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  1. Hot Donutz

    Dream Wreckers

    I was considering and testing to see if anybody interested in windsurfing reads SA. My interests are also in "staying afloat." I do appreciate the kind sentiment and welcome, knowing the anarchy vernacular strives to exceed sailor mouth. I would give some snarky, cool comeback line, like, Pay your journalists, asshole... but I usually call people assholes to their face, not from grandma’s basement.
  2. Hot Donutz

    Dream Wreckers

    How many of you have had your lives wrecked by seeing something or meeting someone who alters your course forever? For me, and millions of others to follow, this was not some fancy formulated energy drink or guru for the stars. Henry Hoyle ________. Can you guess the name? Read my blog to find out at Capturing Maui's golden era of windsurfing, from the early pioneering days of Kailua to the big waves at Hookipa and Jaws, Maui Glory Days tells the story of the Kings and legends of the sport as it evolved from longboards to high-performances in big surf. Fictional dialogue accompanies remarkable true events of survival, from near drownings to helicopter crashes. Told by Sports Illustrated Picture of the Year (POY) award-winning photographer and filmmaker Jonathan Weston. He was the first filmmaker to take the audience along for the ride with his innovative point-of-view (POV) helmet mounted 16mm movie camera. The thrills, dangers and behind the scenes experiences are all shared in this epic tale of perseverance and survival. Remarkable images and free Wind Legends and Impact Zone movies, also produced by Jonathan Weston, are posted in accompanying website,