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  1. Round The County 2017

    Saturday looks solid, better finish early Sunday:)
  2. 348 Boats Entered For TBF

    What is date for 2018?
  3. Round The County 2017

    easy now that ain't no shitter.....
  4. BCam Eight Bells

    Sailing needs more folks like Bruce (and Bobbi n Nate). Quick to volunteer, willing to contribute, supportive and smiley. Not only a sailor but also a boater. He cruised and raced and had fun. Great shipmate, great husband and father. Bruce was a great man and will be missed... at man and will be missed.....
  5. Race tracking

    Local race this weekend using trackers goto anacortesyachtclub.org N-100 regatta starts Friday evening. People love them racers and fans:)
  6. DH Pac Cup boat

    Looking for the best boat under 30'
  7. Northern Century

    Looks like it's gonna be a record year! Go the RAGE!
  8. Do nuthin go sailing, rinse when you can Mine looks great, only make shiny if you want to 6061 is bomber no worries
  9. mondo bondage

    Greyhound's video is my parents old boat. Was originally AJAX and claim to fame was it beat IMP boat for boat in 1978 downwind ocean race. My father purchased her in 1979 and we competed in the 1982 Vic Maui Race. Afterwards while sipping Mai Tai's at Lahaina YC my Pa ordered the first Klegecell SC-40 also named AJAX. It was a payphone by the men's room back then. AJAX now Muffin has been completely redone and does well in nearly every race she competes in. Too many memories to recount but super fantastic boat, would you expect anything less from the Wizard? SC-40 AJAX now Void Star
  10. Nordic 44

    Nordic 44 MUCH better sailin boat than Stevens 47, but for cruising The 47 has center cockpit, the one in our town has heat duct. Sailed many ocean miles on both very different. The crew at our local charter company always chose the Hlas 44 for our summer staff party. All 3 terrific boats but again very different, depends what you want and also as BP mentioned some 30yrs old or so depends how well maintained. I also like Kotuku but seems much racier than the other 3, nonetheless designed to cruise well too:) Cool video of wipeout if Alex will post....
  11. What is it, PNW?

    On its way to Canada, I wonder why????
  12. Duwamish Head Race 2016

    I know I'm gonna sound like an old timer here but I do remember the days when after finishing you had to pass through a safety inspection. In any case any skipper that knowingly violates the rules is not worth sailing with. If you know you are sailing on a boat that is cheating whether it's sails or running lights or whatever, get a life, sail with somebody that values yours.....
  13. front page-pathetic

    I have always wondered about this myself. I can see if there are blisters there is water intrusion but if no blisters then assuming no cracks or poorly fitted through hulls and such does gelcoat really allow water to absorb into it? I can see the whole point of dry sailing to keep slime from growing on the bottom but I don't understand how gel coat absorbs water.
  14. Stink Pot vs Washington State Ferry

    Stunning how few mariners in our area are unaware that the WSF ferries are not a privileged class. Nearly every person I have spoken to regarding this video assumed the ferry had right of way as a "commercial vessel" even pals of mine that carry USCG licenses...
  15. Anacortes Racing

    Racer meeting at the club next Monday 21st 1800 hrs. Bring your ideas. Likely planning on keepin what's workin and bringing back the singlehanded race and 4 score and 10 division. Girts Rekevics Memorial Foulweather Race scheduled for Feb 25th, Shaw Island winter Classic Feb 18th. I know where a good Sc-27 is for sale if you know anyone lookin:)