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  1. Scott Dinhofer

    Singlehanding a J46

    all depends on how you set the boat up. I owned a J44 and we were required to have a metal headfoil for class rules, so we all had the split drum harken furler. I rigged the boat with a cut down racing genoa on a roller furler, so it was short on the bottom compared to a racing sail and was probably a 140% jib. I had a dacron main with slides that stayed captive in the mast. I did not use lazy jacks. we also had a good hydraulic ram autopilot. I would go out for day sails in any decent breeze and could just unroll the jib and go. dropping the main and cleaning it up on the boom was probably the only real PITA, but not horrible since the front end stayed captive. The autopilot or a good co-pilot is key.
  2. Scott Dinhofer

    x-yachts x-119

    wondering which one you are looking at. I sold mine in 2000 and it went to TX... if that's the one, it's a very unique 119. The boats are incredibly well built. How it has held up would have more to do with the current owner and how they've maintained it. Feel free to PM me if you want more info.
  3. Scott Dinhofer

    Caption Contest

    The scary thing is that it works!
  4. Scott Dinhofer

    espo is a dick

    Isn't that redundant?
  5. Scott Dinhofer

    espo is a dick

    ^^THIS^^ is why i keep telling you to sell the boat and foggetabouth this damned site.. the spandex forums are just as fun & everyone pays their own bills and can't latch onto the better racers, unless they can hold a wheel, and we know that's a lot harder than what it takes to join a crew. As for moving out of Cat4, johnny is all about the ride and not the race.. He barely races, he does do over 10k miles per year and is uber generous to many fellow cyclists, inviting them over for bbqs and well stocked parties... I first met Espo sailing around 30 years ago, am thankful that I've re-found him cycling. I guess we get along because everyone thought i was a dick too! (I also can't believe this thread lives on!)
  6. Scott Dinhofer

    espo is a dick

    now that KWRW is over, we have to return to THIS topic?? arent we slightly better than this?? And Espo is not a dick, he is well... Espo!! and that is a pretty good thing!!
  7. Scott Dinhofer

    espo is a dick

    painful cry for attention by philo, philo get back on your meds!