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  1. Everything helps. The amount and extent of the destruction is mind boggling. From Dominica to Puerto Rico (and beyond) every island needs help
  2. Pretty sad, we averaged over 10kts for 2 days sailing around Hurricane Maria with (speeds of over 14kts surfing) in my 42 year old mono hull and nothing broke.
  3. We have been delivering supplies to St Maarten, Anguilla and the virgin islands since Irma. We were restocking on St Croix(home) when Maria was approaching and were able to sail around the storm. We are now restocking in St Lucia to go to Dominica, then restock in Guadaloupe to go St Marteen, restock in St Kitts for Virgin Islands, Vieques and Puerto Rico. Then around again. If anyone has family friends that they have not heard from we have been getting in contact with people in remote areas of each island. We also are looking for other boats that are in the area that want to help, we can stock your boat.
  4. Same thing
  5. I have never heard of a weld on a mild steel , amateur built boat , ever breaking, EVER! I can believe it is rare, doesn't change the fact that mild steel is easy to work with and a poor finish is definitively a sign of laziness.
  6. This method, as described, of cranking the sheets in welding the seam and releasing the comealong leaves the material and joint under strain at all times.
  7. Fun fact, things should have excellent fitment and be thoroughly cleaned before you weld them. Or you know whatever fuck it... Cruising 11 months out of the year on is no excuse for poor finish to begin with. Porosity, penetration and uneven heat are the biggest challenges to home builders and can create significant weakness and be prone to corrosion. Mild steel is a forgiving medium and easy to work with. So if it doesn't look good it's not. There is no excuse for it, other than laziness and/or ignorance.
  8. You definitely have more flexibility with your time line if you plan to go to the Pacific. From Trinidad to Panama and the San Blas Islands you are well below the hurricane belt. Even staying in the windward through hurricane season is fine if you pay attention and are ready to move south in a hurry. Once you have the boat and have set off you suddenly have unlimited options. I definitely understand the escapism of planning (it's the only way I get through the working months) but what you plan today probably won't be what you end up doing. The best part of long term cruising, to me anyway, is getting out of our conditioned mindset to schedule every day of our lives. Once you can't even remember what month you are in life is pretty good. I like boats in the 40ft range for single handing, they have enough weight to handle their wind and everything feels more deliberate. Things seems so much more urgent on smaller boats.
  9. Big fan of Gundens foul weather gear. I always found yacht foulies to delicate and too expensive.
  10. Trinidad for a sweaty summer full of sanding and sawdust.
  11. It's just people exchanging dollars for entertainment. No one is being tricked or coerced and no one is requiring you to pay. In fact the content is provided for free. Not really worth a thread....
  12. Best to sell everything and start fresh or you will waste a lot of space with things you don't use. That's the approach we took anyway. If you must ship, there are a several companies that ship between FL and St Thomas/St Croix for a fair price. Also flat rate usps boxes to USVI ship at the same rate as they do in the states.
  13. Anyone know why it was seized? http://gsaauctions.gov/gsaauctions/aucitsrh/?sl=41QSCI16031001
  14. Size matters, anyone who tells you different is just trying to make you feel better.