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  1. il mostro attempting chi-mac speed run record

    So Phil Trinter finishes up 5 days of sailing at the J70 NAs on Sunday in Rye NY then jumps over to Chicago to bust out an extra 333 miles for fun.....
  2. American YC Fall Series and Leukemia Cup

    Yes - that was the talk in the J109 fleet on Sunday - They changed drivers Sunday and got a 3rd out of 16 beating Revelation by two places....

    make it stop Jesus, how long will Quantum Racing continue to assault our eyes with this failed pseudo-psychedelic boat and sail graphic design? It was played out after one season. They certainly win their share, but they have failed to get any of the top boats to switch to their sails… ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well except the current TP52 World Champion (Platoon) and boats with Qs are currently two out of the top three in the overall standings.... Keep up the great editorial work.
  4. Team NZ

    I am a 46 year old Cat4 racer in the US and 49er/cat sailor. An average racer type can do 1.5 hours easy at 220 watts or what is a Zone 2 basic endurance training. Top pro cycling time trial guys are doing 450 for one hour+. Top prop cycling sprinters peak at 1250 watts for 8-15 seconds. Highs of 1450 have been seen.
  5. Team NZ

    Funny , looks like they are doing the old style jib/main Tornado "wild thing" hunting the boat around with the team all low...
  6. How its called - 3 take aways

    TP52 class rules require at least (1) and no more than (2) live dogs aboard at all times while racing. Dogs can be of any breed but must be alive at the start and finish of every race. (1) live dog may be carried as a spare to replace a dogs that happens to die during the course of a race. We found ours very helpful in the 2007 MEDCUP for turning on the the electric bilge pump on windy days, not so much for getting the sandwiches...
  7. N/M 68 Coruba (Ex Marishiten) Wellness Check?

    Then we did not let the girl down, as we broke the SparCraft rig right at the beginning of the second season in the PNW... Thanks for small miracles we got a wonderful carbon rig out of the deal which turned out to be a very great solution for Rob and Zan for cruising as well.
  8. Team NZ

    I guess a question is (and a bit sarcastic) if you have the 2015 World Champion Pursuit Team in NZL who were at peak at 1350w and average 650-700+W for four minutes or sprinters (or older sprinters) like Greipel who are turning 1250W sprint peak who can average of 450+w at 90% of one hour max for six hours, why would you train new guys how to ride bikes? Yes you have to sail but if it is important enough to go to leg pumps why would you train 4 guys how to ride bikes and not bring in two real motors..... Edit - forget it I see they have already recruited Van Velthooven the NZL 1K specialist.
  9. KWRW - Platoon tp52

    No need to, they have the pin and the boat in the box and they are getting a number showing meters to the line in the back of the boat. Time and distance coupled with that number should allow them to pull the trigger based on data and not some subjective call from the bow. Been a few years since I was on this circuit but our strategist used the box and the tactician called the boat to boat stuff. Think that is John Kostecki and Calafat.
  10. USPHRF Appeal Process

    Glad to see this thread going so well.....
  11. bench warmers

    If it is Kauri, then it must be at Oracle HQ. Maybe a place to sit and gaze at the big tri? Big Tri was still in Redwood as of Tuesday AM.....
  12. ACWS New York - May 6, 7, 8 2016

    My wife and everyone standing on shore were loving the event and the shore was packed and great viewing was free today. Lots of ooohs and ahhhs. We were probably 400 feet from the leeward gate in race one with a view directly up the course. That said, the five sailors who knew/understood the sport standing around me we all frustrated and mumbling about the "course" as racing from lower Manhattan to Hoboken will never present a great race course. Breeze never settled in North/South. Foiling was limited, big sails were in limited use, tide was ripping, and each race kept getting shorter and shorter...
  13. How much head room in an Evelyn 32??

    Again... modified from when it was originally built, wow- what next. CJ, I think you're missing his sarcasm.... read it again. Complete sarcasm ..... Easy to win in 28KTS+ when you are the only boat going upwind since you are the only boat with a #4 built in the last decade...
  14. How much head room in an Evelyn 32??

    I heard with the E32 the trick was to move the inboard engine one inch, cut a hole in the boat and then modify the entire drive box and shaft by moving it forward one inch.... Heard that was super fast fast when sailing in Florida. OR you could just buy a number J2 and a number J4 and have the right sails for the right conditions and win that way...
  15. Modified 1D48?

    Mods will not make a 48 anywhere close to a 52. Our team has gone through 2 OD48s and 3 TP52s... After the owner sold his second TP52 to AUS he bought a OD48 to go PHRF racing while considering his options. Two races later, he bought another 52 and parked the 48.... A 2008 or 2009 generation TP52 will go upwind in Medium conditions at 9.1 and downwind at 24-27 in a breeze, the 48 is not even close to that unless it falls off the travel-lift.