

    That proves my point even more. The excuse of PB, NO and TS being in Bermuda and hence being rusty doesn't work.
  11. ac36 mono hull knock-on effect

    Pure speculation. Fact is PG won. Twice. Age is far less of a factor than people made out. PB didn't win because BA and then JS were too old. PB won because he is an awesome helm with an awesome boat that had the best all round package. If all the helms were swapped between boats ETNZ still would have won.
  12. ac36 mono hull knock-on effect

    Paul Goodison just dominated at the Moth worlds. And he is 40.
  13. Also Grant Dalton will have to chase down and rugby tackle Russell as he tries to run off with the cup.
  14. The similarities in this edition of the AC to the plot of Happy Gilmore are quite compelling when you look at it. Its the final day, 6 races a piece... Shooter McGavin is obviously JS and Herbie 2.0 is an actual herbie car which Shooter McSpithill is going to pay somebody to drive off the dock into BOTH OR1 and ETNZ thereby allowing OR to wheel out boat number 2 and crippling ETNZ. Everybody thinks its game over for Happy Burling but he somehow manages to win the final race on one foil all the while sailing around the floating wreck of Herbie 2.0 as he has to sail it as it lies. Happy Burling obviously gets the girl too. In this case Rachel Sawden.
  15. Team NZ

    Yeah because the Americas Cup is all about the challenger having all the advantages.