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  1. nwrig

    2019 Southern Straits race

    As my crew pointed out in '09 as we surfed past Atkinson on the way out with reefed main and chicken kite, steady 17 kts, surfing low 20's . Better to be at the bar wishing you were out there than being out there wishing you were at the bar... I think there were videos from a 109 and ICON (ians) Tucked into West Van one of my better decisions... Now was it '05 on Cassie when it blew socks at finish?
  2. nwrig

    2019 Southern Straits race

    Sometimes snow level above spreaders, other years not so much....
  3. nwrig

    What is it, PNW?

    I’ll take that bet Anacrtesians and Sydnetolians are not complete numb skulls. There is a common theme here. PT will learn in Jeff county courts
  4. nwrig

    What is it, PNW?

    Who Is the lucky yard/ outfit in Pt Townsend that can’t wait to get in a legal tussle BTW I think Transpac 2011 or 13 was the original goal
  5. nwrig

    What is it, PNW?

    might work for a boat with a keel and T4 MUCH bigger than Renegade....
  6. nwrig

    What is it, PNW?

    Rumor has it headed for Port Townsend, well traveled for such a young vessel:)
  7. nwrig

    Three Bridge Fiasco 2019

    The stbd side deck of a Moore 24 is wider than port by roughly 2 inches if that helps!
  8. Best book on this story is "Shackleton's Forgotten Men", every hero has a dark side....
  9. nwrig

    What is it, PNW?

    Rumor has it she is headed for Port Townsend, anybody know about this?
  10. nwrig

    What is it, PNW?

    Allegedly stuck in Sydney
  11. nwrig

    Race to the Straits 2018

    Thumper out to kick Wild Rumpus ASS!!!! (maybe:)
  12. nwrig

    Round The County 2017

    Saturday looks solid, better finish early Sunday:)
  13. nwrig

    348 Boats Entered For TBF

    What is date for 2018?
  14. nwrig

    Round The County 2017

    easy now that ain't no shitter.....
  15. nwrig

    BCam Eight Bells

    Sailing needs more folks like Bruce (and Bobbi n Nate). Quick to volunteer, willing to contribute, supportive and smiley. Not only a sailor but also a boater. He cruised and raced and had fun. Great shipmate, great husband and father. Bruce was a great man and will be missed... at man and will be missed.....