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  1. Not Nice

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I have 2 dedicated batteries, for the oversized windlass, mounted in the V-Birth (so no long runs or major voltage drops). They have 120w of solar to keep them topped up. When they are full ( basically always) the charging current can be redirected to the main bank, of 6 group 27s.
  2. Not Nice

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    '75 C&C 48 custom No shaft or strut helps a lot in light winds, as does the weight savings from not having an engine/trans. I turned the engine room into a battery/water maker room, helps keep the weight low and centered. Only source of power is solar and wind but looking at methanol fuel cell options going forward.
  3. Not Nice

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Gray C&C with the yellow stripe w/o pulpit
  4. Not Nice

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I am going on 4 years in the Caribbean without an engine on my 48fter. If you have a boat that points well and sails in light air and you actually really like sailing it's great. You have to pay a bit more attention and plan better but I don't see any limitations, especially in this part of the world where the wind always blows. I wouldn't go back, a fossil fuel free boat is a beautiful thing.
  5. Not Nice

    Hanks over furler foil

    Top down or continuous furlers have antitorsion ropes sew into the luff of the sail allowing the whole sail to roll together. It will furl but it will be bottom up and be sloppy if the leach is too loose it can catch the wind, pump, unfurl or wrap. I always thought it'd be slick to set up a piece of luff tape with grommets that you can link soft shackles into and hoist and furl sails without converting them
  6. The statistics on density of yachts vs incidence of piracy are basically nil. Obviously there are high risk areas, like the Peninsula of Paria, but I sail between Trinidad and the virgins multiple times annually. I have heard first hand accounts but mostly just second or third hand stories. I am not saying things can't happen and that you don't need to be smart about where you are going but the fear people have seems unfounded. Then again, the haul out in Trinidad is a great deal so I guess stay scared to cross south of Grenada, so I can keep saving money.
  7. Not Nice


    Us government took over the Spanish virgins including Culebra and Vieques, kicked everyone off and used the islands for target practice. There is still unexploded ordinance in the area as well as the remains of some of the old targets (like the M4)
  8. Not Nice

    Ever paint a sail? Murder out a Laser?

    They use latex paint for wooden aircraft that are covered in dacron. I have used this to paint on sun covers to furling jibs. works well, doesn't last forever but easy to repair
  9. Not Nice

    The Four Carbon Cutters project

    Bob, this boat is really beautiful but the women on board are really ugly. It is my only criticism.
  10. Not Nice

    Insurance-Double Handed race coverage

    Yes, sorry I did not make that clear
  11. Not Nice

    Insurance-Double Handed race coverage

    "It is with much regret that we inform you that our Underwriters are no longer prepared to offer cover for American or Canadian registered or owned vessels unless they are permanently sailing within European waters. Cover cannot be provided even in European waters if the yacht is used for charter or yachts requiring third party liability cover only. These restrictions apply to any new applications for Yacht Insurance. This decision has been made because of the potential additional costs under US and Canadian legislation." That's an email I got from them yesterday. I was just shopping for quotes to see if I could save a few bucks.
  12. Or of their marketing dept
  13. Not Nice

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Thanks, They only made a handful of the 48 customs so I understand if it wasn't what came to mind. It originally had a pulpit but it had been removed before I purchased the boat.
  14. Not Nice

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Indeed, 1975 c&c 48 custom. Taking friends out for the weekend always means extra stuff on deck. Enjoyment and vanity are always at odds