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  1. Spindrift V

    Beneteau First 265

    Two race actively google Anacortesyachtclub.org They sail almost daily, total addiction
  2. Spindrift V

    Time to replace the standing rigging

    Check with Kerry Poe at North Sails, he'll know what to do:) Somebody has to be helping folks rig their boats between riots, errr protests....
  3. Spindrift V

    2020StFYC Big Boat Series

    Expresses will be back in 2021, damn straight!
  4. Spindrift V

    Time to replace the standing rigging

  5. Spindrift V

    PVC conduit inside mast?

    How long did it take for spar, start to finish? Painted or anodized? What kind of boat?
  6. Spindrift V

    Time to replace the standing rigging

    What say Mr. Shaw, what's yer plan?
  7. Spindrift V

    Transpac 2021

    Spindrift V is in How bout an informal 72 rater class... J-35's, C&C 115's, J-36's, and the like Oh yeah and some more E-37's
  8. Spindrift V

    Time to replace the standing rigging

    Who is goto rigger on da river these days?
  9. Spindrift V

    Time to replace the standing rigging

    12 Metre is correct small turnbuckles do not have enough adjustment to account for creep and stretch. There is also issue of spreader tips which I'm guessing are wood if rigging original. Just replace with same/same and sail on.
  10. Spindrift V

    Time to replace the standing rigging

    Another Sailor is correct, Dynema and Sta Loks will result in higher prices. Blurocketsmate doesn't understand that common thimbles don't work like Colligo type to get even strain on the lash Simply put, the retail value of the rig is worth more than the vessel. Carefully lower the mast, coil up rigging and send to a reputable shop or simply Schooner Creek and support your local business. (Although from what I see that is not the Portland way)
  11. Spindrift V

    Looking for 25-27 ft phrf rocket...

    SC-27 Nuff said
  12. Spindrift V

    3BF 2020

    186 now Gordy is only fast cuz he has a yellow boat, they never made any yellow E-37's did they? Thinkin snuffer on kite if it's supposed to be windy That's what Raindrop does, but only offshore so nobody knows....
  13. Spindrift V

    3BF 2020

    121 Boats signed up so far. 3 marks any order. Sooooo which is da fastestest? Also through the Raccoon Strait or no? I know the Moore guys all know this but I don't have enough sheckels to bribe my kid into Stanford so figuring SA next best plan.
  14. Spindrift V

    Aerodyne 38

    Yes of course that makes total sense, certainly there has never been a J-boat with core issues....
  15. Spindrift V

    Santa Cruz 27 owner needs all of your input

    Sc27s never had rudder bearings.. they simply had a tube that ruddder post slipped inside of and white lithium grease now and then